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6 Divine Qualities That Make The Perfect Partner

6 Divine Qualities That Make The Perfect Partner

Finding a perfect partner is something every single person in this world craves.

We all wish to come across that somebody who will blow us away and whose qualities will match perfectly with our expectations.

Falling in love is a mysterious thing that is hard to put into words, but why should we even want to?

When you have it and live it, all you need to do is enjoy it and learn how to keep it.

While falling in love is relatively easy, staying in love is a bit more challenging.

In order to keep that person by your side for the long run, there have to be certain qualities in them that will make it more likely to go the distance.

A perfect partner isn’t somebody who looks like a model and goes around breaking hearts. If you crave that, you’re after the wrong thing.

The perfect partner is hard to find because perfection is so elusive and the idea of it differs from person to person.

Characteristics of this person are what makes them so ideal, so you won’t find that in just anyone.

I’ve had my fair share of partners that I believed were all that in the beginning, because we all tend to romanticize things when we desperately want them to be what we need them to be.

But as it always happens, time always reveals everybody’s true colors, and quite often, the partner you believed was your perfect match is actually nothing but a douche in disguise!

But that’s not a reason to beat yourself up. We all have to kiss a few frogs before we get to the prince!

And if you want to speed up the process, there are ways you can recognize in time how ‘’perfect’’ your partner really is.

Don’t let yourself be swept away by his empty words and meaningless gestures that will ultimately prove to be worthless. I’m sure you’re sick and tired of toxic men wasting your time, just like I am.

That is why I’ve decided to find ways to spare myself the misery of dating wrong men once and for all, and find that true, all-encompassing type of love that will feed my soul.

Here are 6 basic qualities that make the perfect partner (and really do make all the difference!)

A perfect partner is emotionally mature and independent

How many times have you broken up with somebody who simply couldn’t grow all the way up?

Somebody who just couldn’t deal with his or her emotional needs and handled things like almost like a child would? And you just couldn’t take it anymore…

When did dating become teaching people how to behave like a freaking grown-up and deal with their shit accordingly?

A perfect partner is completely in touch with their emotional side, and all of their baggage is either resolved or being dealt with appropriately.

This person won’t let immature shit get in the way of your relationship.

This is an independent person who doesn’t rely on anybody to handle their stuff.

They know how to take care of their business and they will never expect you to take anything off their shoulders.

They won’t look for somebody to compensate for their shortcomings and their actions won’t be a reflection of their shitty past or bad childhood.

They won’t let it define them.

A perfect partner is a full on grown-up who is mature, independent, and owns up to his/her shit. No excuses, just love and respect.

A perfect partner doesn’t get defensive when confronted with a problem

This person can be vulnerable and is open to criticism without taking it the wrong way.

When things start transitioning from the honeymoon phase to the real relationship stuff, they will handle it like a pro.

Inevitably, you will get into your first fight sooner or later, and that’s when you’ll start realizing that this is the person who could end up being right for you, because they won’t be scared away when things start getting real.

A perfect partner knows that compromise is the best cure for any issue in a relationship and when they are confronted with a problem, they will truly see it for what it is and work on resolving it to the best of their ability.

You will see in this person what you failed to see in all those previous relationships. Dedication and effort.

Those two qualities will be proof that you may have finally found your person.

There won’t be a topic you will fear discussing because everything will be so easy with this person.

You will go through life side by side, and work on your relationship with equal amount of effort and love.

A perfect partner understands the importance of honesty and transparency

It always starts out with a little white lie that truly doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Then you move on to something a little more serious, and before you know it, you’ve been dishonest about a million things and you can no longer keep up with your lies. Where does it end?

With a perfect partner, this will be the furthest thing from either of your minds.

Lies are a plague that will sooner or later destroy your relationship, and you will both be extremely aware of that.

A perfect partner knows that honesty is truly the best policy.

No matter how tough it may be being honest, it’s always better to be transparent and suffer the consequences than lying and waiting for the lie to bite you in the ass!

A relationship between two people should be based on mutual respect and honesty, and when one of those two is broken, it is only a matter of time before it catches up with you.

With this person, you’ll never have to worry about it. They’ll always be true to their word and treat you the way they wish to be treated.

A perfect partner respects your individuality and doesn’t try to control you

We are all unique human beings. There is something in all of us that pushes us forward and makes us want to be better.

Your partner will respect the shit out of you and whatever it is that motivates you and makes you you!

Whatever that thing is for you, a perfect partner will never try to tame it, control it, or doubt it.

They will respect you as an individual and let you grow and evolve into the human being you are supposed to be and want to be, and be there for you if you need them along the way.

They won’t try to manipulate you or play mind games with you.

They won’t try to make you more to their liking and change your personality in any way.

They will love you for exactly who you are, and never wish to alter you.

This person understands that we all deserve to find ourselves as individuals in this world.

And when you finally find who you are and learn how to live your best life, they will be by your side and not judge your decisions, but rather admire your uniqueness and boldness.

It takes balls being true to yourself in a world that encourages us all to live by a certain code, and you will be respected for your bravery and ingenuity.

A perfect partner is full of understanding and empathy for their SO

I know that we all sometimes get a little scared to share certain parts of ourselves with our partners due to our fear of being misunderstood and possibly judged.

It’s perfectly normal to want to keep some things to yourself, but with this person, you will no longer feel the need to do that.

They will make you feel like a whole new person that you haven’t met before.

Things you normally wouldn’t discuss with anybody will be something you will gladly share now.

And you will know that this is your safe place where there is zero room for judgment. Only love and understanding.

Whatever else you may be going through, you will have an amazing support system in your partner.

They will show empathy whenever you need it and you will feel understood and heard for the first time in a long time, and it will be like you are finally able to breathe.

You will both learn to appreciate the differences between you two, but at the same time enjoy your ability to connect on a deeper level than ever before.

The communication will be full of respect, and the things you normally would have trouble communicating to your partner will finally run smoothly and to both your satisfaction.

A perfect partner is both physically and emotionally affectionate

They won’t have an issue with intimacy. They will show you love not only with words, but prove it in their actions.

You will never have to worry about not being loved because you will feel it in your bones.

A perfect partner understands the need for emotional and physical intimacy.

They won’t shy away from telling you how they feel about you and when it comes to sex, you will have all your needs met.

They will be eager to know your body and give you whatever you need and ask of them.

You will never be denied in that department and, as time goes by, you will only feel more and more like a woman should.

This will be a novelty to you, as you will finally be with a person that wants to give you everything that you need and won’t be focused only on themselves and their own needs.

This is a truly generous partner, in more ways than one. And you will finally see that you have everything you dreamed of, and more.