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You Deserve To Miss Her

You Deserve To Miss Her

You had a woman to love. You had the one who was willing to do anything for you—o sacrifice her happiness, to neglect her wishes and to follow you on your path.

She even helped you achieve your goals by pushing you forward because you were too lazy to do something with your life.

She loved you like she had never loved anyone before, and she showed you that every day.

She gave herself all in to something that didn’t have a label from the beginning. She gave all her hopes and all her love to someone who couldn’t even put a label on that relationship.

But she was satisfied. She never said anything about that because she cared more about you than about her relationship status.

And that was her first big mistake.

She was someone who accepted all your empty promises that you would marry her one day, and she looked forward to it.

It never crossed her mind that you were just using her to get what you wanted.

She never thought that you were with her just until a better version of herself showed up. She was crazy in love, and she believed you blindly. That was her second mistake.

She was a woman who knew all your dark secrets, and she accepted you with them.

She knew that you have baggage, but it wasn’t a problem for her to embrace you and every problem that you had, handling it all as if it were one of her own.

She gave you love and respect, but she saw that you weren’t giving anything in return.

Then, trying to win you back, she totally lost herself over a man who couldn’t care less for her. And that was her third and biggest mistake.

After that mistake, she wasn’t the same women anymore. She was just a shell of the person she once was. Now, there isn’t any fire left in her eyes anymore.

There isn’t energy in her, nor will for life. She doesn’t smile anymore like she used to. She doesn’t feel happy because she is dead from the inside.

Her heart got broken into pieces so small that they can’t be glued together. In her head, there is only an echo of all those bad things you said to her. And they are on repeat all the time.

In her heart, there are so many emotions she doesn’t know what to do with.

She would like to scream to feel better, but she is too numb to even do that. That’s how much you fucked her up.

And even though you are not with her anymore, she still suffers because of you.

Because realizing that you gave all of yourself to someone who couldn’t care less for you is mind fucking.

And it makes you lose your temper in a second. That’s why I wouldn’t suggest that you try to find her.

You can just look at her from a distance, and eat yourself every day for losing the most precious thing you had.

You don’t deserve to kiss her. You don’t deserve to hug her. You don’t deserve to be close to her. You just deserve to miss her. And to keep doing that for the rest of your life.

You deserve to go through everything she has gone through.

You deserve to cry yourself to sleep because the one you love keeps hurting you. You deserve to be neglected like you did to her.

You deserve to get your heart broken and to feel the same dose of pain she felt when you let her. No more nor less, but the same amount of pain.

And I am sure it will hurt you like nothing so far. It will be the most intense feeling you ever felt. And the most painful one.

And when you go through everything you made her go through, I hope you will learn a lesson. I hope you will learn how to not treat a woman.

I hope you will realize that even if you are not with her anymore, that she still suffers.

There are still nights when she cries. There are nights when she screams.

There are nights when she dies, surrounded with her pain. That’s how much harm you did to the woman who just wanted to be yours.

But as time passes, you will realize that she was the only one who could have saved you from yourself.

You will regret losing the girl who loved you more than she loved herself.

You will end up alone because you will try to find her in every woman you meet, but you will never find her.

And you know why?

Because karma is a bitch! It will never give you another shot to be with her, but it won’t let you forget about her either. It will just constantly remind you of her.

So you will miss her every day for the rest of your life.

Because that is what you deserve. And nothing less than that.