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Your Soul’s Journey Will Lead You To Your Forever Person

Your Soul’s Journey Will Lead You To Your Forever Person

When it comes to life and love, not all things go as we want and plan them. They sometimes take a whole different direction, and they leave us wondering what happened.

The thing here is that while we are very busy making plans for our life’s journey, our soul’s journey has plans of its own .

And while we might not be happy with it at first, we realize sooner on later that our soul is always on the path that is better for us.

Think about it, how many times have you’ve been hooked on someone who is completely wrong for you? How many times have you decided to ignore your intuition? How many times did you stay when it was time to leave?

Too many times, right? And each and every one of those times you ended up regretting those decisions. You wished you’d gotten out of that mess before.

You ended up with a broken heart and shattered dreams, wondering if love really exists, if you really have a forever person somewhere out there waiting for you or your hopes are in wain.

Let me reassure you and tell you that your forever person is somewhere out there, and your soul’s journey will take you right into their warm embrace.

There is a reason it didn’t work out with anyone else. You haven’t reached your final destination. None of the men you dated so far were right for you. They were just lessons you had to learn.

They were the chapters of your life you had to read. The chapters you had to survive so you could build yourself into the person you are today. So you could be ready for the right man when he crosses your path.

Your soul’s journey is a bumpy ride.

It hardly ever goes smoothly and without any obstacles. You go through so many ups and downs on your path that you feel as if you might be headed in the wrong direction.

You’ve had your share of breakups. You’ve mastered the art of gluing the pieces of your broken heart together. You’ve seen just how strong you are.

You’ve realized that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. As long as you keep getting up, everything will be fine.

You have to trust your soul’s journey to take you somewhere better, to someone better, to your forever person.

Your soul’s journey starts with you.

The first destination you have to conquer is loving yourself. Most of us forget that part, and it’s the one that is crucial for our love lives and our lives in general.

Your happiness starts with you. It’s not about the other person. It’s not about your job or how much money you have in your bank account. It is and it always was about you.

The same love, kindness, and investment you are giving to others you owe to yourself first. There is nothing that makes a person more fulfilled and happy than the life they have created for themselves.

Also, when it comes to romantic relationships there is one cardinal rule: You have to love yourself, so somebody else could love you back. So they could love you the way you deserve. So they could love you truly, madly, deeply.

Difficulties you encounter on your soul’s journey will enable you to recognize the one who is right for you.

The road you took so far wasn’t so difficult and full of challenges without a reason. It made you more observant. You can now easily detect all the red flags and signs of toxic behavior, and stay away from them.

You are closer to finding out what is it that you want and what you deserve. Up to now, you put up with a lot of things you shouldn’t have.

You had your heart in the right place—all you did and all you forgave was in the name of love. Now you know that love isn’t always enough.

You want the love that doesn’t lie or cheat. You want the love that doesn’t play games. You want the love that isn’t afraid of commitment. You want the love that isn’t manipulative nor abusive in any way.

You want the love that is kind and understanding. You want the love that’s based on trust and full of respect. You want love filled with mutual efforts. You want the love that makes you smile more than it makes you cry.

And no, you are not asking for too much. You are asking for some basic normal things that make a relationship healthy and meaningful.

Your soul’s journey has its own timing.

The most difficult part of your soul’s journey is timing. It isn’t synced with your wishes. It doesn’t listen to your prayers. It doesn’t see that you are lonely.

It brings you to love at the exact moment when it is supposed to happen and not a moment sooner.

The timing has to be right. You can’t hurry true love. It comes when you least expect it and probably at the moment when you find it least convenient.

But the best thing about your soul’s journey is that it never fails. No matter how long it takes, it leads you right into the arms of that one special person in your life.

Your soul is connected to the soul of your forever person. They will recognize each other.

You will feel like you have known each other from a past life.Your forever person will slowly approach you and bring you peace.

You will feel like in that one person you found your home, and you will be willing to follow that feeling without asking what or why.

It will be easy to open up to them. You will talk about anything or everything. You will put aside all your fears. You will know that they are nothing like your ex.

It will be pretty obvious. They will treat you right. They are going to make sure that they are a part of your life. Staying in touch, finding time for you will be done effortlessly.

They will want you as much as you want them. They will want to make you happy as much as you do them. They will crave you as much as you do them. And that will make all the difference.

When two souls recognize each other, there won’t be a need to chase anybody.

You will be drawn to one another. You will go after one another. Everything will come from both sides. There will be no place for one-sidedness or half-investments of any sort.

Everything will flow naturally. There will be no need to force anything. You will have this intangible bond that is connecting you and making you pull closer and closer to each other.

All the attention, affection and feelings that come from your side will be reciprocated. You will stand in awe because you have finally found someone who understands your kind of love.

When two souls recognize each other, there is nothing they wouldn’t do for one another.

They know that not everything will be sunshine and rainbows. They know that some stormy days are ahead. That doesn’t scare them at all.

They know that they can survive any storm if they face it together. They know that a relationship needs work and that sometimes seeing eye to eye is mission impossible.

Two souls that find each other know that they are not the same. They have their similarities and differences. But somehow, even the parts that are different complete one another or find some compromise to do just that.

Your soul’s journey will take you to someone who is perfectly imperfect, and you will love them even more for it.

Their imperfections will be something that makes you even more drawn to them. You will be able to be yourself, and you will be adored just because of it.

They will embrace your virtues and amazingness alongside with your faulty, weird, quirky nature. They will accept and love you just the way you are.

When you reach your final destination on your soul’s journey, you will know that there is no point in traveling any further. You have found the person you are supposed to spend your forever with, and you won’t doubt that for a second.

It will just feel good. It will feel right, and you will trust that inner voice telling you that this is where you are supposed to be. This is where you feel safe. This is where love lives.