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19 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single You Should Avoid At Any Cost

19 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single You Should Avoid At Any Cost

Guys stay single for one reason or another. Some of those reasons may be personal and voluntary, some may not. There are different types of guys who stay single and every type has its own characteristics.

With aging, the criteria bar goes higher and higher. Thus, guys may have unrealistic expectations for a girlfriend but they can also ignore their eventual progress.

With everything in mind, we will mention several types of men who remain single due to different traits.

19 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single Despite Everything

You probably know a lot of men who are single for a long period of time. Why is this so? Can we categorize different types of men who will always stay single despite every effort?

Of course we can! Here is a list of men who stay single, whether we are talking about married men, men with previous bad relationships or something else.

1. The old guy

Although not a rule, men often like to explore when it comes to women. They will dedicate most of their time in their youth to girls, not just one but many of them.

This is all fun and games until they get older. As they get older, they continue with these games and enjoy the presence of every girl they meet.

This excitement, however, doesn’t last long. After some time, when they enter their middle 30s and want to settle down, have a committed relationship or simply find ‘‘the one’’, they won’t be able to do so. Why?

Because they will lose their touch with reality and with girls that want true commitment. Soon after realizing that they wasted their youth and didn’t get a good result, loneliness and sadness will kick in.

Those are the factors that will, even more, separate them from girls in general even more. Most of the time, these men spend their lives as single men after abandoning their own moral standards.

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2. The immature guy

This is a special type of guy. They are not necessarily bad, they may be nice guys. However, their immature behavior causes girls to run away from them.

If you are expecting a serious relationship from them, you better walk away. Everything you do will be meaningless, funny or cringe to them.

They don’t take the responsibility very seriously and don’t try hard to maintain relationships. They expect their spouse to meet all of their demands and supply them with everything.

3. The ‘‘yeah, whatever you want’’ guy

Being nice is a great thing. Being too nice is not so great.

Of course, every girl loves a good and caring boyfriend. However, if a guy keeps confirming everything you say, every word and every proposal, then this can be a huge turn-off

This is not only a turn-off but also a red flag. A boyfriend without an attitude is just a puppet who plays the way you say. Because of this, there is a lack of constructive criticism and no way of making any progress.

This behavior will, eventually, become boring to every girl and the guy will continue to live a single life.

4. The ‘‘yes, I was married, but…’’ guy

A person will need some time to heal after recently ending a toxic relationship and going through a divorce with their partner. That individual will give more thought to his children before praising them for a new relationship.

Instead of someone who is simply interested in him, he would like someone who could act as their mother figure and take care of them.

Thankfully, today we live in a world where a divorced man is not a bad man. However, many people have prejudices even in today’s society.

This also increases the chance of remaining single.

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5. The ‘‘yes, I am married, but…’’ guy

Expecting a married guy to provide you with the same or bigger affection and care than he is already providing to his wife is a dead-end street.

They want to explore their alternatives and have some fun in life since they are not happy with just one woman in their lives. This way they will always be alone even with a wife at home.

Not to mention all of the consequences and trust issues for both the potential girlfriend and the wife if they find out.

6. The ‘‘universe is against me’’ guy

This man is upset with the entire world. He believes that the world has treated him unfairly.

He notices the injustices in the world, believes the cards are stacked against him and decides to correct it on his own.

But in this guy’s perspective, anger, not love, is what drives the world forward, and that’s precisely what he promotes.

7. The frantic guy

Guys who haven’t been married yet can wake up one day and realize they need a family to express their feelings and opinions. At times, they might be really desperate.

As they spend their whole life changing girlfriends and going from one to another, they have no idea what they truly want out of life and their preferences might alter daily. Sometimes, they may even be dangerous.

They will not stop until they get what they want in life, but sometimes it may be quite challenging to deal with this behavior.

8. The always in friend-zone guy

Everybody wants to be friends with that specific guy because he has a certain type of personality pattern. He is so nice and every single woman wants to be friends with him…But just friends.

It is hard to say what’s the reason behind this. Some girls don’t find them attractive enough, others can’t pass the ‘‘just friends’’ point of view.

Either way, these kinds of men often remain single and with the eternal question in their head: ‘‘Am I really not good enough?’’.

Being the friend-zoned guy doesn’t just make it difficult to get a girl but it also lowers your self-esteem which can only contribute to the fact that they stay single.

There isn’t a set rule to handle this exact circumstance. You need to conduct additional research and identify specific strategies that will assist you to improve yourself and your attractiveness.

9. The online dating guy

Oh, there is also the ‘‘online dating’’ guy. Why they choose online dating and stick to this method will never clearly be understood. Some of them may be introverts who don’t have the guts to start a girl in real life, others may have low self-esteem.

That’s why dating apps, like Tinder, are their field of expertise… They are present on all online dating sites and quietly invite everyone on dates.

These males find it difficult to accept their single status because they were always dating girls when they were younger.

In front of others, they won’t admit their insecurities. They will respond that they are too busy with work and unable to find time for a date or a relationship if someone inquires about their relationship status.

10. The hookup guy

A lot of men who stay single are in the category of ‘‘hookup’’ guys. Hookup guys don’t want to be married and have just one female. They just have a strong interest in hookups.

These guys will be with a different woman every other day. They have little confidence in romantic relationships and believe that living a lifetime with one person is uninteresting and a waste of time.

They want to take advantage of every opportunity and have the most fun possible. These men stay single and they simply love it!

11. The weird guy

These men usually don’t have complications or troubles when entering a relationship. However, after finding someone…That’s when their weird phase strikes in.

The weird guy bails out his girlfriend and does not place much value on her. These men do not spend enough time with their girlfriend, avoid meeting her family and generally provide low effort.

They will not change who they are or try to make some little adjustments for their companion. These males will stick to their guns and will constantly demand that their girlfriends adapt.

They are not really concerned with how their partner feels about anything and will do whatever they want without giving consideration to others.

Thus, after finally finding someone, they will lose their partner because of such behavior. This is a vicious circle in which the weird guy will always end up single.

12. The ‘‘I wait for my soulmate’’ guy

Some men have extremely clear tastes when it comes to women, and they are willing to spend their whole lives looking for their ideal partner.

They will never consent to make compromises on their preferences or goals.

These guys value both their personal and professional lives. They actually like being single and have no worries about being alone at all.

These boys wish to stay away from peer pressure as well as pressure from their friends and family.

They hold the view that they have not yet found ‘‘the one’’ and that they may wait an eternity to do so.

13. The ‘‘be at home by 9 PM’’ guy

A healthy relationship with a controlling guy? You wish.

Every girl gets goosebumps from those guys. They firstly isolate you from your family and friends and turn you against them. Then they become jealous and paranoid and start to control every step you take.

And we all know that hardly anyone has the will and patience to endure such things. That’s why controlling guys will always have a problem with the opposite sex.

14. The ‘‘I hate all women’’ guy

We all know who misogynists are. Those types of guys who stay single are different from all others. Misogynists don’t like women and women don’t like them (with justification!).

They have zero romantic feelings toward any woman. These guys only have close connections with a few women; they do not desire to settle down with any particular woman.

Women used to be drawn to them when they were younger, but now they also make an effort to keep their distance. However, certain studies show that some women are still attracted to sexist males.

These males, though, are closer to their cousins. They believe that their relatives are more kind and likable than other people. But you can’t be in a relationship with your cousin, right?

15. The ‘‘I just love my job’’ guy

Many of the types of guys who stay single only care about their work and their career. They will never pay much attention to a woman and put any effort to win her.

Being ambitious and hardworking is a great trait. But, guys who are constantly occupied with their job will never pay attention to their girlfriends.

There will be no effort from their side as all of the efforts will go straight into different job challenges and opportunities. These guys are always very busy with their professional life and they do not have much time to go on a date with someone.

No woman will want this guy in her life because he will never make her the priority. He will take every chance to get back to work rather than spend some good time with his girl.

16. The ‘‘wait, let me just ask my mommy’’ guy

Some parents try to supervise every choice their kids make. A guy’s entire life may be impacted if they have one of these parents. A guy with strict parents won’t be allowed to date the woman of their choosing.

They will also need to consider their parents’ decisions, and if they are significantly dissimilar, it can be very difficult and perplexing.

This man will never be able to find a wife or establish a long-term relationship with a woman he finds attractive.

17. The not-so-pretty guy

Although it doesn’t have to be the case, poor looks can easily affect whether a guy gets a girlfriend or not. This doesn’t necessarily mean that good-looking guys will always have the best relationships.

Appearance is the first thing that will attract a partner. If that appearance is not at a satisfactory level, there is a lower chance of having a partner.

18. The ”is it hot in here or is it just you?” guy

Some guys have a natural ability to flirt, but for others, it may be quite challenging – especially if they don’t have great social skills.

Poor flirting skills can make a huge impact on whether a guy will ever have a girlfriend or not. It is pretty much the same as with the not-so-pretty guys.

If the first impression is bad, you have a huge risk that everything after that will also be a failure.

19. The ‘‘oh, my ex used to do the same’’ guy

Trust me, nothing is as bad as a guy who talks about his ex-girlfriend.

Of course, it can be good relationship advice when someone tells you to talk about previous relationships in order to improve your current one.

However, if a guy constantly mentions his ex it can only be a sign that he is still into her and that it’s time to move on. And this is exactly what most girls will do!

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5 Reasons Why Men Stay Single?

Each of us is prepared to instantly criticize the bad behavior of the other. But have you ever wondered what is the cause of such behavior? In the following sentences, we will briefly discuss those different causes.

1. They can’t take the risk of being hurt again

For a variety of causes, some people may be hurt in their relationship. Their life experiences might sometimes be really traumatic.

They can feel as though a wall has been put up around them by this agony and despair, especially if this was the first time they truly committed to someone.

If they’ve had multiple bad dating encounters, they could construct an illogical wall around themselves as protection. They won’t expose themselves to vulnerability in front of others.

2. Fear of competition

It is very normal to get fearful of competing if your self-confidence isn’t sufficient enough. They won’t feel confident being in any relationship since they think they’ll never be able to win.

Some people find it simpler to lose before participating than to lose to someone else.

Lack of confidence might lead to the worry that no one would choose them as their partner and that you will look foolish if you ask them.

3. They love their comfort zone

They will feel safer and more at peace in their comfort zone as they become older. Whatever the cause, stepping out at a certain age might be quite challenging.

This lack of support might prevent you from establishing a fulfilling love relationship with someone.

It might be challenging to start investigating new things all over again if they have reached a point in their life where they are comfortable in both their personal and professional life.

4. Low effort

It might be really challenging to get what you really want if you don’t put any work into it.

Some people don’t put much effort into finding a healthy relationship or keeping one they currently have going. Their lack of effort may prevent them from entering the dating scene.

They need to work hard to make a female feel the same way if they want a lady who will love and care for them.

When it comes to dating, no female will feel confident enough in you if your demeanor is carefree.

5. Bad experiences

If they’ve ever been in a relationship and had a horrible experience, they may start to think negatively about relationships.

It’s possible that a loved one profoundly hurt them and they are still struggling to move on.

They fear getting hurt once more and don’t want to go through the suffering of having a loved one betray them once more.


What keeps a man single?

There can be one or a combination of things that will keep a man single. Those things include poor appearance, bad flirting skills, controlling behavior or even being married…

Some of those things men can’t choose and would do anything to change them. However, they have become a huge part of their personality and there is no coming back.

Other things men choose voluntarily, they love being single even after all those years of exploring in their youth.

What keeps a man from settling down?

Several factors contribute to the fact that a man has not settled down. One can be that their lifestyle simply doesn’t support settling down.

They like to party, travel and meet new people among whom there are many young beautiful girls. This lifestyle leaves them with no option to settle down as they are constantly surrounded with pretty girls.

Another reason can be that they have had bad experiences in the past and now are not ready to take the risk of being hurt again. They are sick of committed relationships and just want to enjoy their life as single people.

To Recap

Men…An eternal enigma. Some of the things that they do will never be clearly understood. Today’s topic was about different types of guys who stay single.

There are various types of those men and also various reasons for such a situation. I will use these final words just to mention that everybody has different reasons why they do certain things and why they behave the way they behave.

For some of these types of men, there is no coming back and there is a low chance that they will ever change. However, many of these guys who are now bad may and will change if they ever encounter a good girl for them.

With some of them, you’ll just need a huge cup of love and a teaspoon of patience!