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50 Signs She Likes You

50 Signs She Likes You

If you’re interested in a girl, you are probably looking for some signs she likes you too. Because of the fact that the signs she likes you are so subtle, you might not be able to read them at all.

She might be telling you that she wants to be with you, but you are missing your chance just because you aren’t able to see anything because you’re too occupied with looking at her and admiring her.

What are the signs she likes you?

You must know that being nice to you and being into you are two completely different things.

She might giggle at your jokes and go out with you, just because she doesn’t want to break your heart.

That’s why it’s very important to know the way her body moves when she likes you and how it looks when you’re simply friendzoned.

Don’t sit around waiting for her to tell you that she likes you! Read the signs right away.

If you hesitate to approach her, she will probably just walk away from you and leave you clueless, because she got bored of waiting around for you to make a move.

You might be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t she just tell me?” but it’s not that simple for a girl to do, because we’re naturally a bit shy.

So keep on reading to see if the girl you like likes you back and how to approach her accordingly.

50 signs she likes you:

1. She stands close to you.

Women aren’t really known for starting conversations with the men they like.

Instead, they like to keep themselves ‘’available’ by standing very close to you and they let you do the talking.

That’s why she will probably look at you a few times; it’s like giving you permission to talk to her and she’s inviting you to sweep her off her feet and you need to take that chance.

If you miss it, someone else will approach her, but you have the privilege of her approaching you.

2. Her voice gets higher.

It’s a sure-fire sign she likes you. There are some indicators that your body gives off when you are drawn to someone. When it comes to women, one is their voice; it gets higher.

It’s all about making herself look more feminine, so a higher voice lets her do just that.

To know if it’s her normal voice or not, try listening carefully to how she’s talking with others. If her voice changes, you know what’s happening.

3. Her pupils get larger.


When you two make eye contact, look for enlarged pupils. Our pupils tend to get bigger the moment that we look at something that we find to be attractive.

4. She plays with her hair a lot.

It’s said that if a girl plays with her hair, she’s trying to show you her femininity and that she’s playful.

You will have heard about this before for sure. So watch if she plays with her hair while she’s talking to you, and if it goes together with a cute smile, you’re good to go.

5. She touches you.

She’s trying to tell you, without using words, that she likes you very much.

If it’s just a brush of her hand on your shoulder or if it’s frequent hugs, she’s trying to feel your skin and to see your reaction.

If she touches you slightly when she laughs or hugs you every time you say something nice, she is trying to tell you that she’s comfortable enough with you to be physically intimate, even if it’s just a brush of her hand.

6. She looks at you sexually.

She might try to hide it, but raising her eyebrow, lowering her eyelids, biting her lips and looking at you seductively show that she likes what she’s looking at.

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7. Dancing.

If you’re out at a club and she’s the only one out of her friends who’s dancing, maybe even very close to you, she’s trying to catch your attention. She wants to make you see how attractive she is.

Her free dance moves show that she’s comfortable and that she wants you to look at her.

If your bodies have the same rhythm when it comes to dancing, know that there is no better sign that she likes you.

8. She arches her back.

If she’s stretching in front of you or simply sitting and arching her back, she’s trying to put your attention onto her breasts, her figure and her feet.

This will probably be more visible if you’re sitting a bit further away from her.

9. She talks a lot.

When a woman isn’t interested in you, she probably won’t say a word to you.

She will avoid you at any cost and in every type of conversation she will look like she’s suffering.

But a sign that she likes you is her talking to you a lot and she keeps the conversation going every time it looks like it could get awkward.

She doesn’t want to stop listening to your voice and she’s trying to find out as much as she can about you.

10. She smiles and looks away.

If you’re sitting across the room and you make eye contact with her, if she smiles at you and looks down, know that she’s inviting you to come and talk to her.

Sometimes it’s even done on purpose to seduce a man she’s interested in. If that’s you, go for it.

11. She gets nervous.

When we’re around someone we are interested in, we forget about our body movements because we focus on the conversation, or it’s the other way around.

If her foot is tapping or if she is playing with her nails, biting her lip, etc, you’re making her nervous.

Also, if she focuses on her body, she may start to stutter or not remember what she was trying to say.

12. Giggling.

If she giggles while talking to you she’s trying to show her fun and loving side and that she’s enjoying your company.

A big deal is also if she makes eye contact with you while she giggles. Somehow, it’s like the road to her soul.

13. She blushes.

It’s a biological reaction to an excited emotional state. It’s a sign of embarrassment as well, but more often than not it’s a sign of attraction and that she likes you a lot.

14. Look at her lips!

When a girl likes you, she will pay attention to the way she moves her lips.

This applies to the way she’s talking, eating or the sensual way of putting on lipstick. She wants you to look at her feminine lips.

If she’s eating a strawberry seductively, she’s trying to tell you with her body language that she likes you.

15. The mirror effect.

If a girl is really interested in you, she will mimic your behavior. It’s a way of connecting without touching, and rather showing you how similar you are.

If you lean forward and she follows, you know what’s up. This can also happen when you raise your glass to drink out of it and she does the same thing.

Try this out by crossing your hands or tilting your head to one side.

16. Her face is the center of attention.

If she leans her head on one hand (or both) she’s trying to frame her face to make you see her beauty. It’s her body showing you how interested it is in you.

17. She holds and rubs things in a seductive manner.

Without getting awkward, I think you know what I’m saying.

She holds things in a certain way and rubs them. Of course, she’s making sure you can see it so you can imagine her doing it to you.

18. The sexy walk.

When it comes to signs that she likes you, this one is probably the most obvious.

If she’s approaching you, walking like a model from a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she’s indicating that she likes you, because all of your attention goes to her body and there is nothing more pleasurable for her than being the focus of someone’s fantasies.

19. Leg stroking.

If she’s stroking her legs in a manner that is unusual and she does it really fast, she’s trying to show you the way she would like you to touch her.

How lucky you are my friend, as this sign is more than enough to make you see that she likes you.

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20. She remembers your interests.

If you told her that you’re into some band, she probably listened to all of their songs by now.

Whatever it is, she remembered it and she took interest in it as well.

Nothing is more important to her than to impress you, so she does anything she can to make it happen.

21. She finds you hilarious.

When you’re around, she can’t stop laughing, so she pays a lot of attention to your jokes and every time you say something that is funny she laughs louder than anyone else around.

She wants you to know that she is interested in hearing more and that you have the ability to make her laugh like no one else.

22. She’s playful and teases you.

It’s not just kids who use playful teasing to show that they want you to pay attention to them.

I know it might sound and look childish but she will probably do it in a classy way.

It’s a way of getting into someone’s personal space without approaching them.

So if she teases you about the way your favorite team lost an important game, chances are she’s very interested in you.

23. Seductive stripping.

No, this isn’t about taking off all her clothes. It’s the way she takes off her jacket.

Or even if she’s taking off multiple items of clothes in front of you, she’s showing that she’s comfortable enough around you to be this free.

24. Her glass is close to yours.

This is a very subtle sign that she likes you, so you need to pay close attention to this.

If her glass is close to yours, it might indicate that she wants your hands to touch, so when you reach for your glass, she will reach for hers, too. She’s making it very obvious.

25. She wants to spend time alone with you.

If she’s trying to get alone time with you, she is trying to tell you that everyone else is just disturbing her path to seducing you.

She wants to be alone with you to be more intimate and to show you that she’s comfortable enough to do so. It’s also the best way to be flirty without anyone interrupting.

And also, you know what happens when two people who like each other end up alone in a room.

26. She never looks directly into your eyes.

She looks shyly at you from the side, because she simply can’t afford to look you straight in the eyes.

That’s why it’s all about her smile and the way she looks somewhere else while talking to you. It’s a sure sign she likes you.

27. ‘In your face’ cleavage.

OK, so if you don’t like this, then she simply isn’t the girl for you, but women do this consciously to show that they’re interested in you.

She will go for a nice push-up bra and her top will be a bit more exposed than usual.

She will most probably lean toward you, even though her cleavage is already too ‘in your face’. But, ohh, well. Enjoy the view she’s giving you and the fact that she’s super-interested in you.

28. She touches up her make-up in front of you.

You’re in a pub and all of a sudden she takes out her mirror and she starts fixing her make-up? Well, dear friend, she wants to look her best for you, she wants to show you her best sides, so she’s very nervous about if she looks the best she can to impress you.

29. She asks a lot of questions.

She wants to get to know you better so you might get frustrated with the number of questions she asks about your personal life, your exes and so on, and although you might not find this attractive, it sure is a sign she likes you.

30. She reminds you that she’s single.

Single and available. She is trying to give you a hint that she’s interested and that there’s an amazing spot by her side that’s empty and just waiting for you.

If she says that she’s single a couple of times during the conversation, then know that this is one of the clearest signs she likes you.

31. She gets jealous.

It’s probably not too obvious, and she doesn’t throw a tantrum whenever you talk to another girl or spend time with your friends, but she makes a face and you can be sure that it’s because she’s jealous.

She wants all your attention and energy to be dedicated to her, just because she’s ready to put aside everything after she meets up with you and she’s expecting the same thing from you. But she won’t say it, believe me.

32. Her friends talk about her around you.

They might even hint that she likes you. They tell you all the best things about her and how you’re her type.

Why would they be saying that if it’s not the truth? She probably made them tell you all those things.

Also, if her close friends know who you are and they treat you nicely, that is a sign that she has been telling them about you because she does like you.

She wouldn’t spend time talking with them about someone she’s not interested in.

33. She opens up to you.

If she talks about really personal issues and she seeks security from you, she is really interested in you.

She trusts you and she wants you to be secure with her too so that you can build trust between you two and that’s what makes it all so much more beautiful.

34. She puts away her phone when she’s with you.

Let’s be real, everyone loves their phone, so if she puts hers away, it means that she wants all of her attention to be occupied with you. No distractions, nothing. Just the two of you.

35. She texts you very often.

If you text regularly and if she starts the conversations herself, not waiting for you to make the first move, then it’s a sure sign that she likes you a lot.

If she’s out with her friends and she keeps texting you, then you must be aware of the fact that she’s ignoring her friends to talk to you; that’s how much you mean to her.

36. She likes your posts on social media.

She follows you on all your social media accounts and she likes all of your posts, within minutes of you posting them.

It’s kind of a way to make you think of her even when she’s not around. It’s a sure sign she likes you.

37. Does she look at you seductively over her shoulder?

You see this look in fashion magazines, where the model wants to look extra-sexy.

She raises her shoulder a bit and looks at you, smiling, and it makes her think of how beautiful and sexy she is.

Women do this on purpose when they want to make sure that someone they like also knows it.

38. Her breathing gets faster.

You won’t see it at first, but pay close attention to her breathing and its rhythm.

When she’s excited to see you, she will probably start breathing faster.

39. She crosses her legs several times.

Although it might just be a way of finding a more comfortable position, you should read into this a bit more.

Are her legs now closer to you, after she moved them? If yes, it’s a sign of attraction. Also, if she’s wearing a sexy dress, it might be a way of getting you aroused.

40. She tries to make you a better man.

If she’s interested in you and she sees something that you’ve done wrong, something like a failed exam or a project at work, she will try to make you see it and help you fix it.

She will be there for you to help you find a way to make it work again.

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41. You get the special treatment.

She will break her own rules for you, which she wouldn’t break for anyone but you. If she sees that something’s special to you, she will spend an entire day just with you.

She might always be by your side when you’re sick or not doing too well. She will do anything to make you feel special, to show you how much she really does like you.

42. She ignores everyone to talk to you.

She ends a conversation with someone else if you’re passing through, to make sure she greets you.

If you’re sitting at the same table, if you said something just to yourself or to someone sitting next to you, she immediately stops what she is doing just to check if you were talking to her.

If she does this, you are very special to her and she wants you to see that.

If you didn’t already know, this is a very obvious sign that she likes you.

43. You catch her staring at you.

Many women have a bad habit of staring intensely without even being aware of it.

They zone out and their mind goes to a happy place where the two of you are already together.

The moment you look at her, her head might make a dramatic move, and she may act like she wasn’t looking at you at all, but it is kind of obvious, don’t you think?

She simply has the need to look at you and admire you as much as she can to be sure that she remembers all the little details about yourself.

44. She talks about future plans that include you.

She could be talking about trips she wants to go on and considers you going with her, or she’s going somewhere and she wants to know if you’re going to be there just so she can see you.

Also, if you talk about plans in the faraway future, she might say something about how she would like you to be part of them.

45. Have you heard of the ‘three head nod’?

It’s her body telling you that she likes you. So, when you were talking to her, did you see three continuous facial expressions? Something like a nod, tilt and then a frown, all bundled up together in one second?

According to some experts, this a clear sign that she likes you.

46. That cute, big smile gets bigger around you.

Her eyes will be smiling the most here. I think you know the difference between a fake, forced smile and a genuine one.

She wants you to see how happy you make her and smiling automatically makes a person look more attractive and she’s targeting that.

47. She will show her feminine traits.

Her wrist. Her neck. Her waist. Anything that will make you feel like a man around her.

She will be elegant with doing this, nothing too much. If she’s a smoker, she will hold the cigarette in a way that shows her upper hand and her wrist. It’s kind of a mind game, but a sure sign she likes you.

48. She plays with her jewelry.

If a woman who’s interested in you is sitting in front of you and constantly playing with her necklace or ring, it’s a sure-fire sign she likes you or at least she wants to get to know you better.

49. She will show you her duck lips.

Not on her selfies or anything, but more like in person while you’re talking to her.

She will continuously stick out her lips, which is her trying to tell you that she likes you. She even might be trying to get a kiss out of you, who knows?

50. She pushes her sleeves up.

Or at least wears a sleeveless shirt. Well, you see, the wrists of a woman are very sensitive and because of this, it’s her showing you her sensitive side, which is a sure sign she likes you.

OK, in the end, I just want to tell you that it’s much easier to just ask a girl whether she’s into you or not but most of them aren’t really that open about it.

So the best way to see if she does like you is to watch her body language.

This won’t be an easy task, and it never has been but just consider the fact that it’s much better to learn all this than it is to make a fool out of yourself and confuse the signs of friendship with romantic attraction.

  1. Anoop Kumar says:

    A comprehensive post. Really enjoyed reading it. It’s usually not easy to decipher, what a woman really wants from you. But, a little of psychology always helps.