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You Might Wait A Bit Longer, But God Will Answer Your Prayers

You Might Wait A Bit Longer, But God Will Answer Your Prayers

Why has God asked you to wait so long for the love you’ve prayed for?

In short, because He loves you. He loves you so much that He sacrificed His only son for your salvation.

He also knows how much you want to love and be loved in return. 

He understands the wait for your ideal mate can feel endless.

When that yearning for love stretches into years, it’s easy to worry that God has forgotten you. 

Your faith can falter as a result, but God never forgets one of His children.

Sometimes, He even uses our doubts to prepare us spiritually for the perfect mate we seek.

God knew your ideal mate before you were born.

The Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for your life.

He conceived that plan long before you were born.

When He decided your destiny, He also knew the lessons you’d need to learn along the way.

God also knew the perfect mate He had in mind for you.

Oftentimes, God’s plans can’t come to fruition on your timeline.

Yes, there are times when God will ask you to wait.

Sometimes, He needs to see how you spend your waiting time before He can answer your prayers.

Sometimes God’s answer to our prayers is: not now.

Fulfilling your destiny sometimes involves hard work.

Think about people who aspire to be doctors.

They don’t just put on a white jacket and start curing people.

Medical students undertake many years of schooling and practical studies before they earn the right to call themselves doctors.

Their journeys are long, exhausting, and stressful.

They keep pushing past these obstacles because they know the path they’ve chosen is the only one that can lead them to their end goal.

They do the hard work and trust their long-anticipated reward will be waiting for them at the finish line.

Trust means a lot to God, as does patience.

He knows there are certain goals you must achieve in order to become the person He had in mind when he created you.

He’d much rather you spend your waiting time practicing trust and patience, seeking ways to better serve Him.

Then when the time comes, He’ll present the amazing life partner he has in mind for you.

Waiting is never a punishment from God.

Don’t look at the time you spend waiting for God’s answer as a punishment for your sins.

God has promised that our judgement will come in heaven, not on earth.

Your sins were already forgiven when you accepted Jesus as your savior.

Instead, look at waiting as God’s gift to you. He wants you to be happy.

He knows every step you need to take to achieve that happiness. It’s true that God works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes He wants to know you’re prepared in order to recognize His blessings when they arrive. 

He wants to know you’ll love and appreciate them.

He asks that you always trust He has good things in store and that you practice patience as His perfect plan for your life unfolds.

Think of Moses. He served as a humble sheep-shepherd for 40 years before God called upon him to shepherd His people.

Also remember Joshua, who wandered the desert for four decades before God used him to lead His faithful to the Promised Land. 

Neither of these great men waited in apathy.

Instead they used their waiting time to nurture their relationships with God.

Just look at the great things they did once God deemed them ready!

If a loving, faithful life mate is your goal, use this time to prepare yourself to be an equally devoted life mate.

There is a season for the love you seek.

Think of your prayers as apple seeds. Seeds are full of possibility, but first they must be planted.

Once planted, certain conditions just be met in order for them to sink roots and thrive. 

First, they must root in fertile soil. Then they need water and light so they can grow and mature.

Only then will that seed become a mature, fruit-bearing tree.

Yes, God has heard your prayers for love and companionship.

The moment you uttered your pleas, He knew what lessons you needed to get you where you want to go. 

He has given you the gift of time to mold yourself into the person He always meant you to become.

That person is the one your ideal mate needs and is looking for.

Only when an apple is ripe can it be harvested and enjoyed.

God has asked you to wait, but He also asks that you trust Him enough to wait actively.

Spend this time in faith, trust, and devotion, knowing that God will present you the lessons you need to grow into the amazing person and life partner He had in mind when He made you.