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You Made Me Believe That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

You Made Me Believe That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

All of us have a full right to do whatever we want with our lives. We are entitled not to want a serious relationship or not to be ready to give our heart to another person. And this goes for you, as well.

However, if you are only looking for a casual fling instead of a meaningful connection, the only decent thing is to be open about it.

If you are looking for something temporary, without any wish to devote yourself to that relationship, you need to be honest about your intentions.

You don’t go around breaking people’s hearts, promising them the world, and then end up giving them nothing.

You don’t get someone’s hopes up by making them believe that you are all the way in, when you are actually only giving them your half-assed love .

You don’t do your best to make this person fall for you, without ever having the intention to choose her for real.

You don’t make her believe that you love her and that she is the one for you, when a serious relationship isn’t even in the back of your head.

At least, that is how a real man would act. Unlike you, a real man would be straight about his true intentions right from the start, instead of wasting a girl’s time and leading her on for ages.

But I guess you didn’t have what it took to be that man, did you? Because if you did, you wouldn’t have convinced me that you were committed to our relationship and then end up breaking my heart.

Even so, that was exactly what you did. You tried hard to make me believe that your love for me was deep and real.

That you were not like any of my exes and that you would never take advantage of me or hurt me in any way whatsoever.

You did your best to get under my skin and inside of my heart, pretending to be the man I’ve waited my entire life for.

You acted like every woman’s dream, and over time, I started believing your lies.

Over time, I started trusting you instead of my gut which kept telling me that you were simply too good to be true. I ignored my instincts and thought that I’d finally found my soulmate and someone who can love me for real.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

The moment you saw that you had me for real was also the moment you showed your true colors and your real face which was nothing like the mask you’d been wearing all along.

The moment you were certain that I had fallen for you like crazy was the exact moment in which everything changed. The moment in which I saw you changing forever, right there in front of my eyes.

All of a sudden, there was no trace of that loving and caring man I used to know and had grown to love.

All of the love you kept showing me disappeared overnight, as if it has never existed.

Just like that, the insults, the cheating and the emotional abuse begun. Just like that, my fairytale turned into my biggest nightmare.

You turned out to be a selfish asshole who had been obviously manipulating me all along. A liar who pretended to be someone he was not until he got what he wanted from me.

All of those nights spent in your arms were replaced with me staying awake until morning, questioning where things went downhill and what I did wrong.

My laughter and smiles were replaced with me crying myself to sleep, praying to God for you to go back to being the man from the beginning of our relationship.

After a while, I finally got the courage to leave you, but even after I did so, it still took me a while to understand that this man I had fallen in love with never actually existed.

It took me a while to accept that I had been living in lie and that all of this had been nothing but a disguise.

Actually, you never changed. This was who you were all along.

You never had the intention of committing. It was just a way for you to break my heart with more ease.

And that is something I can never forgive you for.