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Astrological Compatibility Report Of All 12 Zodiac Signs

Astrological Compatibility Report Of All 12 Zodiac Signs

We cross our life paths with many people, but not all of them stay in our lives forever. Some things and some people simply are not meant to be… meant to last.

I’m sure we have all heard someone saying “the stars simply didn’t align for us” at least once in our lives. Well, that’s actually the whole point behind astrological compatibility; when and why do stars align or don’t align for some people.

The branch of astrology called synastry (or compatible astrology) deals with relationships. It involves comparing the birth charts of two people in order to determine and forecast how well they will get along in a relationship.

Astrologers draw a composite chart where they basically compare the natal charts of both sides and find their greatest differences, and also their midpoints.

It can show the couple whether they are a good match or not. Also, it can be their guidance for the things that they need to improve and work on in order to make things work and last between them.

Astrological Compatibility For All The Sun Signs

If you want to decode your zodiac sign compatibility with other signs, take a deep dive into this astrological compatibility guide and find out who your best and worst matches are.

1. ARIES Compatibility

Ambitious, brave, creative, fierce… those are all the adjectives we can use to describe Aries. They’re one of those people who know exactly what they want out of life and how to get it, and that’s why many other signs envy them.

The best matches for this sun sign are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo. These three zodiac signs have most of the traits an Aries looks for in a relationship.

The lowest horoscope compatibility rankings that Aries has is with Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces. This is simply because of their inability/unwillingness to make compromises.

ARIES AND ARIES – High compatibility

ARIES AND TAURUS – Low compatibility

ARIES AND GEMINI – High compatibility

ARIES AND CANCER – Low compatibility

ARIES AND LEO – High compatibility

ARIES AND VIRGO – Medium/high compatibility

ARIES AND LIBRA – Medium compatibility

ARIES AND SCORPIO – Medium/high compatibility

ARIES AND SAGITTARIUS – High compatibility

ARIES AND CAPRICORN – Low/medium compatibility

ARIES AND AQUARIUS – Medium/high compatibility

ARIES AND PISCES – Low/medium compatibility

2. TAURUS Compatibility

The Taurus earth sign has many qualities, like dedication, hard work, intellect, and reliability. BUT, their stubbornness and strong will can simply drive people away sometimes.

It seems like Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio get used to this easily because they’re the most compatible with Scorpio.

On the flip side, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius won’t ever be able to handle it, and that’s why Taurus doesn’t have the potential to build a healthy and lasting relationship with any of them.

TAURUS AND ARIES – Low compatibility

TAURUS AND TAURUS – High compatibility

TAURUS AND GEMINI – Medium compatibility

TAURUS AND CANCER – High compatibility

TAURUS AND LEO – Medium compatibility

TAURUS AND VIRGO – High compatibility

TAURUS AND LIBRA – Medium compatibility

TAURUS AND SCORPIO – High compatibility

TAURUS AND SAGITTARIUS – Low compatibility

TAURUS AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

TAURUS AND AQUARIUS – Low compatibility

TAURUS AND PISCES – Medium/high compatibility

3. GEMINI Compatibility

This Mercury-governed sun sign is probably the most extroverted sign of the zodiac. Their unique sense of humor doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

They’re most compatible with people born under the Aries, Leo, and Libra sun signs. The first time they meet, they’ll feel that instant chemistry and click as if they have known each other for years.

Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are least compatible with Gemini. They simply have some irreconcilable differences that don’t allow them to function normally.

GEMINI AND ARIES – High compatibility

GEMINI AND TAURUS – Medium compatibility

GEMINI AND GEMINI – Medium/high compatibility

GEMINI AND CANCER – Low/medium compatibility

GEMINI AND LEO – High compatibility

GEMINI AND VIRGO – Medium compatibility

GEMINI AND LIBRA – High compatibility

GEMINI AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility

GEMINI AND SAGITTARIUS – Medium/high compatibility

GEMINI AND CAPRICORN – Low/medium compatibility

GEMINI AND AQUARIUS – High compatibility

GEMINI AND PISCES – Low/medium compatibility

4. CANCER Compatibility

The fact is, all water signs are emotional and sensitive. However, Cancer is by far the most emotional sun sign, and this particularly refers to the Cancer Venus sign.

​​​​​​​​They seek commitment… a strong and life-long commitment. Their soulmate matches are Taurus,Virgo, and Scorpio.

They can’t find common ground with Aquarius and Libra because they consider them emotionally detached.

CANCER AND ARIES – Low/ medium compatibility

CANCER AND TAURUS – High compatibility

CANCER AND GEMINI – Low/medium compatibility

CANCER AND CANCER – High compatibility

CANCER AND LEO – Medium compatibility

CANCER AND VIRGO – High compatibility

CANCER AND LIBRA – Low compatibility

CANCER AND SCORPIO – High compatibility

CANCER AND SAGITTARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

CANCER AND CAPRICORN – Medium/high compatibility

CANCER AND AQUARIUS – Low compatibility

CANCER AND PISCES – High compatibility

5. LEO Compatibility

Strength is the Tarot card that represents this fire sign, and that’s actually their most prominent personality trait. Besides being strong, Leo is also bold, courageous, confident, and passionate.

The fact that might intrigue you the most is that Leo is one of the best and most passionate lovers in the entire zodiac. It’s no wonder why they are so compatible with other hedonists of the zodiac, such as Scorpio, Libra, and Aries.

Virgo and Cancer are, hands down, the worst matches for a Leo. Their energy is way too opposite, which makes it difficult for them to build a relationship that will last.

LEO AND ARIES – High compatibility

LEO AND TAURUS – Medium compatibility

LEO AND GEMINI – High compatibility

LEO AND CANCER – Low/Medium compatibility

LEO AND LEO – High compatibility

LEO AND VIRGO – Low/Medium compatibility

LEO AND LIBRA – High compatibility

LEO AND SCORPIO – High compatibility

LEO AND SAGITTARIUS – High compatibility

LEO AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

LEO AND AQUARIUS – Medium/high compatibility

LEO AND PISCES – Medium compatibility

6. VIRGO Compatibility

Virgo is a perfectionist at heart, and as much as they try and want to change that, they won’t succeed.

People with the Virgo sun sign have that tendency to overanalyze everything (especially those with a Virgo moon sign), and that’s what makes other people around them crazy.

The most compatible signs with this earth sign are Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. After all, Virgos are most attracted to the intellectual side of people.

They get along well with all the other zodiac signs except Libra. Their need for attention and shallowness are simply intolerable for a Virgo.

VIRGO AND ARIES – Medium/high compatibility

VIRGO AND TAURUS – High compatibility

VIRGO AND GEMINI – Medium compatibility

VIRGO AND CANCER – High compatibility

VIRGO AND LEO – Medium compatibility

VIRGO AND VIRGO – Medium/high compatibility

VIRGO AND LIBRA – Low/medium compatibility

VIRGO AND SCORPIO – High compatibility

VIRGO AND SAGITTARIUS – Medium compatibility

VIRGO AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

VIRGO AND AQUARIUS – Medium compatibility

VIRGO AND PISCES – Medium/high compatibility

7. LIBRA Compatibility

People born under this air sign are hopeless romantics. They’re simply in love with love and everything it represents. They search for a partner who’ll cherish their efforts and reciprocate the affection they’re giving to them.

Talking about their love compatibility, Gemini and Sagittarius are their true soulmate matches, while they can get along perfectly well with Leo and Aquarius, too.

If this is your zodiac sign, you should avoid Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio because you’ll never be able to put up with so much drama that these signs carry with themselves.

LIBRA AND ARIES – Medium compatibility

LIBRA AND TAURUS – Medium compatibility

LIBRA AND GEMINI – High compatibility

LIBRA AND CANCER – Low compatibility

LIBRA AND LEO – High compatibility

LIBRA AND VIRGO – Low/medium compatibility

LIBRA AND LIBRA – Medium/high compatibility

LIBRA AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility

LIBRA AND SAGITTARIUS – High compatibility

LIBRA AND CAPRICORN – Medium/high compatibility

LIBRA AND AQUARIUS – High compatibility

LIBRA AND PISCES – Medium compatibility

8. SCORPIO Compatibility

Out of many positive traits this water sign has, determination, loyalty, and honesty are the most notable ones. However, a Scorpio also tends to be too mysterious (especially ascendant Scorpio), which is why most people find them cold and distant.

They can connect only with people who have a patient and empathetic nature because only they can get through to them. That’s why Cancer and Pisces are great matches for a Scorpio.

They don’t generally get along with Gemini, Libra, and Leo, and the reason is pretty simple; they have similar natures but completely different personalities.

SCORPIO AND ARIES – Medium/high compatibility

SCORPIO AND TAURUS – High compatibility

SCORPIO AND GEMINI – Low/medium compatibility

SCORPIO AND CANCER – High compatibility

SCORPIO AND LEO – Low/medium compatibility

SCORPIO AND VIRGO – High compatibility

SCORPIO AND LIBRA – Low/medium compatibility

SCORPIO AND SCORPIO – Medium/high compatibility

SCORPIO AND SAGITTARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

SCORPIO AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

SCORPIO AND PISCES – High compatibility

9. SAGITTARIUS Compatibility

This is a fire sign governed by the planet of Jupiter… a lethal combo, right? They’re avanturistic adrenaline-lovers who want to enjoy their life to the fullest.

When it comes to their romantic compatibility, the best matches for a Sag are Aries, Leo, and Libra. They simply have many things in common, which helps them click a lot faster.

On the other hand, it seems like Sagittarius can’t find common ground with Taurus and Capricorn, which is why they have a very low horoscope compatibility ranking.

SAGITTARIUS AND ARIES – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND TAURUS – Low compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND GEMINI – Medium/high compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND CANCER – Low/medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND LEO – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND VIRGO – Medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND LIBRA – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND SAGITTARIUS – Medium/high compatibility



SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES – Low/medium compatibility

10. CAPRICORN Compatibility

This Saturn-ruled sign is, without a doubt, the most ambitious astro sign. The desire for success is even stronger with those people whose Mars sign is in Capricorn.

Besides ambition, discipline and persistence are two of their most significant traits. They long for security and honest commitment, which makes Taurus and Virgo their most compatible astrological signs.

Capricorn hates inconsistency, laziness, and indecisiveness, which makes Aries and Gemini the worst choices for this star sign.

CAPRICORN AND ARIES – Low/medium compatibility

CAPRICORN AND TAURUS – High compatibility

CAPRICORN AND GEMINI – Low/medium compatibility

CAPRICORN AND CANCER – Medium/high compatibility

CAPRICORN AND LEO – Medium/high compatibility

CAPRICORN AND VIRGO – High compatibility

CAPRICORN AND LIBRA – Medium/high compatibility

CAPRICORN AND SCORPIO – High compatibility


CAPRICORN AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

CAPRICORN AND PISCES – High compatibility

11. AQUARIUS Compatibility

This air sign has the title of the most humanitarian sun sign, and they definitely deserve it. These peeps always support and fight for human rights.

They’re smart, intellectual, persistent, and fair. And, of course, they hang out with people who have similar outlooks on life, and who aspire and support their visions.

It’s no wonder why they’re most compatible with Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Possessiveness is the human trait that Aquarians hate the most. So, I think it’s easy to conclude they get along the worst with Cancer and Taurus.

⭐ AQUARIUS AND ARIES – Medium/high compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND TAURUS – Low compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND GEMINI – High compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND CANCER – Low compatibility

AQUARIUS AND LEO – Medium/high compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND VIRGO – Medium compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND LIBRA – High compatibility

AQUARIUS AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility


⭐ AQUARIUS AND CAPRICORN – Low/medium compatibility

AQUARIUS AND AQUARIUS – Medium/high compatibility

⭐ AQUARIUS AND PISCES – Low/medium compatibility

12. PISCES Compatibility

Most astrologers agree that Pisces is the most gentle and sensitive sign of the zodiac. They’re also the most imaginative zodiac sign, which is completely justified because, after all, they’re ruled by the planet, Neptune.

These warm and gentle souls need someone with emotional empathy. They need someone who is able to pick up on the emotions of other people and sympathize with them.

Those people are those with birth dates under the Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn horoscope signs.

On the other side, what Pisces hate the most is impatient and judgemental people. For this reason, Aquarius and Gemini are the worst matches for Pisces.

⭐ PISCES AND ARIES – Low/medium compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND TAURUS – Medium/high compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND GEMINI – Low/medium compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND CANCER – High compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND LEO – Medium compatibility

PISCES AND VIRGO – Medium/high compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND LIBRA – Medium compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND SCORPIO – High compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND SAGITTARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND CAPRICORN – High compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND AQUARIUS – Low/medium compatibility

⭐ PISCES AND PISCES – Medium/high compatibility

In Closing

You may or may not be pleased with some of these astrological compatibility rankings, but it’s the way it is. It’s all written in the stars.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t affect it. Even two people born under the most incompatible zodiac signs can function together if effort and understanding are present from both sides.

Finding out that your loved one and you aren’t compatible can be a big-time bummer, I know it. Still, you need to accept it, deal with those things that make you incompatible, find that midpoint, and build your relationship on solid ground.

Also, as we all know, all rules become vain once two people fall honestly in love. The same goes for zodiac compatibility.

True love is the strongest and most powerful force in the world. Neither the stars nor horoscope (in)compatibility can stand in the way of two people who truly love each other.