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10 Texting Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

10 Texting Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Do you remember those times when love was so much simpler and there was no ghosting, texting or Snapchatting?

When you could see what a man was like based on his behavior toward you and how much he wanted to see you?

When you didn’t need help from all your female friends to understand what the hell his last text meant? Me neither.

So, how to know which texting behaviors are red flags? Keep on reading and check if your potential man is one of the texting fuckboys!

Text bombing

It’s really great when you hit it off with him, when you’re texting all day and night and you’re just excited to get to know each other.

But if you’re at work and you told him that you won’t be able to text and he is still bombing your phone, that’s just a sign of an overly clingy man.

A conversation takes two, not just one disturbingly attached man. Sorry fellas!

His phone is on airplane mode when he’s with you

There is no need to explain this one, actually. If he’s always super-active on social media but when he’s with you, his phone is on airplane mode, then you’re constantly wondering what the hell he is hiding.

And if he gives you the excuse that he wants to focus on you, there is still no need for him to turn off his phone.

He can just leave it in his jacket or something but turning it off is a straight up red flag.

One-word answers

Either the dude doesn’t know how this whole conversation thing works or he’s just not into you.

If you already know that he’s into you and that it’s just because he’s busy, then it’s okay.

But if you just met and all he is giving you is one-word answers, it just means that he’s not that interested in talking to you. Or he’s playing a game to make you work around him, which is still a red flag.

It takes him an eternity to respond

How is it possible that he missed your message if his phone is with him all the time? Let’s be real here, we are unable to function properly without our phone.

We need it for the alarm clock, for ordering food and taxis, communication with friends, work and family, etc.

How on earth can you miss a text? Or be so busy that it takes you days to respond? If he’s not making time for you, stop making time for him. It’s as simple as that. Don’t text him and he will text you.

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Drunk texts

If you are in a relationship and he drunk-texts you how much he adores and loves you, that’s cute.

Even a romance-phobe like me knows it. But if you just met and he’s texting you when he’s falling over from alcohol and wants to come over to your place, don’t answer.

Ever again. If he’s only texting you when he’s drunk, you’re nothing more than his late-night booty call and you deserve more than that.

He ignores you for his phone

If it seems like the only woman in his life is Siri, head for the door. If you’re out on a date and he’s on his phone all the time, what are you even doing there?

It won’t get any better, trust me on that. If he’s not interested in getting to know you in the early stages of dating, walk away.

Late-night texting

You’re only texting when it’s late at night and it’s never anything deeper than ‘Come over, I’m bored’.

It makes you wonder what he’s doing all day so he’s only available at night.

And if you’re nothing more than a late-night call for some bedroom activity.

He asks for nudes

Seriously? You guys just met and bam! ‘Send nudes’. When you’re in a relationship and you’re up for a little bit of fun while you’re at work, go for it!

It’s always a good thing to spice up your sex life. But if there is no sex life to spice up, what the hell?

He never texts first

Are you always the one to send the first text and the one to send the last? Are you the one always initiating the conversations?

He never texts first but always responds to your messages.

That’s just a sign of a one-sided conversation that will turn into a one-sided relationship.

You can see from his text messages if he’s into you but this is a sign that he’s not. If he doesn’t text you back for days, this is also a sign of his indifference and lack of affection.

Dick pics

For the love of God, we don’t want unsolicited dick pics! I repeat, we don’t want them! It’s one thing if you’re sexting and you actually asked for them but sending them after no request and to top it off, asking for a nude in return, is just sick.

Ditch his ass and find someone who will actually text you good morning, not send you his sad, little, wrinkled wiener!