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5 Stages Every Woman Goes Through After Being Cheated On

5 Stages Every Woman Goes Through After Being Cheated On

Being cheated on is something that leaves scars on a woman’s heart. The pain she endures changes her. Consequences of cheating remodel her way of thinking.

Being betrayed by a loved one changes her, her outlook on love and her future relationships.

She feels like there is nobody she can trust again. I know because I was that woman once.

I was cheated on and it destroyed my heart in ways I never thought possible. I thought I was alone in all of that. That nobody can really understand me. But I was wrong.

There are a lot of women in my situation and a lot of women reading this who have been through the same things as I.

I’ve realized that all women who have been cheated on go through similar phases on their way to recovery.

That’s why I am writing this—in the hope that someone who feels the way I felt back then will know that things will get better, and that they will come out stronger from all of this but only after they go through all the stages:

Life resets without your permission.

Everything has changed. Life is evolving in a completely different way than you ever thought possible.

You feel like the pain is consuming you and the future is no longer something you look forward to.

You don’t only feel pain because he turned out to be a jerk but because your dreams were not fulfilled.

The important thing to realize here is that life will go on. You had a life before him; you will have an even better life without him.

You will make new dreams that will fulfill you more than any dream you had with someone like him ever would.

Questioning your worth.

You are trying to make sense of all of it. So you ask a million questions that lead you in the wrong direction.

You want to know what the other person has that you don’t.

You ask yourself if you had done anything to drive him away or is there something you could have done differently.

When, in reality, him cheating on you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with him, so it’s time to stop overthinking after being cheated on.

Don’t waste your time in thinking about somebody who showed you their true colors. He clearly wasn’t “the one” for you.

Stop analyzing his poor actions and concentrate on someone who truly matters – yourself.

You start building walls around you.

He betrayed you. You feel like there is no man out there that can be trusted. You are becoming guarded because you don’t want to risk feeling all that pain once again.

And while walls keep you safe, they also prevent you from finding someone better. You prevent yourself from finding true love.

That’s why it’s important to realize that in the end not all men are the same. Don’t close yourself to the idea of love. Don’t miss out on love because of someone who was a poor excuse for a man.

Take a risk when a good and honest man tries to win your heart. Remember that love is worth the risk and your heart is stronger than you give it credit.

Words don’t matter anymore. The actions count now.

You heard him swear his eternal love so many times that if someone would tell you “Trust me. I only have eyes for you. I am there for you.

I love you.” and similar, it would mean nothing to you.

Your last relationship taught you a valuable lesson even if you hadn’t realized it at the time. Saying I love you is not enough if you don’t show it with words.

You concentrate more on what a man does than on what he says and ultimately, that’s a good thing. You need more than empty words.

One thing that followed me till the last stage was pessimism. It made me see only darkness.

In order to avoid that, I downloaded and followed Expect the best and it improved my outlook on life in general and made my transition to stage 5 so much easier.

You find yourself.

Your experience, though unwanted and painful, taught you valuable lessons and made you get to know the other side of you.

It taught you that there is nobody you can’t get over. It made you stronger.

It made you more cautious when it comes to love but you will be able to lower your walls if the person standing in front of them is right.

You don’t allow being cheated on to define your life. You learned your lesson and closed that chapter.

You remembered your worth, you regained your confidence and you moved on with your life.