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11 Signs You’re His Priority

11 Signs You’re His Priority

We often wonder where we stand in someone’s life and how much they really care for us.

Nobody wants to be an option and somehow we’d all like to be a priority to the people who we care about the most.

Because turning out to be the last on the list of those who are at the top of yours sucks.

In case you’re wondering where you stand in the life of certain people and how much you mean to them, we bring you 11 signs that will answer your question and show you if someone treats you like their priority.

1. He’s never late

There are legitimate excuses for being late, but sometimes, if a person is always late, that will tell you where you stand on their priority list; hence not very high, unfortunately.

When you’re important to someone, they’ll never leave you waiting for them and they’ll respect your time by trying to show up at the agreed time.

2. He remembers special occasions

It’s not always about some enormous and expensive gifts, sometimes even the smallest ones can tell you how much you mean to them.

If they pay attention to important dates, if they never forget things that are important to you and if they always try to show up when you need them and they make an actual effort, it means you’re pretty important to them.

3. He never disappoints you

If you’re important to someone then they’ll know what not to do in order to not make you sad or disappointed.

If someone makes you feel bad and doesn’t even bother to acknowledge it or at least apologize, then I’m afraid you’re not that important to them.

But if someone is making an actual effort to meet your expectations and to make you happy, to do the things that you love, then you must keep in mind that you’re high on their priority list.

4. He is genuinely sorry when they mess up

How many times has it happened to you that you mess things up unwillingly? That because of some circumstances, you do something to hurt a person you love?

We’ve all been there, but messing up doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t care about you.

If a person messes up and they are genuinely sorry about it, if they apologize and go the extra mile to make you forgive them, it means they value your presence in their life and they want to keep you there.

5. He puts in the effort to meet your needs

When you’re high on someone’s priority list, you’ll notice that they put in the effort to meet your needs.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to meet your needs all the time, but you’ll see how hard they’re trying.

If there is something that is bugging you and you speak about it, a person who truly cares for you will try to meet your needs and actually listen to what you’re saying.

6. He makes time for you

Dr. Steve Maraboli said: “When someone tells you they’re busy, it’s not a reflection of their schedule, but your spot in their schedule.”

Know that when someone is making a spot for you, regardless of how mad their schedule is or if they’re willing to pause whatever they’re doing just to hear you out, you’re pretty important to them.

7. He makes plans

Not only that they don’t bail on you last minute, but they also don’t make plans with you last minute.

Sometimes making plans last minute is something really spontaneous, but in most cases, it’s a sign you’re their last resort and everyone else has already bailed.

If a person makes plans with you and actually meets those plans without canceling them last minute (not something we see often, unfortunately) it an obvious sign they want you in their life and they want to keep the plans they made with you.

8. He pays attention to what he says in an argument

No matter how heated your argument gets or regardless of the topic of your discussion, they will never say something to hurt you deliberately.

They won’t use ugly words to bring you down or anything like that to make you feel bad about yourself.

Even though it’s hard to hold back in an argument, they always watch what they say and keep your feelings in mind.

9. He never lets things go so easily

In a heated argument or in an endless discussion, they never say, “Whatever.”

They never make it look like what you feel or what is going on is irrelevant to them.

And when you reply with just a short, “OK”, they never assume everything is okay.

They don’t let things go so easily and they always continue talking until the problem is completely solved.

They always want to make sure you’re really okay.

10. You feel important to him

Regardless of who they might be, what they might be doing, you know that nothing and nobody could replace your spot in their life.

They make sure you know you’re one of a kind and that you’re special to them.

You feel like an important part of their life and they’ve shown you that you’re not replaceable.

11. He always there when you need him

You know you can count on them no matter what. They constantly tell you how much you mean to them and they’re in it till the end.

You know you’re someone’s priority when they answer your 2 a.m. call as fast as those 2 p.m. calls.