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Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them? Revealing The Code

Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them? Revealing The Code

Do guys notice when you stop texting them?

It’s been a couple of days since you exchanged texts last time… he must be wondering what’s happening, right?

I guess you two have been texting for some time, maybe even going through the early stages of dating, but you’re still not exclusive. Damn, talking stages last for eternity now.

You are not sure whether he truly cares about you or not, so you decided to test him. You stopped texting him to see his reaction.

His reaction will most likely not be the one you anticipate. He might have noticed, but won’t go crazy about it.

Stay with me and find out what guys really think when you go silent on them.

Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them: Six Possible Reactions

Do guys notice when you stop texting them? They will notice sooner or later.

But, how will they react?

That entirely depends on how they feel about you. We’ll go through six possible scenarios of what happens when you stop texting a guy.

1. He was genuinely interested in you.

We’re starting from the best-case scenario. He was genuinely interested in you and enjoyed texting you.

You were probably texting frequently and he was quick to text you back. Starting from good-morning to good-night text messages , you used to text back and forth throughout the whole day.

You had butterflies in your stomach every time his name would pop up on your phone, and he felt the same. The attraction was mutual and it was easy to tell.

If you go silent on this guy, he will notice it right away. Skipping one good-night text will make him wonder what’s happening. As more time goes by, he will start to worry. He was sure you two were on the same page. What is going on now, are you ghosting him?

You are most likely to get a reaction from him in the next couple of days. He might text you very soon to check if everything is okay. But, this is not always the case. He may get frustrated and sad, but won’t do anything about it.

One thing is sure, he will wonder what’s going on.

2. He hoped to get some action.

He was really interested in you. But, not in a romantic way. He had something else on his mind.

You had pretty frequent communication for a couple of days. He was literally bombing you with text and voice messages, but didn’t make a proposal to go out on a date. What was he waiting for?

Well, chances are that a date was never an option for him in the first place. He waited for a couple of days and planned to propose “Netflix and chill”. Or, he hit you up with a “Wyd you up?” text on Thursday night.

When you decide to stop texting him, he will definitely notice. The man was so ready to get it on with you. He can even become aggressive and rude when you decide to not text him back.

But, he will move on as quickly as he appeared out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, he’ll probably forget anything ever happened (or didn’t happen), so don’t be surprised when he slides into your DMs in two months from now.

3. You made him feel good.

Sometimes, a man really enjoys communicating with you, and while you are catching strong feelings for him, he has no intention to turn it into anything serious.

If this is the case, it can be really hard to tell what’s going on. You two had a really intense thing for a couple of days or even weeks… text conversations, phone calls, and even sexting. Seemed like the attraction was mutual.

But, you were just feeding his ego. He liked the fact that he had someone to text, someone who’d be quick to reply. You made him feel important and boosted his self-esteem.

He will notice the absence of your attention, and it will make him feel bad (poor guy). It can even make him angry and furious. But, since a serious relationship was never an option for him, he’ll get over it quicker than you.

4. You were an option.

You were the one who was there in case other relationships he tried to pursue didn’t work out.

He gave you just enough attention to keep you around. While you thought that he was being mysterious or busy with work, and thus, didn’t text you often, he was actually busy with other girls.

He might notice something strange is happening, but only after some time. He probably did not text you that often, and even when he did, he didn’t put much effort and hope into it. So, when he finally texts you again and you leave him on read, he will notice it.

But, he won’t bother much about it, and he is not likely to try to reach you again any time soon. His love life is already busy and entertaining enough.

5. You bothered him.

And, we have come to the worst-case scenario. He will notice that you disappeared, but not for good reasons.

Perhaps your communication started nicely, he was having fun and enjoying hearing from you. But, along the way, he lost interest, and it became too much for him. When this happens, not many guys will have the courage to be open and honest about how they feel.

He might have continued answering your texts, but it took him more and more time. He hoped that you’d catch the hints he was dropping.

When you stop reaching out to him, he will notice. And, he’ll be relieved, so you won’t hear from him ever again unless he changes his mind for whatever reason.

6. It was just a friendly conversation for him.

He loved your sense of humor, your witty comebacks, and the fact that you were so easy-going. He loved talking to you, but he was never flirty.

Texting you was fun, but he’s also okay with not texting you. When you disappear and stop reaching out to him, or leave him on read, he won’t be upset.

He may even text you again in a couple of days because he wants to share a funny cat meme he found. We all double or triple text our friends sometimes. You see, you’re just a friend.

When your communication stops, pretty much nothing will happen. He might notice it, but he will just assume you’re busy or not in the mood, and he will go on with real life. If you never text him again, he will not be heartbroken, but if you do, he’ll reply.

As he would do with all of his friends.

What Happens When You Suddenly Stop Texting A Guy?

You may cry in the beginning, but soon you’ll realize that it was a good decision because you’ll have your power back and you’ll be on his mind. This is what happens:

1. You’ll have your power back.

There’s nothing worse than to be begging for a guy’s attention. I’m not judging you… I’ve been in the same situation countless times.

The harder you try, the more he pulls back and you feel desperate. You live for the moments when he finally pays attention to you, but between those moments, you feel worthless.

Stepping back will do you good. You will be sad in the beginning, but you’ll feel proud of yourself soon. You will realize that you’re strong and you will love the feeling of being in control.

2. He will think about you.

He will most likely think about you.

Whether he wanted a relationship with you or not, you were giving him attention, and he enjoyed it. He loved to know that someone had a crush on him. It boosted his ego.

Now that you’re gone, he will miss your presence. He may even feel abandoned. He will start thinking about you, wondering what happened.

3. You will focus on yourself.

When you stop wasting time waiting by the phone, hoping to get his message, you’ll finally be able to focus on yourself. This situation was time- and energy-consuming, and you became exhausted.

When you intentionally stop texting him, you will create more space for yourself. You’ll realize he’s not the only guy in the world.

If you want to try a new dating app, I support you. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, girl. You will find a guy who will genuinely love you for who you are.

4. He will want what he can’t have.

That’s the thing with people… we want what we can’t have. When you were free and available for him, he didn’t appreciate you enough.

Now that you’re living your life and not paying attention to him, he’ll be dying to get close to you.

Of course, don’t rush to start talking to him. Give yourself time to think about what you really want, and also give him an opportunity to chase you and fight for you. If you become available too quickly, he can lose interest again.

5. He will respect you more.

He liked you and found you attractive, but he was not 100% sure about what he wanted with you. In this case, by ignoring him, you will make him rethink his opinion about you.

You will show him that you respect yourself and you don’t waste time and energy, and therefore, he will respect you more.

How Do You Know When To Stop Texting A Guy?

If a guy is not putting in the same effort as you are, you should stop texting him. If you’re the one who initiates contact all the time and he takes forever to text you back, it most likely means he’s not that into you.

1. He never texts you first.

A piece of dating advice: let your effort be 50/50. This means that if you initiated contact this time, let him text you first next time. If the interest is mutual, that’s how it usually goes.

Of course, you won’t always follow this rule blindly. But, at the early stages, it’s very important to also let him do the work.

If you notice that he never texts you first, it can mean he’s just shy. But, let’s be honest – he’s probably not so interested.

You can text him twice first, but then leave it. Let him show if he’s into you or not.

2. He takes too long to reply.

We all have our own texting habits, and they can be different for different people. Some people love to be online and available all the time, while others can go for hours without a phone.

But, one thing is sure… when a man wants you, he will not leave you waiting for too long. If a guy stops texting you first and takes an eternity to reply to your text, it just means you are not his priority.

Don’t be fooled by “I’m busy” nonsense. Writing a message takes 10 seconds. So, save your dignity, and next time, when you feel the urge to text him, text your best friend instead. Or, that cute co-worker you made intense eye contact with yesterday.

3. He doesn’t add you on social media.

Texting guys who hide their social media from you is a risky job. When you’re genuinely interested in someone, you want to know everything about them. And, you want them to know you better. It goes hand in hand.

If a guy texts you for longer than a week, but still hides his Instagram or Facebook from you, that’s a red flag. He could be in a relationship and doesn’t want you to find out.

Or, he wants to keep his options open with other girls, so he doesn’t want you to leave any traces on his social media accounts.

4. He says he wants nothing serious.

I’m not a relationship expert, but this is pretty much obvious. What’s the point in wasting time on a guy who is open about not wanting a serious relationship? You’re not gonna change him or “fix him”… you’re not Bob, the Builder.

If you are also looking for something casual, then okay. But, if you hope to find true love, then you won’t find it at this address.

Save yourself from confusion and heartbreak and step back in time.

5. He doesn’t want to see you.

If you have been texting for some time, but he doesn’t ask you out, it doesn’t mean he wants to take it slow. It probably means he doesn’t want it at all.

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t be waiting too long to see you (unless it’s a long distance relationship). I would not advise you to ask him out first either. Let him show you what he wants.

Also, if you had a date planned, but then he canceled at the last minute, give him two days to bring up the topic and ask you out again.

Anything more than two days means he was not really dying to meet you the first time either.

To Conclude

I’m not saying you should play hot and cold games and manipulate people. But, dating is not an easy game, and if you want them to want you, you have to know when to pull back.

People are driven by mystery. What is easily available becomes boring.

If you want to know how a man feels about you, give him a chance to show it. Let him chase you.

Do guys notice when you stop texting them?

They do. And, as weird as it sounds, they love you more for that.