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What Do Men In Their 50s Want In A Woman? Top 15 Things

What Do Men In Their 50s Want In A Woman? Top 15 Things

What do men want in women? It took me a while to realize that the answer to this question greatly depends on a man’s age.

Most younger men want a woman with a hot body, a pretty face, and a fun personality. If you aren’t a fan of hooking up culture, older men will most likely have the qualities you’re looking for.

Hmm… men in their 50s. ? We all know that the majority of these men are mature in every area of life, and they are caring and protective. You know you can rely on them, and building a strong connection happens without much effort.

So, what do men in their 50s want in a woman? Basically, they want a woman who shares their qualities and with whom they can establish a meaningful long-term relationship.

Older men want a confident, open, honest, and no-drama woman with her own life. A woman who respects and understands their lifestyle and needs. Below you’ll find all the qualities men in their 50s look for in a woman. ?

What Do Men In Their 50s Want In A Woman?

They’re definitely not only interested in physical attributes – their list of qualities goes deeper than that. If you’re interested in dating older men, here are the things men in their 50s want in a woman:

1. Men in their 50s want a relationship-oriented woman

After a fair share of one-night stands, hookups, failed relationships, and marriages, men in their 50s want a serious relationship.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about a typical man in his 50s because there are also those who aren’t interested in something serious regardless of their age.

How do these men know that you’re a relationship-oriented woman?

Some of them realize this on a first date as they get to know you better, while others need more time to decide whether you’re relationship material.

They want a woman who values commitment and seeks trust, connection, and other things that go with meaningful relationships. So, a woman who is not interested in a committed relationship will not capture their interest.

2. They want a woman who will make them feel like a man

Single men in their 50s want to date women who will make them feel like a man. A loving relationship with a woman who knows how to evoke their masculinity is what they’re looking for.

The truth is, every man wants to feel like a MAN with his woman, and older guys are even more conscious of that. They want to feel needed and useful in a relationship.

That is why learning to trigger a man’s hero instinct is the best thing you can do. Don’t act like you don’t need a man in your life and that you can do everything on your own.

Even if that’s true, you still need to make some space for him to take care of you. Ask him to help you with something or give you advice on certain matters.

They want a woman who will allow them to make her happy, so be that woman. ?

3. A woman who challenges and inspires them

According to a study published in the scientific journal Plos One , age affects what men and women find attractive.

The study claims that young men look for an attractive partner, whereas young women are more interested in personality. As we age, both men and women agree that physical appearance is not that important.

With that said, older men are more focused on personal growth, so they’re looking for a woman who will challenge their beliefs and inspire them daily.

They want an intelligent woman with whom they can have deep conversations and who will not just nod at everything they say. A woman who is not afraid to contradict them and express herself is what they’re looking for.

With that said, make sure that your online dating profile is intriguing and eye-catching on dating sites. If you’re attracted to older men, make sure to seduce their minds first and then bodies.

4. Men in their 50s want an ambitious woman

They aren’t really interested in women whose main ambition is going shopping. Instead, they want a woman who has goals, rolls up her sleeves, and gets things done.

A woman who has a good work ethic and strives to accomplish things in life inspires them to be better men.

These women have interesting and fun hobbies and activities. In other words, they are never bored because they don’t have time for that. ?‍♀️

They don’t just wait for things to happen on their own, but they work hard for it. Older men appreciate that quality in women more than anything because it screams devotion, confidence, and persistence.

A woman who is a fighter in life is someone they value greatly, and they want to be by her side.

5. A woman who is open and honest

What do men in their 50s want in a woman? If you’re interested in dating men in their 50s, then forget about playing hard to get. Instead, be upfront about what you’re looking for. Why?

Because men in their 50s are looking for a woman who is open and honest about her intentions. These men aren’t interested in playing any kind of games because they don’t have the time or nerves for that.

If you want an older man to commit to you, you need to show him that he can trust you. You’ll do that by being upfront about your needs, desires, and everything else.

6. They want a woman with similar values and common interests

Mean don’t really bother about common interests and values in their younger days (during high school or with college romances). But as they get older, these things become more important to them.

So, a man in his 50s wants a woman who shares his values and interests. This doesn’t mean that she needs to be into the same things as he is, but they need to have some things in common.

For example, one of the core values is family. If he’s a family-oriented man and you’re not, you might have problems establishing a connection.

Older men know that these things play a great role when it comes to relationships, so they’ll make sure to find a woman they’re compatible with.

7. Men in their 50s want a woman who is grounded and confident

Regardless of a man’s age, every single one of them will confirm that insecurities are definitely on their list of turn-offs. I couldn’t agree more because women feel the same way about men.

So, what an older man wants is a confident woman who is grounded and has a good heart. We all know that confidence comes in different packages.

Some people can be arrogantly confident, which is not a healthy dose of self-esteem and is another turn-off.

Having grounded confidence is the way to go. Older men want a woman who knows who she is and doesn’t bother showing off as a way to seek validation. Her confidence is silent and worth a thousand words.

8. A woman who is compatible with their friends and family

Men who are older aren’t only interested in finding someone who will be compatible with them, but compatibility with their friends and family is also important.

This doesn’t mean that a woman needs to try hard to win the sympathies of all her man’s friends and family.

She just needs to get along with them and be willing to connect. This shows that she’s willing to get out of her comfort zone and respects his people.

Older men want a peaceful life in harmony, and that’s why they need to make sure their woman is compatible with those closest to them.

9. They want a woman who has a positive outlook on life

Having a sense of humor is a great quality in both men and women. It says that you don’t take things too seriously and have a positive outlook on life.

Life is harsh enough as it is, so being with someone who lacks a sense of humor would be the biggest punishment. Women who know how to make their men laugh are greatly appreciated.

These women also don’t have a problem finding the silver lining when things go south, and that’s exactly what a man in his 50s needs in his life. If you’re new to the dating scene, just arm yourself with positivity, and you’ll attract exactly the man you want.

10. Men in their 50s want a woman who is flexible

Yes, they need a woman who is flexible because they need someone to tolerate their mid-life crisis outbursts. Just kidding. ?

Flexible women know how to compromise and don’t get mad when things don’t go as planned. They won’t stay at home just because he canceled dinner plans. Instead, they go out with their friends.

Flexibility is one of the most important qualities nowadays because it’s all about adapting and compromising in all areas of life.

A woman who is flexible won’t have unrealistic expectations of her man. She will know how to deal with life and relationship challenges. She will have healthy expectations.

Most importantly, she won’t give up at the first obstacle, and that’s what every man in his 50s needs to know.

11. A woman who respects their time and space

Regardless of whether you’re dating a 30 or 50-year-old-man, both of them will expect the same thing from you: to give them space. They want to be with a woman who respects their need for alone time or when they have other plans.

A man needs to know that you can give him space without feeling neglected. He needs to know that you respect his need to maintain other connections outside your relationship.

Being clingy and needy is a huge no-no for older men because it screams immaturity and makes them feel suffocated. Instead, they want a woman who will also demand the same from them as well.

They will be more than happy to give you space when you need it, and they’ll expect the same thing in return. It’s all about respect and compromise.

12. They want a woman who has learned from her previous relationships

What do men in their 50s want in a woman? Apart from finding love, they want a woman who has learned from her previous relationships.

Every relationship has something to teach you, and that is why we need to be grateful for all our failed romances.

If he sees that you’re a woman who’s learned valuable lessons from your past relationships, he will know that you’re conscious about focusing on your growth.

We all make mistakes, and the most important thing is not to repeat them. The only way to establish a happy relationship is by implementing your experience and the lessons you’ve learned from your past ones.

That’s exactly what a man in his 50s wants in a woman. He wants a woman with whom he’ll create something meaningful. Something that will last for a long time.

13. Men in their 50s want a woman who is confident in her sexuality

The sex drive of men in their 50s is still at its peak, and they want a woman who is confident in her sexuality. In other words, they want a woman who knows what she wants in bed and is not afraid to tell him.

They also want a woman who knows how to spice up their sex life because diversity is the main ingredient to a healthy sex life.

Being open and honest in bed is equally important to them as being transparent when it comes to communication in a relationship. They want to know your likes and dislikes because that will help them satisfy you in bed.

A woman who is confident in her sexuality is a huge turn-on to any man and not just those in their 50s.

14. They want a woman who has a good heart

One of the most important things men in their 50s want in a woman is a good heart. They aren’t necessarily interested in younger women or older women. Her age is not important, but her life experience and overall attitude are.

Women with good hearts are often still kids at heart. They don’t know how to hate others or hold grudges for eternity. Instead, they are transparent and respect everyone around them regardless of their status.

Men in their 50s know that women with good hearts are true gems because they know how to love selflessly.

These women are devoted, warm, and passionate. Most importantly, they don’t play games, and older men certainly don’t have time for that.

15. A woman who is not afraid to be herself

Men in their 50s don’t want a woman who pretends to be something she’s not. They want you to be YOU with all your quirks and flaws.

They aren’t that interested in appearances, aka the type of makeup you wear. What they’re interested in is your vibe and ability to be who you are with them.

They want to fall in love with all of you, not just the parts you show them. For that, they’ll need you to be EXACTLY who you are without any sugar coating or pretending. If you can do that, then you’ll definitely win their heart.

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How Do You Know If A Man In His 50s Likes You?

You’ll know that a man in his 50s likes you if he tells you openly and honestly how he feels about you. If he’s genuinely interested in you, he won’t play mind games or anything like that. Instead, his actions and words will be transparent from day 1.

Here are the most common signs a man in his 50s likes you A LOT:

• He’s open and honest with you.

• He keeps his promises.

• He introduces you to his friends and family.

• He talks about the future.

• He shows interest in your life.

• He’s protective of you.

If a man in his 50s likes you, he won’t hesitate to show you because he knows that time is the most valuable currency.

To Sum It Up

What do men in their 50s want in a woman? In a nutshell, they want you to be yourself. They avoid being with women who play mind games or create unnecessary drama.

Instead, they are attracted to confident women who are compatible with their lifestyle, friends and family, and core values.

A typical man in his 50s is looking for a committed relationship. If you’re interested in dating such a man, just keep in mind being open and honest. Don’t try too hard to win him over, but also don’t fall for him too soon.

Give him enough space to court you and become part of your life. As always, don’t force anything but allow things to develop naturally. That’s exactly what men in their 50s want in a woman.