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Read This Whenever You Feel Like Texting Him, Even Though You Know You Shouldn’t

Read This Whenever You Feel Like Texting Him, Even Though You Know You Shouldn’t

Perhaps you’ve seen his photo on social media and you instantly started rewinding all those happy moments you had together.

Perhaps the teddy bear he gave you is still on your bed and every time you look at it, you can’t help but feel instant warmth through your whole body.

Or maybe you saw him today walking down the street with that special smile of his that you were crazy about.

His grin instantly forces you to start thinking about his life and whether he’s already met someone new because he seems happy and content.

Or maybe you want to text him because you’re feeling bored or lonely and you miss your old, long conversations until you fall asleep.

Or perhaps you’ve had a couple of drinks and now you’re convinced that breaking up with him was a total mistake; you want to turn back time to the moment of your first meeting and change everything.

Whatever the reason, you have this uncontrollable urge to text him, ask him about his life, talk about the thing you had, and maybe convince him that breaking up was a mistake.

It seems almost impossible to resist the temptation and write a simple “Hey,” only to receive another “Hey” in return and wait for the conversation to finally start flowing.

A simple “Hey” from him would mean so much to you because it would make you feel as if nothing has changed.

It would make you feel like in the old days when you would eagerly await his reply and the moment you see it, your impatience was instantly replaced by a big smile.

You want to feel that happiness again.

You want to feel that same smile on your face, because it’s the only thing that can make you feel better in the moment.

But, is texting him really a smart thing to do?

Is texting him worthy of your one smile that will be followed by thousands of tears and endless confusion?

Is it really smart to text him even though you know you shouldn’t?

Even though something inside you is telling you that your relationship, situation-ship, or almost-relationship has ended a long time ago, even before you officially broke up? 

The main reason you want to text him is not because you think he’s the only right one for you.

It’s because you want to revive the memories you once had.

It’s because you feel lonely at the time and you think that texting them will help you feel alive again, forget about everything, and cheer you up.

You don’t want to text him because you think that he’s the one for you.

You want to text him because you want to convince yourself that this is the truth, even though you know it’s not.

You want to text him because his presence meant the world to you and you once felt safe in his arms.

You laughed together, you made love, and you enjoyed spending time together.

You were like one and now you’re missing that part of you.

You don’t really miss him, you’re missing how you felt when you were with him.

You miss that feeling of warmth when he hugged you and the way he kissed you.

But, sometimes even the strongest of relationships don’t last a lifetime. 

Sometimes, we realize too late that we’re not meant to be together for some reason and that breaking up is the only smart thing to do.

You acknowledged all of this a long time ago and that is why you decided to move on.

And now you want to text him just because something reminded you of his existence; something jogged your memories of past happy moments together.

And this is completely normal. It’s totally okay to feel lonely, to doubt your decisions, and to have the uncontrollable urge to text him.

But, for your own good, you shouldn’t do it!

You shouldn’t do it because you know that texting him will not change anything.

You know that texting him will only prolong your suffering,prolong the days of your healing.

You know that texting him would be just a second of fake happiness that has died a long time ago.

You don’t want to hurt yourself by igniting the spark of your past.

You want to live in the moment, focusing on reality and what’s good for you.

You don’t want to hurt yourself by sending one stupid text to someone who probably didn’t even deserve it.

You know that he isn’t the one you’re meant to be with!

You know that if you give it some time and try harder not to fall for the temptation to text him for just a little while, he will be gone forever from your mind!

And you will be the happiest person in the world because you’ll finally be free from your own thoughts.

You’ll be the happiest person in the world because one day you will meet someone whom you’re meant to be with, and when that happens, you’ll thank God that you didn’t text him!

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