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You Will Always Be Too Much For Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

You Will Always Be Too Much For Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Let’s be real about one thing: As a woman, there will be many opportunities when you’ll be told that you’re ‘too much’.

Situations in which you’ll be accused of wanting too much, asking too much and expecting too much.

This is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships. After all, this is something you’ve been facing for as long as you can remember, isn’t it?

You see, as a woman, you’re always expected to make compromises.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about meeting your partner halfway here, because that is something you should definitely try to do in every relationship.

I’m talking about making compromises with yourself.

I’m talking about being less demanding, less emotional or even pretending to be less smart and less successful in order for men to accept you better.

You’re expected to lower yourself in order for a guy to feel like the bigger man. Expected to do everything possible to prevent him from feeling threatened by you.

According to this, a man is not to blame for not being able to follow your pace.

Instead, you’re guilty of not stooping to his level so he doesn’t feel intimidated. Guilty for being better and for having the decency of being everything more.

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Even from a young age, different guys told you that your standards were too high.

Even your closest friends accused you of believing in fairy tales and telling you that you were searching for Mr. Perfect, who didn’t exist.

Well, I’m here to beg you not to believe them. Here to ask you never to lower your standards, never to give up on your deal-breakers and most importantly, never to settle for less.

It seems that in the modern dating world, you should consider yourself lucky to find a man who won’t cheat on you right in front of you.

According to some, you should be content if you have a guy who has the decency to choose you and to make up his mind about you, without leading you on.

No, you haven’t won the lottery just because you ran into a guy who labels your relationship and who publicly calls you his girlfriend.

You didn’t hit the jackpot for having a boyfriend who sends you a goodnight text and who treats you as his equal.

All of these things are amazing but please don’t let anyone tell you that you’re ‘too much’ for wanting more.

In fact, all the wrong guys which will march through your life will try their best to make you think that the little they have to offer should be enough.

However, once you meet a man who really deserves you, he’ll never make you settle for less.

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This guy will never try to put you down so he could appear greater. He’ll never make you feel like you’re not good enough just because it’s the only way for him to feel better about himself.

A man who truly deserves you will never ask you to lower your voice so his can be heard. He’ll never hold you back from your accomplishments so he looks more successful.

For him, you won’t be too emotional, too demanding or too clingy. Instead, he’ll cherish your vulnerable heart and make sure he never damages it in any way possible.

You won’t be accused of being a smarty pants or a Ms ‘know-it-all’ just because you have opinions of your own. Instead, he’ll be proud to have an intelligent and capable woman like you by his side.

For him, you’ll never be too strong or too powerful. Instead, he’ll see you as a role model and as an inspiration to keep moving forward.

Most importantly, he’ll never see you as too independent or too self-sufficient. Instead, he’ll be happy knowing that you chose him out of all the men in this world, despite not actually needing him.

So, I’m begging you, every time you are accused of being too much, remember that this guy is out there.

Every time you are accused of making some immature guy feel like less of a man, remember that the one who deserves you exists.

Moreover, every time you are accused of being too much for a guy, remember this: You’re a princess who doesn’t need a smaller crown; you need a man with bigger hands.

Please, don’t dim your light just because it might blind someone and keep on shining as bright as always!

You Will Always Be Too Much For Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You