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What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends? 20 Top Answers

What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends? 20 Top Answers

Guys with female friends are everywhere. You could argue almost every guy has a female friend. The same goes for your boyfriend. But you can’t seem to get used to it. You know she will be there when he’s out with friends. She will text him. They will talk.

But what do guys think of their female friends? Speaking plainly, friendships between opposite genders have been discussed for centuries. Is there physical attraction behind the friendship facade, or can a man really be just friends with a woman?

I will try to answer your questions in this article. Hopefully, I will also help you get out of this situation and understand your guy’s mind better, especially the part where he stores his thoughts about his women friends.

20 Things: What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends?

What do guys think of their female friends? Next up are a few possible answers:

1. They don’t notice

No, he isn’t one of those guys who need constant female attention. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t even know his female friend is a woman. That’s how good of a friend he is.

Often, guys don’t notice anything about their female friends. This is because men are more likely to go for a more attractive girl, and women are more likely to go for a guy who can provide them with what they need.

2. I love being friends with her

Men are often taught that they need to be physically stronger than women to protect them from the dangers of being around other men who might hurt them. But your man knows that this is not true.

He is there for you if you need him, but he knows that you are independent and know how to take care of yourself. He looks at you as equals and loves being friends with women. And that is all.

3. She is awesome

No, it’s not one of his weird ways of falling in love. On the contrary, he thinks she is awesome, and this is often the case when asking, “What do guys think of their female friends?”

In fact, guys have a tendency to think of their female friends as “awesome” and “cool.” She must be unique and like the same stuff he does, so it’s not surprising. Men think their women friends are cool, funny, have interesting lives, and have a lot of good qualities.

4. Honest with her

Men are more likely to be honest with their female friends than their male friends. Obviously, the same goes for your guy in question as well. He needs someone to confide in, and his opposite-sex friend is someone he can.

This is a good thing because it shows that guys know they can trust their female friends. They can tell them the truth without having to worry about being judged or ridiculed for it.

5. I love hanging out with her

Hanging out is not a sign someone has a crush on you. In fact, it could only be that he likes hanging out with his female friends more. Remember, the male perspective on friendship is different from the female perspective.

Guys feel more comfortable being themselves with their female friends than with other people. Of course, this is to a certain extent, so when they start hanging out daily or spending too much alone time, it’s time to worry.

6. She is great at sports

Straight men (and non-straight men, too) love sports. Some girls also love sports and are great at them. This is why they might be hanging out. They might be practicing together or learning more about their favorite sport. Heck, they might even be watching their favorite team.

The truth is that girls can be just as good at sports as boys. Many female athletes have proven this. So don’t be worried. Your guy might be thinking he’s got the best team player when it comes to his female friend.

7. She is so funny

Girls tend to have more jokes that they can tell, and they know how to laugh at themselves. They also have a good sense of humor because they don’t take things too seriously and are able to laugh at the situation.

No, she and your boyfriend are not being immature. On the contrary, they are sharing their thoughts and emotions by matching energies. You should be happy that he is spending his time with his friend in a fun setting and not playing video games or partying.

8. We’ve got each other’s backs

Guys value their female friends for being there for them and for being supportive in tough times. They also see them as an opportunity to have fun and hang out with when they’re not busy with work or school. In fact, is there anything better than a friend you can rely on?

Women are more than capable of handling tough situations that guys tend to bring up. Guys feel like they can talk to them about anything, and they won’t judge.

9. I depend on her

What he wants to say is that she is the one who helps him in tough times. He wants to say that he is not alone, and she provides him with emotional support when he needs it. He might be dependable, but she can depend on him too. And that is true friendship if you ask me.

Men are more likely to express their feelings to their friends than the people they date. In fact, he is being vulnerable with her, which is not a sign of love but a sign of trust. You can’t blame him, especially if it’s a new relationship.

10. She helps me

I help her, and she helps me. It’s a simple equation, and both sides are happy. Is it that simple? We, as females, might not think this is possible to do without catching feelings. But it is.

In fact, these friendships last the longest because both sides are happy and their needs are met.

When it comes to being friends with a woman, men are more likely to see her as a helper than as competition. For example, when asked about their best friend, most men will say that they have one female friend.

11. Being myself

He is respected by his female friend and knows he can be himself. Men often feel like they need to be more masculine around their male friends, which can lead to them being less authentic.

But that is not the case here because he can say whatever is on his mind and speak his truth when he is with his female friend. In fact, both men and women should be themselves in front of their friends without worrying about what others think.

12. Freindzoned

No, the friend zone is not just for guys. It’s for girls too. Still, it’s not good to leave someone you spend time with and who likes you in the friendzone as it can backfire. He might have thought that he was being nice, but he ended up making her feel like she was not good enough.

He spent time with her but did not ask her out on a date. He made her feel unwanted and ignored. This is why it is important to be honest with your intentions when hanging out with someone. If this is why he is still friends with her, make sure he tells her how he feels.

13. She is always there for me

Men are naturally attracted to supportive women as they make them feel safe. In fact, men view the idea of a woman being there for them as an attractive quality. This is why it’s important to have a strong female friend.

Still, don’t misinterpret this as a sign he’s caught feelings for her. This relationship might be exclusively platonic. In fact, he might lean on her for support, and that’s about it. This is why you should try and support him next time he needs it.

14. I love her

Oh no. This one is scary. In today’s society, it is not uncommon for guys to have female friends. But do they see them as being better than the girls they date?

Guys often put their friends on a pedestal and think of them as better than the girls they date. They are more willing to put in the effort to help a friend than the girl they are dating. Is this a no for you, especially considering he loves her (in a non-sexual or even romantic way)?

15. I like-like her

Yes, I mean seriously like her. It’s a phrase they use to describe the feeling of being attracted to someone but not wanting to admit it.

Even though these guys are just trying to be nice, it’s an awkward and uncomfortable situation for them because they’re not sure what she thinks of them or how she feels about them.

But why is he with you then? Is he planning to leave you and pursue her? In any case, if he admits to liking his female friend, pack your bags and leave. It’s only a matter of time before he pursues her, even if he hasn’t done so already.

16. She is hot

This one is a bummer but not that big of a problem. In fact, a lot of guys look at girls differently than girls look at girls.

Females only see the good side of things, but males are always on the lookout for a partner. This is why he will most probably check out every girl on the street, including his friends.

This still doesn’t justify this behavior, and it might seem immature and childish. Still, the fact is that any guy could think his female friend is hot but will most probably not act upon it.

17. I wish I could be with her

This one has got to hurt, but it is a possibility. Men often wish that they could be with their female friends, even though they know it’s not possible in real life. It could be that they are taken, married, or totally out of their league.

In any case, I think it’s a bad thing that your boyfriend thinks this way. You must be devastated knowing you’re just a substitute for her and that he’s using love as a fix. I would definitely dump him if I knew he thought of his lady friend as a piece of meat.

18. Envy of her boyfriend

Envy is one of those emotions that are hard to control, especially in men. It’s a very complex emotion that has different triggers and levels, depending on the person.

Envying your friend’s boyfriend for being with her just crosses the line for me. Like in the last case, you are just a substitute here, and once you know this, you need to leave ASAP.

There is a lot of jealousy among guys when it comes to their female friends. Guys tend to envy their female friends’ boyfriends for what they have.

19. Fantasizing about her

He’s with you, but he fantasizes about her? First of all, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about someone. Being able to fantasize about your female friends is a healthy way to cope with anxiety or stress.

It can even help you find creative solutions to troubling problems. But you cross the line when one of you is taken or not interested. If your boyfriend fantasizes about someone else he knows in real life, I wouldn’t stand for it.

20. Physical turn on

Let’s face it. Men are physical creatures. Someone’s breasts can arouse them just by looking at them, even if they’re not attracted to the person. Still, this can change.

Our feelings change over time. When you first meet a woman, you might not be physically attracted to her, but after spending more time with her, she becomes more attractive to you. Therefore, I think that only one sign of physical attraction can turn into more.

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Male And Female Friendships: Are They Real?

The truth is that there are many friendships between men and women. Some of these friendships are platonic, and some are romantic, but they can exist without any romantic feelings or attraction between the two people involved.

So, the answer is yes, male and female friendships are possible and real. There does not need to be a physical attraction between guy friends and their close female friends.

Friendship is one of the most important relationships that people have in their lives, but it can be hard to tell when something is just a friendship or if there is more going on.

Is it just friendship, or does it mean more than that? How do you know when you have crossed the line from being friends to something more? Can a guy fall in love with his girl best friend?

The difference between opposite-sex friendships and same-sex friendships is not only in the difficulty of maintaining them but also in how they are perceived by society.

Due to societal expectations, it is harder to maintain these friendships because both sides are expected to be partners and not just friends.

In the past, male-female friendships were seen as taboo and frowned upon. But now, more and more people realize that there is nothing wrong with having a female friend. We have been able to make strides in gender equality, but these cases show that we still have a long way to go.

Ask your guy what he thinks of his female friends

This is the simplest answer there is. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a guy is thinking. So, if you think there’s more going on with your guy and his female friends than meets the eye, ask him what he thinks of them.

I am sure he will swear there is nothing more between them than a platonic friendship. A lot of time, this is the truth. Even if he has a lot of female friends, some guys just have platonic relationships with girls.

If you think there is more going on, then it’s time to ask him what he thinks. Make sure you know how to approach this talk with your guy and get a truthful answer from him.

Just think of your male friends and how you hang out. Still, if you don’t trust him, look at his body language, think of the friend zone, and you will be reassured. Remember, life is not set in New York like When Harry met Sally or any other rom-com for that matter.

If you can’t trust him at all with his lady friends, your best bet is to break up and stop your romantic relationship with him. After all, you can’t unsee the romantic way he treats her and his sexual desire if there is any.

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Can Guys Just Be Friends With A Girl?

Yes, most guys can be just friends with a girl. This means having no sexual attraction to each other and being caring and good friends.

Still, the answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. Different factors contribute to the answer, including how they were raised, their personality, and their values.

If they are the type of guy who shows sexual interest in a lot of women, then he probably can’t just be friends with a girl. He would look at her as a hookup all the time, and it would eventually show.

Of course, there are still a lot of men who don’t look at women as if they were a piece of meat. They can be platonic friends. In fact, there are many ways that guys and girls can be friends.

For example, they can hang out with each other, or they can do something together like go for a hike. There are different ways that guys and girls can be friends, but it is important for them to have mutual respect for one another.

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How Do You Tell If He Likes His Female Friend?

Generally, I would say that the answer is really simple. If he spends more time with her than he does with you, then it’s a sign that your boyfriend likes his female friend.

The first step, in this case, is to ask yourself what the signs are of whether or not he likes her. These signs include but are not limited to:

• When they are around each other, they talk and laugh a lot.

• There is an air of intimacy between them.

• He compares you two.

• He is critical of her boyfriend and protects her.

• Sometimes, he “forgets to mention” they hung out.

• You can sense there is something more going on.

• He asks her intimate questions.

• He smiles at her texts and reaches out to her on social media too often.

Still, all of these examples and signs are individual. What goes for one guy might not be true for another. So, make sure you assess the situation before asking any questions and stirring the pot for the first time.

So, questions like: Do guys fantasize about their female friends? Do guys say I love you to their female friends? And can guys be friends with an attractive girl? can all be answered differently and always depend on the romantic interest each party could have.

Understanding Men And Women

The idea of male-female friendship has been around for a long time. However, as society has changed and as technology has made it easier to connect with people all over the world, the way friendships are formed and maintained has also changed.

I hope my article helped you with your question, “What do guys think of their female friends?” and given you a new perspective. The best answer is to talk to your boyfriend about the matter and get it over with.