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The Women With The Highest Walls Have The Deepest Love

The Women With The Highest Walls Have The Deepest Love

‘The women with the highest walls have the deepest love.’ – R.H. Sin

Some women love too much. Sadly, they often end up hurt for the same reason.

That’s when they build up a wall around their heart.

Once you experience pain so deep that it paralyzes you, it’s not easy to love again. You start equating love with pain.

Love is complicated. It’s messy. It’s unpredictable. It’s not as safe as we want it to be. It’s not how you imagine it to be in your head.

The feelings you feel when you’re falling in love fade away quickly and you’re left with an unperfect person you decide to love anyway.

That’s the secret to loving deep: You love anyway. You love despite and not because. You love always.

That’s what these kinds of women know intuitively.

I don’t understand why so many people remain blind when it comes to realistic, everyday aspects of love. We all know that’s an inevitable part of life.

The ugly stuff, the boring stuff, the irritating stuff. That’s exactly when we need to love the hardest, not walk away.

Everybody is obsessed with what they specifically want from their lover but fail to understand that a relationship takes two happy people.

Love takes courage. It takes patience and loyalty. It takes not caring about little annoying things or what you want all the time.

Without these things, no love can survive because love is not some made-up fantasy in your head.

The problem is when you know all these things and can’t find someone whose energy will match yours, whose love will match yours, whose commitment will match yours.

Even worse is when you thought you had found someone whose would and it turned out they were just using you and took everything you gave them for granted.

After some time, you are emotionally drained . They move on and you stay with your heart empty and your soul crushed.

The only way the heart can protect itself from burning out again is to put up barricades.

In order to survive, the heart closes itself off.

Unfortunately, that means you stop being the person you were before. After all, our heart and emotions are a big part of us.

You start seeing people differently.

You realize that not everyone has your best interests at heart . Not everyone really knows how to love. Not everyone is willing to do what you’re willing to do.

It makes you sad but you know you can’t change the world. You know you can’t even change one person who supposedly loves you.

The most ironic thing of all is that you appear to other people as cold. Now, that’s where life shows how humorously cynical it can be.

This is the exact reason why men should give girls who are guarded a chance; girls who are quiet and don’t care about attention. Their walls are nothing but the protection of something precious.

A pure heart must be protected. Women with walls around their pure heart are the ones who love deepest because of it.

Never forget that about yourself.

You should protect yourself, just don’t fall into the trap of self-deprecation. It’s NOT your fault someone else is not ready to love.

It’s not your fault you’ve been hurt.

Don’t stop believing that people like you exist. Don’t stop believing that there’s a man who can match your love and dedication, because there is.

Don’t close off in a sense that you don’t let your personality shine through. Be careful but not fearful.

Keep loving like you do, just find the right people to give your love to. Those who love fiercely are not afraid.

One day when you’re ready, those walls won’t be needed. You’re going to realize your heart can’t really be broken because your love is just too deep.

It’s like picking a flower but knowing its roots still remain beneath.

That flower is you.

Don’t be afraid but grow fiercely and gently like a flower with good roots—again and again.