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4 Reasons Why Dating Men Who Are A Bit Older Than You Is Actually A Good Idea

4 Reasons Why Dating Men Who Are A Bit Older Than You Is Actually A Good Idea

Everything changes as we grow older. Our looks change. Our attitudes change. Our dreams either become a reality or we stop chasing them.

Our perception of love also goes through a radical change.

It goes from that teenage love, the love in which we idealize our partner, to that passionate kind of love and, finally, to a more mature one.

If your dating partner is a bit older than you, then he is probably a bit tired of all the love adrenaline and the rush of falling in love.

He wants to be able to focus on both his family and you. His love is serene and it makes you feel safe.

Here are some reasons why dating a man a bit older than you is actually a good idea:

He will respect you!

Unlike men the same age as you and younger men who you used to date, older men show respect toward their partner. They tend to be more caring and supportive.

After all, they have had lots of life experience and they know that treating women in a bad way will never bring them any good results.

Men a bit older than you are real gentlemen and if you date one, he will definitely treat you like a lady.

These men know what they want from their partner and if they treat you with respect, they expect it too.

He will be more ambitious!

Older men know that there will come a time in every woman’s life when she will want to settle down.

He knows that financial stability plays a big role in the relationship. This man you are dating is willing to be more ambitious and work harder if he wants to start a family with you.

He wants to be able to financially support his family and he will make that perfectly clear to you.

If you also want to start a family, it will feel a lot better to know that you will have a caring husband who will take good care of you and your children.

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The relationship with him will be more stable!

He is probably in that period of his life when he doesn’t want to fool around.

He will not play any mind games, nor will he want to waste his time on relationships that he sees no potential in.

If he picked you to start a relationship with, it means he wants both of you to work hard on making it a good one.

Goals that you will have together will be aimed toward the future.

It will also be a lot easier to make a compromise with him. He will be reasonable and will not act in a selfish way.

You will make decisions together.

He will be passionate but in a different way!

The physical appearance is not the most important quality he looks for in his partner.

He wants something deeper. He wants to connect on an emotional level.

You will be able to talk about your emotions to him and he will also express his own. There will be no secrets between you two.

He expects you to give him all of you and he will give all of himself to you. You will feel safe and loved in his arms.

This kind of love will be different from all those that run on adrenaline. This kind of love will be based on both emotions and reason. Your man will be mature and so will your love.