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10 Things Women Do That Men Find Extremely Annoying

10 Things Women Do That Men Find Extremely Annoying

1. “I am fine!”

Most women have this habit of saying, “I am fine”, even when they are far from it. A woman says this when she is upset about something and she feels like her man should know what it’s about, especially if he is the one who made her angry.

But the thing is, a man doesn’t know. His brain works in a different way. If he did something to upset you, you should tell him straight-up. Saying, “I am fine!” won’t solve anything and it would annoy any man.

2. Comparing him to your ex

A lot of women do this. It’s a natural occurrence but it is a conversation you should only be having with yourself or your best friend.

There is no man in this world who enjoys hearing about an ex of a woman he cares for, let alone being compared to him. Avoid doing this. Leave your ex in the past because that’s where he belongs, especially when you are in a new relationship.

3. A suspicious mind

There are women out there who are jealous by nature. They will make a mountain out of a molehill. They don’t like any female presence near the man that they are dating and that’s just irrational.

He might have female friends who were there long before he entered into a relationship or some co-worker he is friends with and there is no deeper meaning to it. If a man has done nothing to make you question his loyalty, he will be upset with his every move being question. Not to mention that extensive jealousy from any side will suffocate a relationship really soon.

4. Inconsistency

When a woman says she is OK with a man doing something and then after a while she gets upset with him for doing the exact same thing, the next time it will drive him crazy. A man doesn’t understand those sudden changes of heart. They like to keep things simple.

If you said something or made some decision at a certain point, a man expects you to stick to it. Changing your mind as often as you change your socks will only get on their nerves.

5. Seeking too much attention

It’s natural to want attention from a man but some women want just a bit too much of it. She expects her man to dedicate all of his space and time to her. So she wants to text 24/7, she expects to see him every day and for him not to have a life besides her.

And that’s the fastest way to lose a guy. A woman who acts ike this is perceived as clingy and annoying.

6. Bitching about how much time he spends with his friends

Male bonds are very tight. Men value their friendships and they always put their friends as a priority but that’s something that shouldn’t have an effect on a relationship.

If he is spending enough time with you, there is no reason to get upset with him for spending just as much time with his friends. He will only get agitated and probably ask you why you aren’t spending time with your friends too.

7. Trying to change them

First things first, nobody should change anybody while in a relationship. We all have our perfections and flaws. There is no human being in this planet who will respond well to being treated like something that needs remodeling.

A woman who tries to change a man to fit her needs won’t get far into a relationship with him. If neither side can accept one another for who they really are, they shouldn’t be in a relationship even to begin with.

8. Asking for compliments and then discarding them

For example, a woman will ask, “Do I look OK?” when trying on a new outfit and a man will say something like, “Of course you do,” but then she says, ” No. To be honest, I don’t like it”. The problem here is that there is no right answer because she thinks in either case that he is being insincere or he doesn’t care.

He says what he thinks and that’s that. He doesn’t want to explain for hours that he is being sincere. If you are in this situation, take the compliment or ask for advice from a friendly man; they don’t like to give opinions about things they usually don’t know anything about. In his eyes, you probably always look great, so there is no need to ask.

9. Bringing up the past

If a woman uses a man’s past mistakes to make a point, that’s simply not fair. If those are things you already dealt with and you gave him your forgiveness for, he will see that you are just guilt-tripping him and he can’t be happy about that.

There is no point in rubbing his face in the past when it’s already all over. If you chose to forgive him in the first place, then let it be.

10. Sharing intimate details

Relationships are between two people and some things are better left private, especially your sexual life. Most men are self-conscious when it comes to your sex life and they don’t want your friends to know if he is any good in bed or not.

He will most definitely be annoyed if he realizes you have shared something with your friend that he believes should only be between the two of you.