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I Hope From The Bottom Of My Heart That You Won’t Happen To Anyone Else

I Hope From The Bottom Of My Heart That You Won’t Happen To Anyone Else

You were the first man I have ever truly loved…

Even though you don’t deserve to hear from me ever again, I feel the need to write you this letter and finally get the closure I waited so long for.

I need it to find peace in my soul again. I need it to feel alive again.

One part of me did really die that day you left me. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. I didn’t want to move on… not without you.

That was my mistake and I accept it and admit it. I am also guilty of my broken heart.

Allowing my heart to let in someone who never actually showed that he loved me was the biggest mistake of my life.

Still, I couldn’t just simply order my heart to forget you right away.

I couldn’t reach out to my heart to make it understand that it was better that way and unfortunately, my mind wasn’t functioning either.

However, I had to and thanks to God, I did. Love is really the most mysterious thing in the universe.

I know it’s a beautiful thing when you’re with the right person but I’m still confused now and I’m still trying to define what love really is.

Sometimes it’s just so complex and inexplicable.

Your heart takes command over your body. Suddenly, nothing else matters, except that one person you hold deep in your heart, except that person you love the most.

Or at least, that’s what happened in our case. You became the center of my universe.

You became the only person I could talk to, the only one I wanted by my side every minute of the day.

I didn’t care about anything or anyone else.

Again, I’m admitting, that is my mistake. My one and only mistake, while on the other hand, you made so many mistakes that it just became difficult to count them.

I loved you with every ounce of my being and what did I get in return? Insults, disrespect, maltreatment and betrayal.

Be honest at least one time now that we’re done and tell me, did I really deserve everything you did to me?

What kind of person are you when you could do that all to me and then leave me and continue with your life as if nothing had happened?

Even though you deserve the cruelest, most emotionally destructive insults, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to be the bigger person now, as I have always been.

Still, I feel the need to thank you for one thing that you helped me understand about myself after all.

Thank you for showing me how strong and brave a woman I truly am. I wasn’t aware of it before you put me through hell and I was able to get out of it alive.

I’m a true warrior. The man I loved the most turned out to be my worst enemy, a demon who had fought so hard to break my heart and destroy me completely.

I don’t know how you can live with yourself, knowing what you did.

You’ll understand one day, once you are completely alone and miserable, that treating women as trophies your whole life is precisely what got you there.

I just feel sorry for the next girl in line. I know that the same destiny awaits her. That’s why I only have one wish;

I hope and pray you won’t happen to any girl ever again. I hope that you won’t make anyone else suffer like you made me suffer.

You were someone I could never imagine losing but still, God removed you from my life.

Now I’m sure that’s only because He’s going to replace you with someone I could never imagine having.

Yes, you were the first man I ever loved. The first man who found a way to the deepest places of my heart.

You were the first but you won’t stay the only one or the last one, that I can promise you.

I’m going to love again. Someone better will come. Someone better will find a way to my broken heart again.

Someone better will come, love me like I truly deserve and will never leave.