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Why Women Who Are Not Easy To Love Are Even More Difficult To Forget

Why Women Who Are Not Easy To Love Are Even More Difficult To Forget

Some women are not easy to love. These are the women who have high standards and who are never ready to settle for anything less.

These are the women who ask for a lot but give you even more in return.

When you fall in love with this type of woman, she will never settle for being your option .

She will never be someone who will beg for the crumbs of your love. She will never settle for half of your heart because she wants all of you.

And if you can’t give her yourself completely, you shouldn’t even try being with her.

You may think that this woman is not easy to handle but that is because she will never obey you blindly.

It doesn’t mean that she is not ready to compromise, it just means that she will always have her opinion and she will fight for it.

This is not a woman who will go with the flow, just to fit in with the masses. Instead, she will always follow her own path, no matter how challenging it gets.

This is not a woman who will change who she really is just so you could like her more.

She doesn’t think she is perfect but if you’re thinking about loving her, you need to accept her with all of her flaws.

This woman will never depend on you, because she knows she is a complete person with or without you .

She will never allow herself to be defined by a man, no matter how deeply she cares for you.

She is not afraid to be single, so you should never expect her to put up with you just to have someone by her side.

This woman will demand respect at all times. She will never allow you to mistreat her, no matter how much she loves you.

She knows what she deserves and will never settle for anything less.

But if you get this woman’s love, you will always be her priority. She will love you with all of her heart and she will give you her entire being.

This woman doesn’t open up to just anyone but if she opens herself up to you, consider yourself lucky.

She will always support you and have your back. This woman will believe in you, even when you stop believing in yourself.

She will respect your integrity and won’t try to change you but instead she will push you forward.

Thanks to her, you will become the best possible version of yourself, without even being aware of it.

This woman will never lie to you and she will expect the same from you. She prefers to hear the truth, no matter how harsh it is. If you try to lie her, she will see right through it.

For her, lying is a sign of disrespect and she considers it to be an insult to her intelligence.

Of course, she will always be honest with you. She will tell you everything to your face when you are alone but she will always defend you in public.

This woman is not afraid to express her feelings. When she loves you, she will make sure you know it. But she will also be open about the things that bother her.

She will never be passive-aggressive nor will she ever wait for you to try and read her mind to realize what is wrong.

This woman will always tell you about her dissatisfactions but she will also expect you to act on them.

She will be patient with you but that doesn’t mean she will give you numerous second chances.

The moment she sees that you don’t deserve her and that she is the only one putting any effort into the relationship, this woman will walk away. And she will never look back.

And this is when you’ll realize that she was difficult to love but that she is even more difficult to forget.

This is when you’ll start missing the fire in her eyes, her fierce personality and her honesty.

But the thing you’ll miss the most will be the way she loved you.

This is when you’ll realize that no other woman could ever love you with the same intensity as she did.

This is when you’ll realize that this woman was not just your lover, she was also your friend. This was a woman who managed to wake up the best in you.

You will try to win her back. But deep down, you’ll know that you’ve missed your chance.

And you will search for her in every other woman. But you’ll know she is unique and that no other woman could ever compare to her.

So, if you have a woman who is not easy to love by your side, instead of complaining, be grateful.

And make sure you never let her go, because if you do, trust me — you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.