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11 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You But Is Afraid Of Rejection

11 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You But Is Afraid Of Rejection

There are multiple ways to know whether a girl likes you or not because most girls will display similar behavior patterns when they like you more than a friend. But when you are dealing with a shy girl, everything is different.

This girl’s self-confidence is not that high and she is probably afraid of you rejecting her or even ridiculing her emotions.

Therefore, this type of girl will rarely verbalize her feelings for you and she will rarely express them in any direct way.

It’s not only that she won’t tell you that she has feelings for you—she will probably try to hide it in any way possible.

But it doesn’t mean she won’t send you some subtle signs of her attraction for you and it definitely doesn’t mean that she will always be able to control her feelings for you.

When it’s this type of girl in question, you need to learn to read her signs and you need to carefully pay attention to the details, because these are exactly the things which will show you that she is into you.

Here are some of the most common signs any shy girl who likes you will display.

She tries to look her best in front of you

Shy girls don’t tend to seek other people’s attention because attention is the last thing they want.

It means that every shy girl will probably hide her beauty, feminine traits and attributes from everyone else.

This is not the kind of girl who will always wear make-up and who will ever dress provocatively.

Instead, the most important thing for her is that the clothes she is in and the make-up she wears don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

But everything changes the second this shy girl falls in love with you. She knows that she has to seduce you in a way and she is aware that you’ll have to find her attractive for that to happen.

Therefore, she will do anything possible for you to start seeing her in a different way.

All of a sudden, it looks like this girl has finally embraced her feminine and sexual sides and you can finally see that she has a lot to show and to offer.

Now you feel like you can’t recognize this girl and you start seeing her as the real woman she really is for the first time.

It is obvious that this shy girl is putting in all of her efforts to look her best whenever she is around you.

She will pay extra attention to every single detail regarding her looks and she will do everything in her power for you to think of her as beautiful.

She does you favors


One of the signs a shy girl likes you is the way she treats you when you need something or when you are in trouble.

This girl obviously has strong feelings for you and therefore your happiness is important to her, even when you are not with her.

This means that she has the uncontrollable urge to make your life easier and to help you out whenever she has the opportunity and the ability to.

This girl would do almost anything for you and you see this when she is trying hard to do any favor for you.

The truth is that she doesn’t know how to approach you and how to make you happy in any other way besides this.

She will be the first one to contact you whenever you need some help in any aspect; if the two of you work together, she will never have trouble doing some work instead of you if you are short on time, and she will help you with your hobbies and interests.

But this girl won’t do all of this because she expects something from you.

She doesn’t need your gratitude and she especially doesn’t want you to feel like you owe her anything.

She is just doing all of these favors because making you happy makes her happy as well.

The only thing you need to make sure of is not to start taking this girl and everything she’s been doing for you for granted.

The favors she is doing for you and all the effort she puts into making you happy are the things you always need to appreciate and are not things you should ever take advantage of or use against her.

Her friends tease the two of you

So this girl is shy and it is obvious that you, who is the object of her affection, will be the last one to find out about her feelings and even then, she won’t be the one to tell you that.

But it doesn’t mean that she won’t feel the need to share her feelings and thoughts with the people close to her.

This means that her friends are probably very much aware of her feelings for you but they also know that she is petrified of your rejection and that she probably doesn’t plan on doing anything about her emotions.

Therefore, they feel it’s their duty to try and find out if you like their friend as well.

Of course, they don’t want to betray her trust and they don’t plan on confessing everything to you directly, because they know their friend’s feelings is not their secret to tell.

So they are trying to be subtle but at the same time, they want to see your reaction when it comes to you and their friend potentially being together.

They will constantly tease the both of you, implying that there is something more going on between the two of you.

This is especially the case with her girlfriends, who will often serve as her wingmen.

It is possible that these girls will ask you about your love life or ask you if you like their friend because she is too shy to do it.

She doesn’t mind answering your texts

One of the signs any girl likes you more than a friend is the fact that she will try to initiate some kind of communication with you.

This means that she will probably text you, call you on the phone, respond to your Instagram or Snapchat stories or just like your photos and posts on social media.

She will find any possible excuse to talk to you and to get you involved in regularly communicating with her.

But everything is different when it comes to the girl who has a shy personality.

This girl is in love with you like crazy and she wants to talk to you in any possible way and to have some kind of contact with you.

But she is simply too shy to be the one who will initiate this communication.

At first, you may interpret this in a wrong way. You may assume that this girl obviously doesn’t like you because she never texts or calls you first and it’s like she never wants to start a conversation with you.

But if she is the shy type, you couldn’t be more wrong. This girl is petrified that you’ll ridicule her and that you will simply leave her messages on read.

This would ruin her self-confidence and it is a risk she is not willing to take, no matter how much she likes you.

But on the other hand, she will be more than happy to answer your texts and to talk to you when you call her.

You’ll notice that she is actually eager to talk to you and that she does everything possible for the communication to keep going—she just needs a little initial push.

She enjoys your compliments

When you are around a shy girl, she will never fight or beg to get your attention.

And she will definitely never fish for your or anyone else’s compliments, because she doesn’t need your approval to feel good about herself and she definitely doesn’t feel the need to be at the center of attention to prove anything to herself or to others.

This girl will never talk to you about some of her imaginary flaws and imperfections just so you could give her compliments, while you try to reassure her that she is actually beautiful and smart. But it doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy you complimenting her.

After all, she is just a woman and you are the man she likes so it would be impossible for your compliments not to make her happy.

The best way to tell if you are the guy she likes is to notice the difference between her reaction when you compliment her and when someone else does the same.

She probably won’t feel comfortable with some other guy complimenting her because she’ll assume that he is hitting on her.

But this girl doesn’t need something like this to boost her ego—she doesn’t like anyone else and she won’t enjoy flirting with them. At the same time, when you are the one who pays her a compliment, she feels like she is on top of the world.

She runs into you

This is the type of girl who will never make the first move but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be with you, because she definitely does. The truth is that she counts on the fact that you are not a shy guy.

Therefore, you have to be the one to initiate something more between the two of you and she knows it very well.

So she will simply do everything in her power to give you more opportunities to make the first move and to realize how great she actually is and how much you like her.

One of the ways of doing this is for her to make sure she is always around you. When you come to think of it, lately, you keep running into this girl and you keep seeing her wherever you go.

Of course, you assume that to be just a coincidence. But trust me—it can be much more than that.

It is also possible that she found out what the places you visit are and that she found out more about your habits so the two of you could meet accidentally without her appearing to be desperate.

I know this probably sounds like stalking to you but what you need to understand is that this girl has strong feelings for you and that she simply doesn’t have any other way to get closer to you.

She avoids you

Although this is one of the things that might seem the least obvious to you, the truth is that another good sign a shy girl likes you is the way she avoids you.

This girl doesn’t have high self-esteem and she doesn’t feel good about herself.

It is probable that this girl thinks you won’t consider her to be enough for you, so she doesn’t want to give a relationship with you a try.

She is scared of love, of her feelings for you and the enormous control they have over her.

But most importantly, she is scared of you seeing through her mask and realizing how much she likes you.

She is scared of being rejected and she is certain that is the first thing that would happen the moment you realize her true emotions. Therefore, she decided to stay quiet about it and to hide her feelings as much as possible.

And that is why she has been avoiding you from the moment she realized how much she likes you.

She thinks that her feelings for you are so obvious and she simply can’t control herself around you so she decided staying away from you was the best thing for her and she thinks it is the only way for her not to embarrass herself in front of you or in front of others.

She treats you special

If you and this girl are a part of the same group of friends, one thing is for sure—she will treat you differently in contrast to all of her other male friends.

She will not tell you her true emotions but the people around you two will notice that there is something going on, as much as she will try to deny it.

This girl simply sees you as a more than a friend and she can’t hide this, as much as she wants to.

You will feel that you are privileged in comparison with all of her other friends, especially the male ones.

Your opinion is the only thing that matters to her and she always looks for your approval only.

Whenever she is telling a joke, she only looks at you, trying to see if she has managed to make you laugh, your compliments are the only things that matter and she always sits next to you.

She is the girl who will be laughing at your jokes, even when they are not so funny.

There are numerous examples but the point is that she has less trouble showing how special you are to her and showing that you stand out in her eyes than admitting her true feelings.

Although it is quite possible for her to be doing all of this subconsciously, there also exists the possibility that she is doing all of this to send you signals and to give you a push to make the first move.

She wants to get to know you

One of the signs a shy girl likes you is the way she shows interest in you and everything that has to do with you.

Almost every shy girl is known as someone who minds her own business and doesn’t show much interest in someone else’s life.

But everything is different when it comes to you because all of a sudden, she shows enormous interest in your thoughts, attitudes and opinions. Also, she is interested in your emotions, fears and dreams.

It is more than obvious that this girl is not just attracted to you sexually and physically—she is also interested in your brain and your personality.

This girl will try hard to know everything about you and it is possible for her to have some of the same interests you have, just to be closer to you.

Although this girl is someone who will do everything possible to see the real you, she will always do it in a subtle way and you’ll never feel as if she is being too nosey or too pushy.

Instead, she will simply create an atmosphere in which you will wish to share things with her.

You’ll see that she is worthy of your trust and that her advice has meaning and you yourself will want to talk to her about literally everything.

She is different online than face-to-face


What you don’t know about many shy and emotional girls is the fact that they usually have a different personality hidden deep inside of them.

These girls sometimes turn out to be the most adventurous, outgoing and spontaneous people you’ve ever met.

They simply refuse to let many people in and they refuse to show their true self to just anyone.

But it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a wild and dirty side, because trust me—they do.

If you have been texting this shy girl in your life lately, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The truth is that she is different online than when you meet each other face-to-face. Sometimes you even feel like you are talking to two different girls and you are afraid if she is pretending to be something she is not and if she is actually two-faced.

Well, let me tell you that the reason she acts this way is the fact that she likes you but is too shy to show you her true emotions in person.

When the two of you meet, it’s like she puts on a mask of this tough, emotionless girl.

But that is all a part of her facade and a part of her defense mechanism.

And when the two of you talk to each other online, the situation becomes completely different.

It’s like she finally shows her true colors. You feel that she takes her mask off and that she starts acting more freely the second she lets her guard down. All of a sudden, this girl starts to flirt with you and to imply how much you mean to her.

And she never behaves like this when she sees you in person. So before you start thinking that she is sending you mixed signals, understand this is one of the signs that she likes you.

Non-verbal signs

Sadly, many people think that they can be sure of someone’s love and affection for them only when the other person tells them they like them loud and clear. But in real life, things are usually much different.

There are many non-verbal signs that can show you how someone feels about you, without them saying one word.

This is especially the case with this girl, because she is known to be shy.

This girl will never tell you her true feelings but she will definitely send you different non-verbal signals and signs which can show you the depth of her emotions for you.

The point is that this girl gives away her feelings through body language signs rather than through words.

And while other girls will put themselves in front of you completely, she will show you her emotions in more subtle ways.

The first thing you need to pay attention to about this girl are her eyes because the eyes never lie and can rarely hide someone’s feelings. There are two possibilities here.

It is possible for this girl to stare at you, looking you deep in the eyes.

On the other hand, it is also possible for her to always look away whenever you look at her.

What you need to always have in mind is that this girl is very shy and that her first impulse is probably to look away every time the two of you have eye contact.

It is more likely for you to catch her staring at you when she is certain you are not looking.

If this is the case, there is no doubt—this girl is crazy about you and she simply can’t take her eyes off you.

Also, if a shy girl is in love with you, she will probably become nervous every time she is around you.

Remember that this girl is not a flirt and that she is not used to these types of situations.

It is possible for her to blush when you compliment her, to bite her lip, for her leg to start shaking or something similar.

Also, it is possible for her to nervously touch her hair or to start talking really fast whenever you come near her.

Sometimes when you get too near her or when you two have any kind of physical contact, you can literally feel this girl’s heart beating and you can see her trembling.

Whatever she does, the point is that she is obviously way nervous and anxious around you and she feels this way because she likes you very much and because she simply can’t control the butterflies you are causing her to feel.

You may think that she’s acting immature and like she is in high school but trust me—you should be grateful for having someone this crazy about you.