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5 Effective Ways To Relieve Stress In Difficult Situations

5 Effective Ways To Relieve Stress In Difficult Situations

As worry and panic are on the rise in today’s world, it’s important to keep ourselves balanced – to protect oneself and the others.

The key is to overcome panic and stress with precautionary steps and be responsible.

Fear is the natural human response to unknown situations and it leads to stress.

We don’t have answers for everything, but sometimes it’s enough to listen and implement something that’s already been proven to work.

Instead of fearing and imagining the worst possible scenarios, try doing everything in your power to make the current situation better.

Our fight or flight response is triggered when we feel threatened. That’s a normal biological response.

However, sometimes our body responds disproportionately to threats that aren’t as serious as they seem to us.

Overthinking makes everything worse and eventually leads to panic.

Keeping yourself composed and cool-headed is always a better, safer, and more useful option than panicking.

Here’s what you can do to keep your headspace balanced in difficult times.

1. Do everything you can do to help the situation

If you know what is causing your stress, do everything you can do to help the situation. It can be a job, a loved one, or a global issue – try doing what’s in your power to make things better.

When you know you’re doing your best, your mind will feel more at peace.

2. Limit the time you spend on social media

No matter the situation, spending too much time on social media isn’t going to help.

It’s important to keep in touch with everything that’s going on in the world, but being completely immersed in the new information and other people’s lives can seriously damage your mental health and increase your stress levels.

The human brain is not adapted to what’s happening in the 21st century – the digital, information-fueled age. It can’t process the amount of data we consume daily.

That’s why our brains are constantly overworked and our bodies bear the consequences.

3. Stop, breath, and be thankful for your body

In times of stress and worry, breathing problems like shallow breathing can occur, and they are common.

Persistent, regular breathing can, for that reason, work to reset the fight or flight response and stop the feeling of panic and symptoms associated with anxiety.

This is true for physical exercise too. Redirecting our attention to the physical body makes us aware of the present moment.

Being in the present moment helps us see the situation more clearly.

4. Keep yourself safe, but don’t isolate emotionally: Talk with others

When we feel threatened and stressed mentally, it’s good to ensure our body feels safe. When we feel physically safe, it’s likely we’re going to feel more at peace mentally.

Even if that means isolation.However, it’s healthy to stay in touch with people. Humans need one another.

Nothing is better than feeling collectiveness and spreading positivity when it’s needed.

The power of human spirit, even in the darkest moments, can shine through when people are vulnerable, empathic, and ready to help.

5. Practice compassion

Compassion reminds us we’re not alone by making others feel less alone. By practicing compassion, we’re giving our life meaning.

In the moments when life is testing us, showing compassion is a sign of great strength.

Compassion is proof your life is made up of more than just mundane things, it’s proof that life has a meaning.

Sometimes fear, stress, and worry make us too self-absorbed and that makes the situation even worse.

Practice compassion to remind yourself of the important things.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – J. K. Rowling