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6 Most Common Reasons Why He’s Suddenly Ignoring Your Texts

6 Most Common Reasons Why He’s Suddenly Ignoring Your Texts

One thing us girls are too good at (among a million other awesome things) is jumping to conclusions before knowing all the facts.

Let’s say you met this guy. You got his number, and you started texting. Things look promising, there’s genuine textual chemistry there, and you feel like you’ve finally found your texting equal. He’s witty, smart and can make you laugh out loud. So rare, I know!

But all of a sudden… he stops texting back. What gives? Wait, why won’t he text me back?

If this rings any bells, at least know you’re not alone in this. Many women go through this way too often, so I’ve made a list of the most common reasons men just start ignoring our texts!

Hopefully you can find some reassurance in some of them or the harsh truth that you need to hear.

He’s really bad at texting

Sometimes, guys don’t see this as a problem at all. They are oblivious to how important it actually is to us to receive that message back and hear from him.

Men can really suck at texting. They’re not always on their phones like we are, texting our girlfriends about every detail of our day, so they don’t see the problem when they don’t text back sometimes.

Chances are he’s probably sitting at home, watching a game and expecting a text from you later, being totally unaware of how big of a deal it is that he hasn’t replied for a while.

Sometimes, it’s okay to cut him some slack (but only if this is the case).

He’s a really busy guy

I know this sounds like such a cliché, but sometimes, people can be at work when they receive a text, be in the middle of something and decide to reply later.

Only, that later never occurs because by the time he got home, he totally forgot. Now this is not ideal, but it can be forgiven.

He’s clearly swamped at work, so his mind is stretched to a hundred different sides, and sometimes texts get ignored.

If he texts back within two days with apologies and a valid explanation, you can forgive him. But if it takes him over two days, he’s not really worth it.

There’s someone else

This is obviously the worst case scenario, and hopefully not the case.

But sometimes, men meet someone else they’re interested in and simply decide to ghost us. It’s definitely the worst way to treat a girl, but it unfortunately happens.

They don’t have the balls to just admit it, even over text, so they choose the cowardly way out and disappear.

If you can, find out through mutual friends if this is the case, so you can stop wasting your time and move on for good.

He’s afraid of commitment

He may see that things are moving along steadily, and if you’ve started texting about real stuff, like the future and where this thing you have is going, he may have gone into panic mode.

He may be afraid of commitment, and things are progressing a little too fast for him.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can just give him some space and ease him into it—including no pressure with regard to where this is going.

Take it slow, and let him tell you when he’s ready to get more serious. He simply might need just a little more time to get where you are.

He’s just not that into you anymore

It sucks to hear it, but it’s an honest possibility for why he’s ignoring your texts.

It’s upsetting that this is his way of showing his disinterest, but he is probably hoping that you’ll get the hint and just stop texting him for good.

Again, only cowards and assholes do this, so you’re ridding yourself of someone you don’t really need in life. Real men know how to treat a girl, and he clearly isn’t one.

He’s not big on texting

Texting may simply be his least favorite way of communication so chances are he’ll never or seldom text you first. So, should you text a guy first? Definitely not if he’s not big on texting.

It’s no secret that things can get totally twisted over text. There’s always a high chance of miscommunication, and he’s just tired of that.

He likes you and spending time with you. He’s just not that into texting because he doesn’t feel like getting his intentions easily misinterpreted.

It’s on you to find out his preferences, and if you find this to be the case, you can breathe again. This is a totally fixable problem, as it’s clearly not you, so yay!