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Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone (And What To Do About It)

Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone (And What To Do About It)

You’re scrolling down your phone, and all you can think about is seeing their post. You’re watching a romantic movie, and all you can think about is experiencing all those romantic scenes with the one you can’t stop thinking about.

Finally, you go to sleep in the hope that you’ll stop thinking about them once you enter dreamland, but that doesn’t happen. You get up in the morning, and you go through it all over again day after day, after day.

You have no idea why this is happening to you, but one thing is sure: Whatever you do, you simply can’t stop thinking about that one person you want to be with, or you want to forget.

As being a person who easily falls in love with someone, I know for a fact that not being able to stop thinking about someone is one of the most annoying things in the world.

Why can’t we just delete that person from our mind and move on with our lives? Or maybe the reason why we can’t stop thinking about them is that they also can’t stop thinking about us?

Why Can’t You Stop Thinking About Someone?

If I got a dime for every time I asked myself this question, I would be richer than Oprah by now.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most complex questions that exist in the universe, and there’s no single answer to it but a combination of answers. That, my friend, can sometimes be really confusing.

Generally, there are two main reasons why you can’t stop thinking about someone:

• You want to forget them.

• You want to be with them (but for some reason, you can’t).

That’s where all the confusion comes from. How can you know that you want to forget someone when you may still be in love with them?

Now, how can you know that forgetting them is the right thing to do? Well, if you’re not sure that you want to forget them and move on with your life, you’ll never be able to do so, right?

(Don’t say I didn’t prepare you for this confusion.)

If you want to be with them, but for some reason, you know you never will, it’s natural for you to continue thinking about them 24/7.

Why? Because we think about those we want to forget and those we can’t have.

Here are some more reasons why you can’t stop thinking about someone:

• You are (still) in love with them.

Whether you’ve been in a romantic relationship with them or they are your almost love, if you can’t stop thinking about them, you might as well (still) be in love with them.

It’s when your feelings and mind fight every day, thus sending you mixed emotions and confusing messages. Be honest with yourself. Do you think the reason why you can’t stop thinking about them is because you’re (still) in love with them?

• You use them as a distraction from other things in your life that are happening at the moment.

Our imagination is a wonderful escape. By that, I mean that we have perfected the art of living in an illusion instead of reality.

When we can’t deal with things that are happening in our daily lives, we switch to living in a better world by creating distractions. Perhaps thinking about them is your way of escaping from the realities of life?

• You’re stuck thinking about how things could have been different.

If they are your ex, at some point, you might find yourself thinking about how things could have been different if you acted differently (or if both of you acted differently). This is known as ‘being stuck in the past.’

So, if you know that there’s nothing you can do about what happened in the past, then it’s high time you stop thinking about it. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s something that needs to be done.

• You’re feeling lonely.

Loneliness – the biggest enemy of every human being. Do you know why? Because when we are lonely, we can’t help ourselves but think about the stupidest and silliest things in the world.

Loneliness is the cause of many embarrassing situations, including the one where you contact your ex in a totally desperate way.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you should feel lonely. Below you’ll find some things you can do if you can’t stop thinking about someone, so stay tuned.

• You can’t stop thinking about them because they are an enigma to you.

So, you met a girl or a guy who is a total enigma to you, and you simply can’t understand their personality and way of thinking. The more time you spend with them, the more you can’t stop thinking about them.

Here’s some good news for you: The more you learn about them, the less they will be enigmatic to you, so at some point in your life, you will definitely be able to think about them less than you’re thinking about them now.

What Should You Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone You Want To Forget?

Here’s another million-dollar question: What should you do when you just can’t stop thinking about her or him?

Should you text them every time they pop into your mind? (That would be approximately a million texts per day, right?)

Should you call your friend and talk to them every time you find yourself unable to stop thinking about them? (That would be pretty annoying, right?)

When we’re so desperate to stop thinking about someone, we might start looking for desperate solutions to our problem. Don’t let that happen because you’ll make things even worse than they already are.

When you can’t stop thinking about them, just look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the following sentence: I’ll stop thinking about you right now!

Just kidding, but you can still try it if you want to (perhaps it will be a breakthrough instant method for forgetting someone).

No matter the reason for wanting to delete them from your mind, here are some things you can do when you can’t stop thinking about him or her:

• Block all of their social media accounts.

• Live your best life and create new memories.

• Get some kind of closure.

• Understand that you don’t need them to be truly happy.

I would like you to pay special attention to the last one. Many people think that the only way they’ll be happy again is to enter a romantic relationship with them or reconnect with that one person they want to forget.

Remember that the only person who can make you happy is YOU.

You are enough. You are strong and beautiful. You are perfectly capable of living your best life, and you don’t need someone else to evoke happiness in you because happiness comes from within you.

Work on yourself, strive to be your best self every day, and you’ll reach your full potential. Happiness means connecting with your true self and loving yourself before you’re ready to love anyone else.

Wondering Whether They’re Thinking About You Too?

Whenever I find myself unable to stop thinking about someone, I instantly start wondering whether they are thinking about me too.

Indeed, it would be wonderful if we could, somehow, know when someone is thinking about us without having to ask them.

Needless to say, how weird would it sound if I texted my ex something like this out of the blue: Hey, are you thinking about me?

Maybe I would win some brownie points for being brave and straightforward, but still, that doesn’t compensate enough for all the weirdness that comes with such a question.

BUT not all hope is lost! I have some good news for you and the rest of humanity because there is actually a way (ways) to know when someone is thinking about you, and all you need to do is pay attention to the following.

Here are some of the real physical signs someone is thinking about you:

• You find yourself often subconsciously smiling about something.

• You experience a sudden change of emotional state.

• You have a tense mind.

Our minds and bodies are truly magnificent, and they are capable of telling us things and sending us secret messages. All we need to do is listen to them.

So, if you know that they are thinking about you too, then you have a great chance of establishing a successful romance or reconnecting with them.

If they are not thinking about you, then the best thing to do is move on and gradually stop thinking about them by occupying yourself with other interesting things.

When I could not stop thinking about one guy, one of my good friends said to me: Stop thinking about him because he’s not thinking about you. I stopped for a moment and thought to myself: Damn, this girl is right.

Why would I waste my time thinking about someone who clearly isn’t thinking about me? Why would I be stuck in the past when he’s freely enjoying the present?

I’ve realized it’s time to think about my own well-being and fight for my own happiness because if I don’t do that, nobody else will.

I’ve realized it’s time to think about myself for a change.