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15 Female Body And Mind Changes After Marriage No One Tells You About

15 Female Body And Mind Changes After Marriage No One Tells You About

When you were dating, you were literally living two separate lifestyles.

You and your partner were worrying only about your own money, you were paying your own utilities (unless you already lived together), you were always doing your best to impress your partner with your choice of outfits, you were paying more attention to all the details, and so on.

And now when you’re married, your lifestyle has drastically changed because now there are two of you living together—united for better or worse.

Your endeavours to look flawless on every occasion have become rare because now that you’re living together, you’re automatically more casual (which is actually a good thing).

Now you see each other in all possible editions both emotionally and physically (including limited editions) from dusk till dawn.

Every time you wake up in the morning, you pinch yourself to make sure that this is not a dream. It’s official! You’ve tied the knot, and now you’re his wife and he’s your husband.

But, what has really changed with your decision to say: “Yes, I do’”? 

As you’re married, you cannot really notice all those changes that occur before your eyes, and I’m sure that no one ever told you about them because they themselves are also not sure (especially if they’re married). 

What really happens after marriage is the ultimate change of both your mental and physical state of your being.+-

So, apart from your lifestyle changes, when you’ve tied the knot, you subconsciously welcomed future female body changes and female mind changes after marriage!

And, no, there’s no need to be scared because these changes happen to every woman (and man) out there, and they are not necessarily bad.

Some of these changes are positive, and some are, let’s say, less positive, but when you look at the overall picture, they can all be classified as perks of being married! 

Every life period has its own perks and consequences, and so does married life.

For example, when you were an adolescent, your body, just as every woman’s body at that age, went through huge physical changes like a menstrual cycle and hormonal changes linked with various psychological changes.

And now when you’ve become a married couple, your body and mind are again going through various changes regarding physical health, mental health, sex life, your overall well-being and lifestyle (even though to you they might be not-so-noticeable). 

Just like men’s, women’s bodies, minds and lives change after marriage and here are a few changes occurring after you tie the knot: 

1. You feel less stressed

Some of the reasons why you feel less stressed when you tie the knot are: no more worrying about ending up with a narcissist or a player, no more stress caused by online dating, and no more being stressed out over organizing your wedding day. 

And the most important reason is that your love becomes more deep, passionate, and uplifting which has a positive effect on your overall well-being.

This type of intense love protects you against stress thanks to love hormones aka happy hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. 

You feel less stressed because you have a reliable partner who loves you to the moon and back (and vice versa).

You have someone who is always there for you for better or worse which instantly makes you feel at ease and happier than ever before!

You can finally let your guard down in front of your partner, enjoy yourselves more in each other’s presence, and share your deepest fears, thoughts and dreams without fear of being judged or similar. 

When combined, all of these aspects significantly reduce stress levels in marriage, and they open the door to a lot of health benefits; they improve both your physical and mental health, and prevent potential medical conditions.

2. You become more responsible and reliable

Your life as his girlfriend and a carefree woman ends after marriage (which is not a bad thing at all).

As already said, every life period has its own changes, advantages, and disadvantages.

Every life period is beautiful in its own unique sense, and so is marriage!

Before marriage, you were mainly taking care of yourself only, but now that you’re sharing everything with another human being—your husband (and maybe kids as well)—the game changes.

Wanted it or not, you instantly become more responsible and reliable in every life section. 

You’re more responsible when it comes to wasting money on trivial, unnecessary things.

You’re more worried about your husband’s well-being than your own, and you become the most reliable person not only to him, but also to his family and close friends as well. 

If you have children, the only time you go shopping is when you want to buy them something (be it a toy, a piece of clothing or something else). 

And even if you go shopping with the intention of buying yourself something, you never do that because your husband and your children are your main priorities, so you make sure to find something sweet to surprise them. 

It’s because you feel responsible for their happiness and their well-being, so you subconsciously deprive yourself of enjoying some things because their happiness is a reflection of your own. Summarized, if they’re happy, you’re even happier.

3. You may start living a healthier lifestyle

We’ve all been in a situation when we wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle—eating healthy food (or healthier food), exercising, meditating, and similar.

But, somehow, every time we started practicing it, we would lose motivation and soon go back to our unhealthy routine. 

But, when you’re married, things change drastically (especially if your partner is someone who is a born motivator when it comes to literally everything).

When you’re married, you may start living a healthier lifestyle because you feel responsible for your partner’s and your children’s health (or your future children’s health). 

You are more motivated to become the best version of yourself because you have someone who is always there for you, who will push you harder when you think you can’t do something, and who will join you in long walks or jogging sessions in the morning.

You literally take your life more seriously because you want the best for both you and your partner.

You want your love to be built on a healthy foundation, and you want it to last forever.

You want to live the love you’re feeling and implement it in every aspect of your daily life!

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4. Or you could gain weight

While some may start living a healthier lifestyle, others start gaining weight, but usually it’s a combination of both due to your responsibilities, job, compulsive eating, and other things that prevent you from staying consistent in your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, weight gain is one of the first things aka first side effects that occur in marriage, and this has nothing to do with an unhealthy marriage, dissatisfaction or similar.

People usually gain weight in marriage because they feel freaking good!

Remember when you were watching your favorite TV shows alone? You would eat a fair amount of snacks and other sweet, guilty pleasures, right?

And now that there are two of you, your desire for snacks, sweets, and other things increases because you feel cozy and awesome when being together. 

You feel so comfortable that you don’t even worry that much about weight gain because you know that your love for each other is stronger than a few extra pounds.

Your love for each other is stronger than anything, and that’s why you can’t help yourself but simply enjoy every second of it!

5. Prepare for a mom bod

I’m sure some of you already heard about “dad bod” which is connected with the decrease of testosterone levels once a man becomes a husband.

This means that he will have less muscle mass and more body fat. 

Now, a “mom bod” is a “dad bod” equivalent, but its connotation pretty much differs.

Mom bod means having a body with stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin that comes in the package with growing and birthing a child. 

Summarized, if you’re a hot chick now, this might not last for long because a mom bod aka female body changes after marriage will find you once you become a mom.

But, this is not something you should worry about! Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world, and many women don’t really give a damn about how their bodies look afterwards.

Of course, they might become worried about those extra pounds, but stretch marks? Not really.

Stretch marks or loose skin will be reminders of your sacrifice and love for that child you brought into the world.

They are something you should embrace and not be ashamed of. And about those extra few pounds, you will easily lose them just as you got them, so there’s no need to worry at all.

6. Your decision-making style drastically changes

Before marriage, there was only “I”, but now it’s “We”. Now is you and your husband against the world.

Before marriage, you would easily make a decision regarding your work, finances, and similar, but now, everything is about partnership. 

Now you don’t only think about how your life decisions will affect you, but you think about how your decisions will influence both you and your husband (or children).

Before making a decision, you have more pros and cons to weigh, you have more things to think about which might influence your life and future together.

And do you know why all of this happens? Because of all those physical changes occuring in your brain. Because of all those happy hormones that we mentioned earlier.

When you’re married, your affection and connection becomes deeper, and, as a consequence, your decision-making style drastically changes. 

Your husband becomes your life, and you become your husband’s life. Your decisions become his decisions and vice versa.

7. Your husband’s well-being may influence yours

Similarly to your decision-making style, your health becomes intertwined as well.

This means if your husband suffers from chronic pain caused by some serious medical conditions, chances are that you will also suffer from pain symptoms caused by severe depression as a consequence. 

Your body and mind are connected, and whatever happens to one of you can reflect on the other.

Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle and taking care of both your body and mind will significantly reduce your chances of developing any potential medical conditions. 

Your husband should be your biggest support and vice versa. You should never hold grudges against each other (for too long) because this might influence your mental health and as a consequence, influence your physical health as well. 

You see, every action and occurrence in your marriage can affect both of you, and that’s why it’s important to make sure to prevent or eliminate all the possible threats. 

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8. You become more patient

Oh, yes. You become more patient post marriage because you have so many things to think about, and it’s really easy to lose your mind in a second (especially if you have children).

You learn that freaking out constantly will not solve anything, andover time, you simply learn to be more patient in every situation.

You learn to handle different things that you never even thought you would ever face in your life.

You learn to fight against storms and various life challenges that marriage brings you, and as a result of all of it, you learn to be calm and understanding.

You learn to be a real wife who would never let anyone or anything destroy her marriage.

You learn to replace potential fights with patience because you believe in that saying with all of your heart: Where there is a will, there is a way!

9. Your dressing style is more casual

Remember when you were dating and you would spend literally a whole day in front of a mirror trying to find the perfect outfit combo to impress him?

Sometimes you would even gather all of your friends to be your jury who would evaluate your every outfit. 

Every time you hit the town, you would make sure to dress perfectly, and often you would wear things that you weren’t really comfortable with (especially if you were spending time with your man).

But now, when you’re married, your dressing style has become more casual, and you probably haven’t even noticed it.

You no longer give a damn about all those extra layers of mascara (truth be told, you probably seldom even wear mascara), and you don’t care if you go in your pajamas to the city because you’ve got no one to impress.

Your husband has seen you in thousands of different outfits so far, and he has no problem with you wearing only casual items.

To you, there isn’t a better feeling in the world than being curled up with your husband under the blanket, and the very thought of wearing something you’re not comfortable with annoys you and is simply out of the question.

And the only thing you can think of is that one word: Finally!

10. You may become less active

When you were living solo, the only concerns you had were your own finances, your own apartment, and your own hobbies.

But, now, as a married woman, your body is destined to undergo various female body changes after marriage. 

One of them is becoming less active mostly because of the lack of time.

Before marriage, you would probably go ice skating, go for a drink with your female friends, go to the cinema, or go the gym whenever you wanted to. 

But, now you simply can’t do any of it because grocery shopping for the entire family is far more important than some ice skating or chit chat with your friends.

Your priorities drastically change because you’re no longer alone, and you’re not the only person you should worry about.

You devote all of yourself to your husband and children, and as a consequence, you tend to become less active regarding your social life, your gym routine, and other things.

But, you don’t really regret any of it because their happiness is your own!

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11. You can conquer or decrease your levels of anxiety

If you’re suffering from anxiety, being married can significantly decrease your levels of anxiety or even help you conquer it in full. How?

Well, for the same reason you feel less stressed in marriage, and that is due to the happy hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins). 

Your intense love and the level of comfort in marriage protects you from feeling anxious on a daily basis.

It’s like you’ve finally found your safe haven where you feel utterly blissful, and your anxiety simply cannot fight it.

A happy and healthy marriage has the ability to delete every trace of anxiety because the connection you develop with your husband is truly powerful.

12. Your possessive attitude disappears

Every woman wants to keep her man only for herself, and before marriage, women can get really possessive to the extent of making minor incidents and awkward situations.

Before marriage, if someone even talked to your man, you would immediately freak out from the inside (especially if she’s a hot chick).

But, once you get married, your possessive attitude disappears into thin air.

Your love becomes stronger than ever, and you simply no longer worry about anything. 

He could be absent for a whole week, you would never even think of being jealous, let alone demanding him to tell you everything about his whereabouts.

Your bond becomes so strong, and as a result, the levels of your trust are at their peaks.

13. You may become less interested in romance

Once you tie the knot, at times you might feel extremely tired of all those extra responsibilities that marriage brought you.

And as a consequence, you may become less interested in romance. Yup. We’re talking about that syndrome called: “I have a headache.” 

In the majority of cases, men will simply not trust you even though you are really experiencing severe headaches. But, there’s one thing you should pay attention to.

Those headaches might be the consequence of a busy, hectic lifestyle, but they are also a consequence of the lack of intimacy in marriage.

Yup, it’s a vicious circle where your every action or non-action causes another reaction. (But, I guess that’s what marriage is all about.) It’s about both sharing your burdens and happiness. 

14. Changes that happen during and after sex

If you’ve decided not to have sexual intercourse before marriage, then you can expect the following things happen once you make love for the first time (and every time after that): During and after sex, blood vessels in your breasts dilate which makes your breasts become firmer, the muscular tension increases, your clitoris swells, and the uterus rises a bit.

In case you’re a virgin, you need to know one thing about the hymen. No, it doesn’t “pop” or “break” once you start having an intercourse. With every lovemaking session, your hymen just stretches and becomes more elastic over time. 

Additionally, sex in marriage is one the most fulfilling and beautiful things because of a married couple’s powerful connection. (And the more you practice it, the stronger the bond will be!)

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15. You increase your life expectancy

All those female body changes after marriage (including female mind changes) lead us to one thing which is increasing your life expectancy.

It’s true that married people tend to live longer because they’ve got their partner in crime, unlimited support 24/7, unconditional love, they take care of each other, and they fight for each other no matter what.

All of these create balance and boost your life expectancy because health stems from your state of mind.

If you’re feeling comfortable and happy in your marriage, this will definitely reflect on your physical health as well. 

And now let’s sum this all up with one beautiful quote about marriage by Nicholas Sparks:

“Marriage is about becoming a team. You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up.

But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you’ll always figure out a way to get through it.”

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