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10 Benefits Of Being A Guy Who Only Sticks To One Woman

10 Benefits Of Being A Guy Who Only Sticks To One Woman

Sadly, in today’s world, there are so many guys out there who choose to be unfaithful and cheat on their women without even feeling remorse.

And cheating is by far the biggest act of cowardice and selfishness that all who have ever been a victim of it surely understand.

Finding a real man who knows how to appreciate a woman and treat her with respect has simply become mission impossible.

Finding a real man who is ready to stick to one woman has become more like chasing unicorns. It’s finally time to open their eyes!

So, dear guys, I know how tempting it is for you to constantly be in pursuit of new flavors, and to experience some new ways of having fun outside your relationship, but cheating on your women is simply the lowest thing you could ever choose to do to someone.

The only time you’ll become a real man is when you open your eyes and understand the value of staying loyal and committed to your woman.

And if you only knew how much you would actually benefit by deciding to stick to one woman instead!

If you’re interested in making this world a better place and improving your love life as well, keep reading the following 10 benefits of being a guy who knows how to treat women with respect and who only sticks to one woman!

1. You get respect from others

Many guys think that the more women they have, the more they will be respected by other men.

It’s all about this macho image that sticking to one woman is for pussies.

But, the real truth is that by deciding to cheat on your woman, you lose respect from her and other people as well.

Staying loyal means enjoying real respect for being a decent human being, a real man, and being a guy who knows how to appreciate women and treat them with respect.

2. You get to love your partner with all your heart

Sticking to one woman means experiencing ultimate, pure love that you will never be able to find anywhere else no matter how hard you try.

Appreciating and taking care of what you have in front of you will bring you countless blessings that not all have the opportunity to experience these days.

Loving your partner with all your heart, body, and soul is the biggest achievement in someone’s lifetime.

3. You get the right to demand the same treatment from her too

If you’re treating your woman with respect and the way she deserves, you instantly get the right to demand the same treatment from her as well.

Relationships are all about reciprocity and if there is no reciprocity, there will be no love.

And fighting hard for the things you believe in is the only way to experience ultimate happiness.

4. You get to understand the true meaning of loyalty

When you choose to stay faithful to your partner and stick to one woman instead of chasing tons of them, that’s when you learn to understand the true meaning of loyalty.

That’s when you realize the importance of staying loyal to those who are doing the same for you.

You see, by learning to value the principle of loyalty, you’ll open new doors that you didn’t know existed in the first place.

You’ll widen your horizons and start seeing things in another, more beautiful light.

5. You make a better home atmosphere for your kids

If you happen to be married, you need to understand that your choice to be loyal to your woman will directly impact your children as well.

The best thing you can do for your kids and family is to make a better home atmosphere by being a man who is selfless, devoted, and a true role model to his children.

One of the biggest benefits to you will be your children’s happy faces telling you that they are really proud of you for being such a great husband, dad, and human being.

6. You boost the quality of your intimacy

Where there is no trust, devotion, and pure connection, there is no true intimacy either.

By deciding to stick to one woman, you will create a strong connection that will boost your intimacy.

Being able to trust to each other is key when it comes to enjoying a healthy, successful relationship.

And cheating is the exact opposite. It’s deliberately destroying yourself and another human being for one moment of temporary pleasure.

7. You become a better person

I think there’s no need to explain this one, but still I’ll choose to do it either way.

So, by being a guy who sticks to one woman, you instantly become a better person as well.

You are no longer fueled with toxicity, lies, and manipulation that destroy your ability to become the best version of yourself.

You become a better person by being a man of your word and by appreciating what you have.

8. You improve your health


Yup. Science says that people who are into long-term commitment in relationships have been found to have lower risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart attacks.

So, next time you start questioning your decision to stay faithful to your woman, just think of the fact that your decision could kill you mentally as well as physically.

9. You get to keep your best friend

Cheating means destroying every single title you have with your partner. You will not only lose your girlfriend/wife, you also lose your best friend.

By staying loyal, you’ll keep your best friend and you’ll also enjoy the benefits of being in a healthy relationship.

And there is nothing worse than doing something wrong and realizing it too late.

10. You serve as a good example to other men in relationships

Yup. Your decision to stay loyal in your relationship will be a worthy example to other men who are also in a relationship.

By doing this, you’ll send them a message that it is possible to conquer your inner demons and focus on the beautiful things in front of you instead.

By being a guy who only sticks to one woman with all of his body and heart, you will proudly show the rest of the world what a real, strong man you are.

And when they see how utterly happy you are, they will follow you, too!