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11 Ways To Be Yourself Again After A Heartbreak

11 Ways To Be Yourself Again After A Heartbreak

Heartbreak can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Men and women invest a lot of time and emotion in one another, and drastic changes in lifestyle that come with a break-up can be a shock. You may be worried about excessive sadness but a person has disappeared from your life and it is quite normal that you need some time to be yourself again. If you feel rejected because of the end of a relationship and you think you will never be the same again, it’s time to focus on recovery and take control of your emotions.

1. Take a short break.

A short break will do wonders for your well-being, especially your mental health. Take a few days or a month and devote yourself to thinking—go through your thoughts and be alone. Loneliness will help you deal with what has happened and encourage you to think about a better future and recovery.

2. Release your emotions.

When faced with emotions, leaving your feelings simmering inside you may be unhealthy. Admit and identify your emotions. Allow yourself to feel sad—but not for longer than a few days. Listen to sad love songs, cry in bed, write in your diary how much your heart hurts.

3. Improve your life.

Turn negative stuff into positive stuff. Look at the break-up as an opportunity to examine and improve your life. Take care of your health, get onto an exercise program, start a new hobby that you did not have time for before (such as cooking or marathon training). Go back to school or take a course to get a degree in a brand new subject.

4. Do some physical activity and be careful to care for yourself.

You feel exhausted and sad about losing this guy and even if you are fighting with yourself to stop feeling sad, you just get exhausted if you’re inactive. Start doing something. Regularly go to a fitness class, yoga or dancing. Meet your friends, take care of pets or flowers. You will feel better physically and that will help you with your heartbreak.

5. Do not let yourself stay focused on pain.

It is understandable that this feeling is unbearable but by focusing on the pain, the condition is only prolonged. The wound on your heart is big and you should show your emotions, do not hold them back. Mourning is a normal pain treatment process but know when you need to stop. Allow yourself to be sad or perhaps angry. Feel that anger, then get rid of it because it will not help if you are angry all the time.

6. Do not ignore your body.

Depressed people easily get bad habits. You may not want to get off the couch or stop eating ice cream, or not eat at all or not sleep. Make sure you sleep enough, that you eat regularly and exercise. Lying on your bed and feeling sorry for yourself is not getting you anywhere.

7. Put your trust in someone.

Talk to a close friend or family member who can give you first-hand advice. You are not the only person with a broken heart. Others who have walked a similar path can give you courage.

8. Be social.

Going out with your friends may be a chance for more fun in your life. So go out and hang out with people. You never know, a new person can eventually enter your life. Take part in social events in your area and respond to invitations to socialize with your friends. Visit art exhibitions or whatever you like where you could meet people with similar thinking.

9. Do not support self-pity with your thoughts.

For example, thoughts like, ‘why does it always have to happen to me?’, you can replace with something that will help you realize that this guy was not the one for you and being in that relationship would eventually make you more miserable, so it is definitely better being alone than in a toxic relationship. Think some uplifting thoughts that will make you feel better. Those self-pity thoughts are making everything worse.

10. Accept the fact for your own good.

Sometimes there are no explanations for these situations but now you have open opportunities for something better. Now correct what you have found to be bad for you, review and decide to change the behavior that is destructive to you. Make a list of things that you will avoid in the future.

11. Try to forgive so you can find your own peace.

Forgiving does not mean that you justify the injustice or pain that has been caused to you. Forgiveness means giving yourself peace. Forgiveness helps us, regardless of the circumstances that have affected our life, by choosing love instead of fear, co-operation instead of conflict. You can teach forgiveness at any age, regardless of your belief system, no matter how you have been raised and regardless of past events that have limited or targeted you in any way.