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The Worst Part Is You Knew Her Past And You Still Hurt Her

The Worst Part Is You Knew Her Past And You Still Hurt Her

She’s been hurt one too many times. She’s been broken, manipulated and bruised. She built walls so damn high that not even the sun could shine through.

But somehow, you did. You walked passed those walls like they were never there. You put a smile on her face like there were never tears on it. You showed her that there is hope and frightened her as hell.

But she still trusted you. She chose you; she chose to fight for you. And you let her down.

You knew she felt unlovable. And you showed her that she’s not. You showed her that she’s still amazing, that there’s still fire in her eyes and that you want to play with it.

You showed her that she’s worth it and just when she felt like trusting you, you left. You got her hopes high only to let them crash, breaking the silence of her emptied heart once you left.

You knew what she’s been through and you decided to let her go through it again.

You knew how afraid she was. How she was shaking the first time you went on a date. How she was jumping around the apartment, dancing around the phone when she first admitted her feeling towards you.

You knew she was afraid to look at the phone like it was a detonated bomb ready to explode and kill her. And it did. You loved her back only while it was convenient to you, and when it no longer was, you walked away like you were walking away from a TV show.

Something that occupied you for a while, but you’re bored now. You knew how afraid she was and all you ever did was to deepen that fear.

You knew how much she doubted herself. How much she doubted your love. She believed that no one can love her. She believed that she’s too broken, too bruised, that she’s too much.

And when she found you is just when she realized that you were the missing piece of her. That maybe she’s not too much, others were just too little, you left.

You broke her once more, not giving her an explanation. Not giving her the chance to do anything about it to save her gentle heart. You knew, but you just didn’t care.

You knew her past. You knew she wants you to be her future. And not even that was enough for you to stop it in time—before she fell for you, before she faced her fears to let you in.

You wanted to have fun; you wanted to have someone and you wanted that someone to be her. She was just a game to you, while you were so much more to her.

You let her stare at the empty screen. You let her fall deeply and madly in love, only to drown her in that love. You let her believe that you love her too, but you never did.

And now you expect that she will be there once you realize what you’ve lost. You expect her to wait for you until you’ve had enough of the single life. You expect her to forgive you after you apologize.

But, honey, no apology can mend a broken heart. No ‘I’m sorry’ is stronger than ‘I’m leaving you’. No love song is stronger than the silence that you left her in.

So, don’t act all surprised when she no longer needs you; you taught her to be alone. Don’t act surprised once she turns cold on you; you froze her to death a long time ago.

You were the lesson she will never forget. You taught her to build walls higher than ever before. You taught her to love herself the way you never knew. You taught her to be strong because she’s no longer crying for you.

She’s no longer scared of love—she conquered it. She’s no longer broken—she built herself up.

So, don’t you dare act surprised once she cuts you off for good. You taught her how to do it.