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5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish Last

5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Shouldn’t Finish Last

Agree or disagree but the fact is that nice guys finish last. The term ‘nice guy’ has always been a symbol for something undesirable, at least for the majority of women at some point in their lives. Is it due to the fact that women are born masochists and reject what’s good in favor of love triangles and complicated stuff? Whatever it is due to, here is a list of 5 reasons why we should break the mould and appreciate nice guys more.

1. They are better supporters

It may be interesting to date a tough guy who breaks people with a single word but all the fun disappears when you are the one whose dreams he’s crushing. It has been proven that not only are senseless guys not good supporters to their friends but they also don’t change their attitude towards their girlfriends either. A nice guy, on the other hand, will be your biggest supporter and the shoulder to lean on when you need it, because he knows that his belief in you gives you strength to keep going towards you achieving your goals. Tough guy now seems less interesting, doesn’t he?

2. Loyalty is royalty

Trust me, loyalty IS royalty. While your friends complain about their boyfriends chasing all those girls, you’re the lucky one to have a guy you can call all yours. There’s a difference between a guy who’s not attractive and the one who needs attention from all those females out there. A nice guy knows that he’s desirable and attractive but he’s focused on building an empire with only one girl. Don’t you want to be that girl?

3. Nice guys respect women

He just has manners and was born and raised to respect a woman. A nice guy doesn’t choose the easy path and doesn’t go with the flow of those who need to show how macho they are in order to make a girl fall for them. A nice guy knows what he wants and that isn’t a girl but a woman who seeks nothing but his respect.


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4. Nice guys are gentlemen (and not just to get into your pants)

When was the last time a guy opened a door for you or gave you his shoes so you can take your heels off? Times change but being a gentleman never goes out of style and a nice guy knows that. He will carry your bags when you’re done with shopping, open doors for you and do all those romantic movie clichés just because that’s the kind of guy he is. He doesn’t expect anything of you and isn’t driven by the idea that if he acts like that you’re going to give yourself to him.

5. He doesn’t leave any room for suspicion

Nice guys are the type of guys that you can trust. Usually, women find them after they are left with too many trust issues from previous experiences. A nice guy understands that and he will do his best not to give you any reason for doubting his actions and words. You’ll know exactly where he is and what he’s doing, so you won’t need to wonder and make up scenarios in your mind. You can leave your stalker girlfriend costume in the darkest place of your closet; with a nice guy, you won’t need it. He just doesn’t leave any room for your suspicions.

Nice guys are keepers, so women should keep them from extinction.