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Dear Women, Can We Just Admit That Modern Dating TOTALLY Sucks?

Dear Women, Can We Just Admit That Modern Dating TOTALLY Sucks?

Men who are SO bad at texting. 


Men who make you overthink things. 

How many of you, ladies, have dealt with these or similar types of men at least once in this modern dating era? One too many, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this matter and here’s my conclusion: Modern dating SUCKS. Big time. 

Why Does Modern Dating Suck For Women?

“Online dating is like being a shopper at a bazaar in Istanbul. You are greeted by several guys who whistle at you, tell you they got the best Turkish carpets and can offer you Turkish tea to buy them. Some people try to win you over by throwing Hollywood song and dance if you’re European or Bollywood song and dance if you’re south Asian or Kpop dances if you’re East Asian. While it is fun to look for some cool items, it’s exhausting to say no to several pushy vendors over and over again. Except, you can explore a bazaar for maybe a couple hours and then do something else that doesn’t involve pushy bazaar vendors. Dating apps are constantly buzzing 24-7.” (Posted byu/nouseforaname888 on Reddit)

Screenshot for women

It sucks to deal with men who push your boundaries and then accuse you of playing games just because you’re not interested in them. And there is so much more! Here are a few key points why modern dating sucks for women:

1. It sucks to deal with pushy men over and over again

a disappointed girl at lunch with a man

Some men can be really stubborn and regardless of what you say to them, they’ll keep testing your boundaries. If you ask me, there’s a special place in Hell for such men. 

The more polite you are to them, the less willing they are to accept the fact that you’re not into them. 

When you lose your cool, they accuse you of being a “careless bitch” who only thinks about herself. Some men don’t take No for an answer and that’s what makes modern dating so exhausting! 

2. It sucks to deal with players

Here’s my “favorite” kind – players. They will text you day and night only to lure you in and then they will vanish into thin air. 

Playing hot and cold games is their favorite hobby. They will make excuses, make fake promises, and do exactly what they think will make you fall for them. 

They will ghost you and then force you to think that you deserved it. Dealing with players is one of the worst things when it comes to modern dating because it sucks BIG TIME!

3. It sucks to deal with men who don’t know how to communicate

a girl with long brown hair is sitting next to the men and they are talking

Apart from players, there are also men who don’t know how to communicate either virtually or IRL. Such men will bombard you with questions or write a simple “Hi” waiting for you to continue the conversation as if you contacted them first. 

Some men don’t bother replying to longer texts thus leaving you on read. Some of them force uninteresting conversations and don’t ask the right questions (read: meaningful questions). Well, it sucks to deal with men who don’t know how to communicate!

4. It sucks to keep hearing that Women are complicated

Are women, indeed, complicated or are men just making things complicated due to modern dating? It sucks to hear that your wishes and needs are complicated for men to understand when it shouldn’t be so. 

I daresay that only low effort men use the word ‘complicated’ to justify their unwillingness to invest in their relationships. Amen. 

5. It sucks to overthink everything.

Dear women, I know exactly how you feel:

“I’m so sick of not texting back immediately so that I don’t appear desperate.” 

“I’m so sick of overthinking when he doesn’t text back for hours.” 

“I’m so sick of receiving unsolicited nudes.” 

“I’m so sick of keeping track of who texted first in the last few weeks.” 

“I’m so sick of overthinking whether his profile is real or fake, or whether my text message is too long for him to read.” 

It sucks to overthink everything and that’s why modern dating SUCKS!

6. It sucks to settle for too little or expect too much

a girl with long brown hair is sitting by the window

Is expecting them to reply to your every text (be it short or long) too much to ask for? Does keeping up with someone’s bullshit means settling for too little? 

Modern dating is forcing us to shift from one extreme to the other. The word ‘balance’ doesn’t exist here. 

You are forced to either settle for too little or expect too much. Being repeatedly disappointed in people you date also sucks A LOT.

7. It sucks to pretend that modern dating doesn’t suck

And do you know what sucks the most? It’s the fact that we should keep pretending that modern dating doesn’t suck at all. SERIOUSLY? 

Should we just continue wasting our time on modern dating without ever questioning the consequences of it?

I don’t enjoy it, my friends don’t enjoy it, my colleagues don’t enjoy it, the friends of my friends don’t enjoy it…

Now, Can We Just Admit That Modern Dating TOTALLY Sucks?