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10 Thoughts A Narcissist Keeps Hidden Before Revealing His True Self

10 Thoughts A Narcissist Keeps Hidden Before Revealing His True Self

“What’s the best way for me to get attention?”

couple looking each other in eyes

A narcissist is always on the prowl and always in need of attention.

If he isn’t getting it with his current victim, he’s on the lookout for the next one.

He needs attention for his “emotional supply” and “narcissistic supply.”

Their ego is never fully boosted, so they never rest.

And this is a thought they always keep hidden in front of their victims, even though it is precisely what drives them to act the way they do.

Attention is their number one ego-enhancer, so it’s no shock that they’re forever contemplating it.

“I don’t give a shit”

In case you didn’t already know, a narcissist just doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care about his actions, he doesn’t care about what he’s doing to you, and he certainly doesn’t care how it makes you feel.

He is not capable of empathizing and he doesn’t give a damn about a single person out there.

As he’s watching you go through your daily motions and pretending to care, all he actually thinks about is how he just couldn’t possibly care less and can’t wait for you to leave so he can stop pretending to give a damn.

“I’m always right”

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No matter how wrong he is, in his mind, he is absolutely always right.

He can do so much shit to you and you can be suffering due to his actions, and he’ll still think he was right to do that and you’re merely overreacting.

To him, there is only his way and the wrong way.

You can try to convince him otherwise all you want, but we both know it’ll be with zero success.

Your narcissist is “Mr Always Right.”

And that is their most torturous habit to those who have to endure it.

“Deep down, I have no self-confidence”

A narcissist can pretend to be the most self-assured man you’ve ever encountered.

He’ll make you believe it as well.

But deep down, he has no self-confidence.

It is believed that narcissists have learned to rewire their brains as a coping mechanism.

So they can exhibit behavior that presents them as the most powerful man you’ll ever see, but in reality, he’s just overcompensating for his many insecurities that are secretly plaguing him.

The strangest thing is, he convinces himself of this as well, so you’re not the only one he’s fooling!

“I’m entitled to everything I want”

man near window

A narcissist is truly like a five-year old child when it comes to something he wants.

It doesn’t matter that he can’t have it or how hard it is to obtain it. In his mind, he is fully entitled to everything that he wants.

A narcissist has zero concept of merit, which make him think of himself as superior to everyone, and therefore entitled to everything.

And he won’t hear no for an answer.

It will be like dealing with an immature kid that just happens to be manipulative and somewhat evil.

“How dare you defy me?”

When a narcissist is confronted, his true self is very close to coming out.

On the outside, he’ll seem as this cool, collected man, but when he’s criticized, all he can think about is how anyone dares defy something he said.

He is very insecure (which is something he’ll never show), so he can’t fathom the concept of being confronted.

What he says goes. There is no other option. 

He needs to always have his way.

If you confront, doubt, or criticize him, you’re taking away his power.

“What an idiot!”

man with beard

It is well known that narcissists think they are smarter than anyone else.

They’ve deluded themselves into truly believing this, so they look down on everyone around them.

You can be saying something that is completely factual, but if he disagrees, he is going to deem you an idiot in his mind (perhaps even out loud if he’s feeling ballsy).

“I’m in desperate need of something”

They need validation, power, money, and sex.

They always look for the easiest victim to provide them with all of that.

Often, they don’t get every single thing from just one person, so they keep looking for more sources.

To them, people are ego-boosters.

If he feels low on power, he is going to find someone weak to change that.

If he needs sex, he’s going seduce the next naïve girl he stumbles upon.

His needs are never-ending and so is his pursuit.

“You’ve just made an enemy”

man in wood

A narcissist is a passive-aggressive type of person.

He won’t go off on you when he’s mad, but he’ll secretly plan his revenge.

Unless he is extremely distressed and you happen to be nearby, that may change, but in any other situation, he’s quietly plotting his payback.

 “I need to find the next victim”

When the one he’s using at the moment stops being of use to him, he immediately thinks about his next step.

Where is he going to look for the next one?

How is he going to make her fall for him?

It takes some time to organize his tactics, so he always thinks in advance.

He may seem like he’s happy with what you’re giving him (or better yet: what he’s taking from you), but he’s already started planning his next quest.

10 Thoughts A Narcissist Keeps Hidden Before Revealing His True Self