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A Letter To His Ex-Wife

A Letter To His Ex-Wife

Dear ex-wife,

You and I may never meet and maybe it is better like that. We may never look into each other’s eyes, but God knows my soul is clean and I can come face to face with you, fearless and without shame.

Things we are different at and our mutual interests are perfectly fine, as well as the fact that it’s fine for us to never have to confront each other…
But before you behold me with anger and hatred, if you ever see me and before you talk about me,I have the need to tell you certain things that you’re making mistakes with.

No, I am not a minx whose occupation is to steal from others. I am a grown woman with a strong personality, very conscious and aware of her surroundings. I didn’t get anything in a simple way and no one ever gave me anything just like that. Nothing in my life was easy.

I am not immature. Nor am I a thief. And I’m certainly not someone you can accuse for your incapability to keep him. I am not a woman with suspicious origins or morals. Since the day I was born, in all of these years, I did everything legally and tried very hard to make my family proud. Every new day was a new opportunity for me to make my parents even more thankful to God that he gave them a daughter.

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I met him, and he made an effort to stay a part of my life, although meeting my criteria wasn’t an easy thing for him to do. My criteria surely does not includes money. It is absolutely not important to me what someone has, because I understand what it does mean to not have anything, and I know what it means to work, work, work, to provide yourself with certain things, and I know how it does feel to enjoy the results of your hard work. He is a reward to me for all those years I spent doing good and giving my sincere heart to others, while they gave me reasons to suffer. I see him as a reward for my good deeds, and not as a catch, or someone I stole from a poor lady.

I’m that little girl who started reading when she was four years old, and who amazed others. I was born many years after you, so it has been a pretty hard task to overtake your achievements… My childhood still lasted while you were choosing a wedding dress to wear for him.

I finished high school and two faculties, and I got numerous certificates, but most importantly, I’ve got a big heart and faith in people and kindness. My personality and personal improvements will continue to rise, so don’t stay on that same level, as resentment won’t take you places.

The need for happiness with someone like me will always have a bigger importance than exasperation with someone else. However, I must defend my reputation and honor and I also feel sorry for myself for having to give my time to explain some things to a woman who lost herself in the race with time and money. No offence, but I managed to do everything on time, and left enough time for the man I love more than anything in this world.

He is my destiny, my happiness, my wish and all that I need. He is everything I ever dreamed of and because of him I’ll never be able to see the world in the same way again.

With all my heart, I want you to continue with your life and to be so happy that you will forget ours. We did that and we feel great. My message is clear – I’m not the kind of person you can point your finger at, I just like to describe myself as an educated, successful woman who loves and is loved.

Best wishes.