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How To Seduce A Man: 30 Simple Tips That Work Like A Charm

How To Seduce A Man: 30 Simple Tips That Work Like A Charm

All of you must have been wondering how to seduce a man . A woman needs to be tricky, patient and smart to get what she wants.

She needs to listen carefully to what men say and to learn from her past mistakes. I am not saying it will be easy to do that but it will pay off eventually.

There is a valid reason why men pull away in the early stages.

They just see their potential partner as too pushy and although they haven’t started anything yet, it feels like they are suffocating.

The thing is you should give him space and he will come back (if he is into you, of course).

Men are not complicated if you learn to read between the lines. I am not saying you should do this right away but after you get to know him better, you will understand a thing or two about him.

You will at least know how he functions and what the right path to his heart is.

Learn literally everything there is to know about interpreting his signals RIGHT HERE. Making this decision is not something you’ll regret, I promise you that.

Once you learn what kind of man he is and what he is passionate about, it will be easier to win him over.

Seducing him won’t be a big problem at all. In fact, it will be a piece of cake for you.

Maybe you won’t meet the one this month or t his year. But he will come along when it is the right time.

Please bear in mind that we can’t affect some things and some of them will happen no matter whether we want them or not.

On the other hand, something that we have been waiting such a long time for will take so much time to become a part of our life.

But this is all life and we should be patient. Remember those good things don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and love experience to find a man who will be worthy of you.

I know it will sometimes be tough and you will ask yourself if he exists. But when you least expect him, he will show up in your life. And once he appears, he will make you the happiest woman alive.

At that moment, you will forget all about the waiting and asking God if he will ever come.

But before he even comes along, you are allowed to live your life to the fullest. Once you are with him, you don’t want to cry over the things you never did.

Live a life you will be proud of and show him what it feels like to have a free spirit and an open mind.

If he is the one, he will understand it all. But until the right one comes along, I will show you some great ways how to seduce any man you like.

MAKE HIM YOURS RIGHT NOW. Find out the exact steps you should make for success.

If you have been single for a while and now you feel it’s time to find your soulmate, here are some simple tips on seducing a man.

So, read carefully. This is going to be a hot topic.

Be yourself

I know being yourself is not an option sometimes but what’s the point of hiding behind a mask?

You need to reveal your real face at the beginning of your relationship to see if the two of you are a perfect match.

I mean, you can pretend that you like techno music just because he likes it but how long do you expect it to last? Until your first fight, I guess.

Also, if he likes a girl who is all dressed up and with full make-up on all the time and you are not that kind of girl, let him know immediately.

At least he will know then what to expect from you. You also need to know whether he is emotionally damaged or not. In case he is, you should be very careful.

He probably had girlfriends before you who left scars on his heart.

And trust me, you don’t want to be one of those girls who scars guys’ hearts. Be there for him, listen to what he has to say and ALWAYS speak your mind.

No guy will ever respect you if you nod your head to everything he says. You need to stand up for yourself and never let anyone convince you of the opposite!

Have fun

Having fun is an essential part of every relationship. If the two of you keep quiet when you’re together and just stare at other people, what’s the point of your relationship?

You could stay home instead. I bet you would have more fun watching a movie or doing something else.

You can be sure your guy will notice if you are not having fun. Just think about how he would feel about it.

Put yourself in his shoes and you will realize that it is not the best feeling ever. In fact, it sucks!

So, if you care for him, try to find some ways to spend quality time together. You can always ask him some tricky questions about his life and the things he likes to do to spice up the atmosphere a bit.

I am sure he will enjoy answering your questions and the two of you will create a much deeper bond.

When you get a text in the middle of the night, you will probably ask yourself, “Why does he keep texting me?”

Well, I am sure you have figured it out by now — he enjoys talking to you. Stop staring at his message and text back. What are you waiting for?

Focus on your voice

Sometimes it is not important what we say but how we say it. Try to focus on your voice when talking to him.

I am not saying you should speak like a porn star or tell him how handsome and hot he is every minute but changing your voice a little bit can make a huge difference.

Come on, what is the worst thing that can happen? Just try to sound different at least once.

Maybe you won’t be comfortable doing it but maybe this will be the best thing that could happen to you.

Just go ahead and keep in mind the saying, ‘he who dares wins’!

Send him texts

It is not all about talking. Sometimes, sweet pick-up lines can put a smile on his face.

While texting, you can be courageous and send him something like, “I have a surprise for you tonight!” or “Are you a camera? Because I smile every time I see you!”

You can be sure that he will go insane with lust. There is a possibility he will try to find out what it is that you are plotting. Don’t reveal it.

Otherwise, it won’t be a surprise. This is a simple way to seduce a man with words. And trust me, it always works. You just need to be tricky and witty. Success guaranteed.

Be naughty during foreplay

If the two of you have reached a level in your relationship where you exchange words under blankets, there is a good tactic that will help you seduce him .

You just need to be a little bit naughty and test his patience. Just tell him he can’t use his hands during foreplay.

It means he will have to find another way to please you. This will make him think but if he is really into you, he will do anything to make you satisfied. So, girl, relax and enjoy.

You got what you wanted!

Flirt with him

I am sure all of you have had a chance to read the body language of men falling in love. If you have at least some love experience, you will be able to see if he behaves in a strange way.

That’s what love is. On the other hand, you should maintain that love at the same level. Never take your partner for granted or he will just get tired of being neglected and leave.

Make sure that you flirt with him, no matter whether the two of you have been together for five or for fifty years. There is no excuse.

If you really love him, let him know how you feel about him. Tell him that you love him just like the first day.

Tell him that he is as handsome as he was in his twenties. Well, he is even hotter now since he has that charming gray hair!

Anyway, you know what I wanted to say. Be a beast, you know you can do it.

Ask him what he desires in bed

You need to be extra brave to do this or your relationship needs to be at an extremely high level. Regardless of the situation, his reaction is what matters the most.

I am sure you will blow his mind with this question. He will see you as a goddess and won’t let you go.

This is a proven fact of how to seduce a man with words. Trust me, the two of you won’t have that much time for talking because you will end up in bed like, instantly.

Tell him you need help unzipping your dress

You know that guys are visual human beings. If he just imagines you without your dress on, he will be turned on immediately.

This is a smart move when you want to have sex with him or just seduce him using your words.

Trust me darling, he won’t realize how many pounds you gained or what kind of underwear you are wearing.

He will just think about the fact that he will have you in bed as soon as he manages to unzip the freaking dress! So, just let him suffer a little bit!

Talk dirty

I am not saying you should talk like a porn star but sharing some dirty thoughts when you two are alone can lead your relationship to a whole new level.

Guys like dirty talk and that is a fact. It is something that turns them on instantly and no, they are not shy to admit it. If you were wondering how to seduce a man with words, you can just try this tip.

I am sure your guy will go crazy with lust . He might even show your texts to his friends. And yes, they will be jealous. Because girl, you are on fire! Yeah baby!

Tell him you love him

For most guys, talking dirty and flirting will be the triggers that make them fall for a girl. On the other hand, there are emotionally broken guys who just seek love.

If you want to win these men over, you just need to say three magic words: “I love you”!

He will be completely yours because he has suffered so much in the past and the fact that he now has you in his life is more important than anything else.

Touch him like you didn’t mean to

Guys like to get physical more than women, so if you want to seduce a man with words, touch him like you didn’t mean to and then start a casual conversation with him.

Ask him questions to make him more interested in you and don’t be the only one to talk.

If he is shy, try to ask him about something he won’t have any problem talking about.

Keep track of the situation and behave accordingly. He will be more than happy if you initiate the conversation because he will think you like him. And he is not far from the truth, right?

Talk confidently

Men simply love confident women. There is something alluring about them and every man’s dream is to have a confident woman in his life.

Women like that are strong, intimidating and capable of achieving their goals.

That’s why you should always talk with confidence in your voice because you never know when someone will fall in love with you.

Also, being a confident woman will make you feel better in your own skin and you will feel that you are not someone people can make a fool out of.

On the other hand, guys will totally lose their mind about you and you won’t be able to protect yourself from their calls and texts.

Be direct

When you are with your man, try to be as direct as you can. Men don’t like reading between the lines, so make it simple.

Tell him what you want and what you need and the rest is up to him.

He will probably be happy that you are open about your wishes and he will also be open about his as well.

He won’t have to make any effort to actually find out what you wanted to say but he will find out everything on the spot.

That is very important to all guys and this is one of the ways you can seduce him with words. At least he will know what you are talking about!

Suggest to him something that you haven’t tried before

If you and your man haven’t yet experimented with anything, now is the right time to do so.

Tell him you would like to try new things like taking a road trip, seeing your old friends or having sex in public.

It will make you feel better because you will do something nice for your relationship.

And if both of you have fun while doing that, you will know what works for you the best, so you will be able to repeat it.

The point is so that you don’t get stuck in a routine and that your man sees that you are making some effort for him.

Be provocative

If you are provocative, he will want you even more, so make sure that everything you say or do has a degree of sex appeal in it.

When you talk to him, talk with confidence but also let him know what your hidden desire is.

Show him that you are smart, that you think logically and that he will have to go the extra mile if he wants to be your partner.

No matter how much you like him, don’t let him know it because he can take you for granted.

If you really see that he is the right one for you, then you can stop playing games because he will want you no matter what you do.

Send him your selfies

The best way is to send him your selfies in the morning, so he knows you are thinking of him.

It will put a smile on his face and he will be more connected to you.

You can wish him a good morning and show him your beauty even if you are hurrying up to go to work and even if you didn’t have a lot of time to get ready.

He will be swept off his feet about the low effort you put into getting ready for work and how fabulous you always look.

He will probably want to text you the whole day but tell him you have to work and that he needs to wait until evening to reach out again. That will make him want you even more.

The thing is, guys will like you if you are cute.

It is in their nature that they like good-looking girls but even if you look like Miss World, that is not going to help you if you are an idiot who just wants to hurt people.

It is true that looks attract but that character is what keeps us. So be a good girl, would you? Trust me, it will pay off eventually!

Have strong eye contact

Having strong eye contact will help you to seduce a guy. Also, if you use your body language in the best way possible, he will be yours in no time.

Once you start showing him that you want him, there will be some sexual tension between the two of you. Trust me, he won’t be able to resist light touches and your provocative look.

If you dress up well, he will go nuts when he sees you in a short skirt . He will just think about getting it off of you. That is how the art of seduction affects guys.

So, be careful about what you are doing to him. Don’t play with his feelings if you don’t want to date him.

Only if you see yourself with him, should you go further and seduce him with some text messages.

That will make him go crazy about you and he won’t stop until he makes you his girlfriend.

Use pickup lines

Even though some people say that guys should be using pickup lines , I don’t see why women shouldn’t use them.

If you find something that he would like, just hit the send button and wait for a reaction.

Lot of women have tried this and they said that it worked like a charm. If you don’t know what to do , there are plenty of sweet lines that you can use.

I am sure you will find something for him. If you want to turn on your guy, try these seduction techniques .

Trust me, the next time he sees you, he will kneel down in front of you and worship you. You will be his ultimate desire and he will do anything to keep you close.

Use dating apps

When you want to seduce men but you have no other choice, dating apps are always a great choice.

If you don’t have any experience with online dating , don’t worry. There is plenty of dating advice that could help you leave a great first impression.

You just need to be charming and sweet and everything else will fall into place.

You can turn on some men by having strong eye contact . With others, you will have to go the extra mile. It all depends on the man.

With just a bit of effort, your love life will transform into the most beautiful love story.

One more thing, just because you didn’t try something, don’t think it won’t work. There is a first time for everything.

Listen to dating advice

If you don’t know any seduction techniques , there is always a place where you can learn them.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in seducing a man in your own way.

You can try different things — for example, wearing a short skirt , sending him text messages or just being charming .

You will feel best what he likes. If you see something is a huge turn off for him, just stop doing it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment because you only get to live once! Plus, every guy likes to have a dynamic woman in his life, just to add a bit of warmth and a spark to the dull days we all sometimes have.

Dress to kill

Yes, dress to kill! Your love life will thank you for that. You see, guys are visual human beings.

They go after what they see. On the other hand, women fall in love with what they hear. That is the difference between us.

If you want to get a guy, you need to be the best version of yourself. If your man wants a hot girl, show him that you can be whatever he wishes.

There are two reasons why you should do that. First of all, you should show him that you can look amazing and it is up to him if he will treat you well and keep you.

Secondly, show him what he will lose if he acts like a total jerk.

Create incredible sexual tension between the two of you so he feels terrible if he treats you badly and you leave him.

Don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to have a normal and stable relationship with someone.

Remember, good things never happen while staying in comfort zones. Aim high and try new things.

Don’t pay so much attention to him

A woman who is crazy about a man will never have him completely. The point is that guys don’t take seriously women who fall in love easily.

They think that they can have them whenever they want. So, if you want a man, you should play hard to get.

Don’t give him so much attention and don’t put his needs first. He has to earn your trust, your love and your affection. Maybe even find little ways to make him jealous (don’t overdo it though).

That is the only way your relationship will function. Lot of women have tried this technique and it worked for most of them. When you think about it, you don’t have anything to lose, right?

See also:

Give him a massage

Guys like to feel some human touch from time to time. So, if you are trying to make him yours, try a massage.

If you know what his zodiac sign is, it will be easier for you to know what his preferences are.

If your guy is a Scorpio for example, just Google ‘how to seduce a Scorpio man’ and everything will be crystal clear.

It’s the same with other zodiac signs, like an Aquarius man or a Cancer man.

By reading about what his sign likes the most, you will be able to provide him with a massage he will remember for the rest of his life.

Also, you can use some light touches to show him that you want him, right here and right about now! No guy will be able to resist that! That is the art of seduction and you are rocking it!

Flirt with another man in front of him

This is one of the best dating tips you will ever get. If you want to make him yours, show him your qualities and let him know that you have other options.

Let him know that he has to put some effort in to win you over. If you do that, he will respect you even more and do his best to make you stay.

When you don’t know what to do , you can always try this old trick. It will work, that is for sure.

Don’t think it will be a turn-off for a guy. Instead, it will just open his eyes more so he can see what he will lose if he lets you go.

Be a high-value woman

If you want to seduce a man, you should be a woman he will never want to dump. That’s why you should be the best version of yourself when you are around him.

Next time you see him, try to talk about interesting things. Show him that you are not only beautiful but that you know how to use your head.

Be polite but yet flirty. That will sweep him off of his feet.

When you are trying to seduce men , you need to play with them a bit. There is nothing bad about it and you will get all his attention.

In fact, he will go crazy about you so much that he will do anything to make you his.

Play hard to get

If you want to have something you didn’t have before, you need to do what you didn’t do before. It’s the same with guys.

If you were always the one who was making more effort and you didn’t get what you wanted, maybe it is time to change tactics.

I am not saying that you should act bitchy or something but playing hard to get will help you get the man you want.

If you met him on one of the dating sites , it is better to act like this at the beginning. That will just make him work harder for you.

If a guy likes you, he will do anything to be with you. All dating tips will confirm this, that is for sure.

Be all sweet and cheerful

You see, guys love girls who are always in a good mood and that is what you need to focus on. When you are with him, try to tell him some interesting things about your life.

Ask him questions because you don’t want to be the only one talking.

Make him be interested in your conversation because he will like you even more. Don’t talk about your problems because he doesn’t know you well yet.

He can’t help you to solve them, so you’re better off asking your friends to advise you with regards that.

Instead, make him someone you will forget all your problems with. Pretend that you are the happiest person alive.

He will notice your positive vibe and he will definitely ask you to go out again. Who wouldn’t, with an interesting girl like you?

Don’t talk about your ex

Talking about your ex with someone who can be your potential partner is not a good idea.

You shouldn’t mention your romances before him because you will just turn him off in that way.

Instead, you should talk about some things you two can do together. If you don’t know what to say, you can always ask him about the things he likes.

Ask him about his hobbies, favorite meals and where he goes out. I am sure he will have plenty of things to say.

Always be positive

Maybe this will sound odd to you but men like women who are positive.

No man will be attracted to a girl who doesn’t talk about anything and who keeps quiet all the time.

Everyone will want to talk to a girl they find attractive so they can get to know her better. So, to make a man yours and to keep him, you should be positive.

You should especially do that at the beginning of your relationship. And even if the two of you are in a long-term relationship, it will be easier to overcome some problems with a little bit of humor.

Now you know what you should do when you find someone you like. Be positive and always look on the bright side of life.

Maybe it won’t solve any problems but it will make you feel better. At least you will have tried and that is what is most important.

Tell him you want him

This maybe won’t work with some guys but with others, it will. If nothing else helps and you can’t get that guy, just be open about everything.

Tell him that you like him and that you want you two to try something.

I am sure he will be surprised at first but he will soon be glad that you mentioned it in the first place.

He might even like you even more because you are so brave. Maybe he likes you as well but he was scared to admit it.

But now, when you say it out loud, there won’t be any doubts. He will know what you want and it is up to him if he will give it you. Fingers crossed!

Another extra tip for you: How to seduce him according to his zodiac sign?

Have you ever thought about if his zodiac sign has some impact on the way he wants you to seduce him? If you haven’t, I suggest you think about it again.

I will explain what each zodiac sign likes in the seducing game, so read carefully!

How to seduce an Aries man

If you want to seduce this zodiac sign, you need to let him know that he is the only man in your life. Show him that he is the best you have ever had.

Tell him how interesting and fun he is. Try new things with him because he doesn’t like routine. Only in that way will his heart always belong to you.

How to seduce a Taurus man

 If you want to make this man yours, just don’t play any mind games with him. Be open about your feelings and he will respect that.

Tell him that you like him and that you would love to get to know him better.

That will sweep him off of his feet and he will definitely go the extra mile for you.

How to seduce a Gemini man

With this man, you just need to be as fun as you can. Don’t let him get bored because that is what he hates the most.

Be interesting and talk about some things that have happened to you.

He will want to know more about your life. If you put just a little bit effort in, know that it will pay off.

How to seduce a Cancer man

If you want to seduce a Cancer man, you need to play on your emotional card. You need to let him see that you are also emotional, like him.

It will be easier to connect with someone who is like him.

That’s why you need to pay attention to expressing your feelings while you are with him. Trust me, that is the best way to make him yours.

How to seduce a Leo man

In order to seduce a Leo man, you will have to give him all your attention. He needs to feel like the most important man in your life.

Only in that way will he start catching feeling for you.

If you want to seduce this zodiac sign, forget all the advice from dating sites .

This man is someone who wants you to go the extra mile for him, so if you are not ready to do that, don’t even try anything.

How to seduce a Virgo man

When seducing a Virgo man, try to be honest and sincere as those are the traits they like the most in a woman.

Don’t try to play any mind games with them because your relationship won’t last. They have to know that you truly care about them.

Only then will they give you their heart.

How to seduce a Libra man

Libra will want you to tell them your plans from the beginning. If you like them, they will want to know so. If they annoy you with anything, they will also want to know so.

But they do that because they want to improve themselves for the right one. Since they like fair play in everything, they will treat you just the way you treat them.

How to seduce a Scorpio man

If you try to seduce a Scorpio, they will take all the control and show you what real seduction really means.

They like to be in charge of romantic relationships so you can count on them making all the important decisions.

If you are the kind of woman who rather lets a guy takes control, you won’t be having any problems with that.

How to seduce a Sagittarius man

A good way to seduce a Sag is to just be yourself. They can feel your energy as soon as they meet you, so don’t try to pretend you are someone you are not.

Try to be relaxed, talk about fun stuff and spread some positive vibes. They will cherish this more than anything in the world.

How to seduce a Capricorn man

If you want to seduce this zodiac, don’t show that you are easy to get right away. They like women who know their self-worth and who won’t jump into bed with them right away.

The harder it is to get a woman, the more interesting it will be for a Capricorn man.

Maybe this is old-fashioned but it works for them. They have their system and that is the only way they know how to function.

How to seduce an Aquarius man

When trying to seduce an Aquarius, try to do so with your intellect. Become a woman he will be interested in because that is the easiest way to catch this guy.

You will sweep him off of his feet if you talk about things he doesn’t know anything about.

It will make you a high-value woman he will definitely want to be a part of his life.

How to seduce a Pisces man

 Seducing Pisces is not the easiest thing in the world. They need to feel that you are a good person and that your heart is clean.

They will accept dating you only if your energies match and if you accept them completely.

Also, you need to show them love every day because that will make them fall for you even more, especially if you are using only online dating.

Okay, so there you have a few things that can help you when seducing a man according to his zodiac sign.

But other than normal seduction, face-to-face, there are still a few things you need to know.

Do you know how to properly seduce a man through text? No? No problem at all, just follow my instructions and you will be just fine.

Seducing a man through text

The first time you try seducing a man in this way, try to use some rules that will help you.

For example:

1) Don’t be the one who will text first.

2) Don’t respond to his texts right away. Let him wait a bit.

3) Play hard to get.

4) Tease him over messages.

5) Send your selfies in attractive poses.

6) Ask him to come over because you have a surprise for him.

7) Tell him that you are home alone and that there is nobody to help you unzip that dress.

8) A sk him what he would do if he was with you now.

9) Ask what his favorite sex fantasy is .

10) Tell him that you like his seductive voice when he wakes up.

Okay, so there you have a few things you can use when seducing a man over text. The most important thing is that you don’t make him feel bored.

See how he reacts to different things and keep that up. If he doesn’t like to talk about himself but about you instead, just follow his game.

Tell him more about yourself because you will get to know him better if he just asks you random questions.

Shortly after you start exchanging texts with him, you will feel whether there is any chemistry between the two of you or not.

Even if there is not, at least you had some fun. And that is what counts the most, right?

The next thing that you need to do is seduce a man over the phone. If you have never tried it and you don’t feel comfortable with it, check some tips that can ease the whole thing.

No problem, you will thank me later!

Seducing a man over the phone

1) Use your sexy voice to keep him interested in talking to you. I am not saying you should talk like you are on a hotline but use a voice that will attract him the most without you sounding like a slut.

2) Tease him over the phone. Ask him what would he do to you if he was next to you now. Tell him that you are lonely and that you would be happy if he would be with you. Just to see what his reaction will be.

3) Ask him questions about his life and really be engaged in that conversation. That will make a difference.

4) Be cheerful and positive over the phone. That is the ticket for the next call.

5) Wait for him to say something and then you start talking. Give him enough time to answer all of your questions.

6) Keep his attention with some fun stories from your life.

7) Show him that you are glad to talk to him.

8) Let him know you think about him. You can mention that you were thinking about him the other day when you saw a man who looked like him. That will give him the wind beneath his wings and he will know that he has a chance with you.

9) Have fun with him. Show him that you are relaxed in his company.

10) Call him first so he is surprised by your call. Men like women who take the first step.

So there you have a few things you need to know if you want to seduce men .

If you follow these tips, it will be easier to get the man you want. With just a couple of tricks that won’t harm anyone, you can end up with the man of your dreams.

I hope that you will get the man that you really want and that he will love you like you deserve.

Whatever you do, don’t play any mind games with guys you are not interested in because that is not nice. You wouldn’t want someone to play with your feelings either, right?

Be honest and make some effort for the one you really like and whom you can picture yourself with.