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10 Giveaway Signs That Your Ex Is Over You And Doesn’t Want You Back

10 Giveaway Signs That Your Ex Is Over You And Doesn’t Want You Back

Every break-up is emotionally difficult to handle and accept.

But, one of the worst feelings in the world is when you still have strong emotions for someone who doesn’t love you anymore and who has obviously moved on with his life.

You simply don’t know what to do with the love that remained in you and you spend your days decrypting his signals and trying to figure out whether there is at least some trace of hope for the two of you getting back together.

So, if you are in doubt whether your ex has gotten over you or he still loves you, here are 10 giveaway signs he doesn’t want you back.

I know that the truth is sometimes hard to accept, but it is always better than living in a lie.

Therefore, if you find your ex doing most, or all, of the things mentioned below, be certain that for him, reconciliation is not an option.

He blocks your number and social accounts

One of the most obvious signs your ex-boyfriend doesn’t want you back is the fact that he has changed his phone number or that he has blocked yours.

It is possible that he did this because he was hurt, but the fact is that he doesn’t want you back.

Another good sign is him blocking all of your accounts on social media.

By doing this, this guy doesn’t leave any options open. He wants to make sure that you have no possibility of contacting him ever again.

The harsh truth is that he doesn’t want you to have access to his social network profiles, because he doesn’t want you to know what he’s been doing and where he’s been going.

The same is with your profiles—he is not interested in seeing what you’ve been up to.

Blocking you may not be the most mature thing your ex has done, but it is clear that he was ready to go of his way to ignore you, so please respect his wishes and don’t even think about chasing him.

He returns your stuff and wants his back


When we break-up with someone but still have deep feelings for that person, it is usual for us to hold on to the memories we have that remind us of that person. Some of these memories are tied up in our ex-lover’s belongings.

But, if your ex-boyfriend insists on giving you your stuff back as soon as possible and getting back his own, it is probable that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

I know you probably think that he is calling to return your things just because he wants some kind of contact with you, but that is probably far from the truth.

It is likely that he wants to have a fresh start and that he doesn’t want to keep anything that could remind him of you.

This guy is clearly over you, so he doesn’t need your things as something to hold on to.

At the same time, it doesn’t seem that reconciliation is an option for him, so he wants to have all of his belongings back right away.

He doesn’t try to contact you

One of the first signs that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you is that he tries to contact you in every way possible.

But, if this guy is over you, he won’t contact you in any way. Instead, he will try avoiding any possible contact.

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that this man will be rude to you, but he just knows that there is no need for the two of you stay in touch.

He doesn’t want to fool himself, thinking you could stay friends.

Therefore, he thinks that any kind of contact between you two is unnecessary.

For men and women to stay in touch after the split has happened is nothing uncommon, but if your boyfriend doesn’t have the desire to do so, it is obvious that he doesn’t plan on getting back together with you and that he wants to move on with his life without you in it.

He doesn’t respond to your phone calls and texts messages

When you see that your ex-boyfriend is moving on with his life, your first impulse is to try to reach out to him, before he forgets all about you.

But, I am here to tell you that this is the biggest mistake you could make.

By doing this, you are just showing him that he can have you whenever he wants and you are only pushing him further away from you.

This way, he’ll perceive you as being too needy and desperate and that is the last thing you want.

So, if you keep calling or texting your ex, but you are getting no affirmative response or he is never the one to contact you first, it is one of the obvious signs your ex doesn’t want you back and you have to accept it.

Sometimes, it is possible for him to take your call or to respond to your message, but you need to make sure not to mistake his politeness for his interest in you.

If you are the only one reaching out and you are not getting any signals back, maybe it’s time to take the hint and give up on him for good.

He doesn’t reach out to you after you followed the no-contact rule

You probably know all about the no-contact rule and you decided to use it to get your ex back in your life.

You disappeared from his sight for some period of time and you made sure the two of you had no contact in that period.

So, you expected him to realize how much he missed you and to understand that you are the woman for him.

You expected for him to see how much he loves you and for the two of you to get back together.

But, nothing similar is happening. He is still not contacting you, let along asking you to get back together.

On the contrary, instead of realizing that he can’t live without you, it appears that he was perfectly fine without you and that reconciliation is not at the back of his mind.

If this guy didn’t miss you while you followed the no contact rule, it is more than likely that he has moved on with his life and that he doesn’t think of you anymore.

He has a new serious relationship

The first thing that can help you find out whether your boyfriend has really moved on is his relationship status.

If this guy stays single for a long time after the two of you broke up, it is clear that he is not ready for a good relationship and it is possible that he still hasn’t gotten over you. The same is if he jumps from one relationship to another.

He may have found someone, but this is obviously just a rebound relationship for him and you see that he is not ready to commit.

If he does this, he is only showing you that he is trying very hard to move on from you, but he is choosing the wrong way to do it.

But, one of the biggest signs that your ex doesn’t want you back is the fact that he has found someone he loves.

When you see that he has settled down and that he is committed to his new relationship, it is clear that he has turned a new page in his life and that he doesn’t need anything from the past in it.

He is not jealous

Whenever a guy has any romantic feelings for you, he will be jealous to some extent.

If your boyfriend still wants you in his life, he will never be happy that you are dating someone new or just the fact that you’ve put yourself back on the dating market.

Of course, he’ll probably try to hide his jealousy because he knows he has no right to it.

But, you two were together for a long time and you’ll know how to recognize his jealousy.

On the other hand, if this guy doesn’t show any clear sign of remorse or jealousy when he sees you with another guy and if he really wishes you all the best in your new relationship and gives you relationship advice, it is clear that he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for you.

He may appreciate you as a person with whom he’s been through a lot, but the harsh truth is that he doesn’t see you as ‘his woman’ any longer.

He doesn’t flirt with you

One of the signs your ex doesn’t want you back is his behavior whenever the two of you meet face to face.

If he still has feelings for you, his body language and non-verbal gestures will show it to you. But, if he has moved on, he won’t flirt with you in any way.

This guy won’t use every opportunity he gets to make you smile, to touch you discretely.

He won’t be sexually suggestive nor will he try to remind you all of your past times. He may act friendly to you, but he will never cross a border with you.

He will respect your boundaries and he will expect you to be the same, telling you to move on with your life indirectly.

He is not interested in meeting with you

When a man has strong feelings for you, he will go out of his way to see you, even for a minute.

But, one of the signs he doesn’t want you back is if he doesn’t put any effort into seeing you in person.

Even if you call him to hang out, he always has some excuse and it is clear he is not interested in seeing you.

The harsh truth you have to accept is that he doesn’t want to see you because he doesn’t miss you.

This guy is not interested in talking about everything that went on between the two of you and for him, getting back together is not even an option he is ready to reconsider.

He acts indifferently to you

This may come as a shock to you, but if your ex-boyfriend is too mean to you, it is possible that he still has feelings for you.

He is probably hurt by something that has happened in your relationship or by the fact that you are not chasing him.

But, when you see that your ex is acting indifferently to you, you should know that he has really moved on with his life and that he doesn’t want you back.

It appears that this guy is not affected by anything you do or say and that you cannot bother him, no matter what you do.

He will probably be polite whenever he sees you, but that is all. When a guy is indifferent, he will not put in extra effort to see you nor to avoid you. For him, you are just a distant memory and nothing else.