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6 Steps To Get Back On Your Feet After Surviving A Toxic Relationship

6 Steps To Get Back On Your Feet After Surviving A Toxic Relationship

It’s not like it’s been the easiest thing in the world to leave your toxic relationship but now you have to dedicate all your time and energy to healing and getting back on your feet. You’ve been broken and damaged, you’ve been turned into a punching bag for his words and one does not easily heal from all of that. It takes months or years to say that you are finally able to stand on your own two feet and begin a new life.

The thing is that a toxic relationship can leave marks on your heart forever but if you really want to recover, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you bounce back more easily.

1. Create a support group

Find people who have a positive mindset, people who want you to get better. If you keep on surrounding yourself with toxic people who only keep on draining your energy, you’ll end up worse than ever. You need a support group made up of people who want to help you and want to show you the brighter side of life. These people are your family, your closest friends and your therapist. Whenever you’re feeling down, don’t just sit around waiting for your thoughts to become quieter but rather call one of these people and let them know that you need their support.

2. Verbalize your problems

By communicating your problems, they aren’t just inside you anymore; you are letting them all out into the world. Talk about everything you’ve experienced and I know that it might be scary but it doesn’t mean that you have to shut down. Verbalize your problems and talk to people who are willing to listen and hold you when you’re crying. I know that it’s hard at the beginning and that you will cry at every memory you have of him and your relationship but it’s important. Let your wounds be seen by people who won’t take advantage of them. It’ll help your healing process.

3. Engage in physical activities

How you use your body will greatly affect how you feel. So don’t put your head down and don’t lie around the house all day. Your body feels heavy and your head is too clustered with thoughts for you to hold it up but try. Look at the sky and go for a run! Do something with your body that will release endorphins and make you feel good about yourself again. Get into shape and show the world that you are stronger than anything that threw you off of your feet.

4. Take care of yourself

You’ve experienced it on your own skin that no one will take care of you unless you do it yourself. So do it! You don’t need anyone else but yourself. Go for a massage, go out with friends and do the whole make-up routine, go out shopping and buy yourself something beautiful. Make yourself feel good again! You can achieve this only by taking good care of yourself. Dedicate all the energy and time you need in order to heal and get back on your feet again.

5. Cleanse yourself from toxicity

You have been exposed to a toxic person for far too long and it’s finally time to cleanse your body, mind and soul from it. Engage yourself in a movement or an organization that works with a cause you believe in. Volunteer to make your chest feel a little less heavy and it will occupy your mind to the point where you won’t even remember what you felt like before all of this. You can also engage yourself in something spiritual like yoga or meditation, because it will make you feel relaxed and healthy.

6. Let it all out

Don’t just hold your grief in but let it out. Go to the top of a mountain and scream from the bottom of your lungs to let all that tension out of you. You really do need to let go of all the things that have happened to you. Acknowledge the pain and hurt because if you don’t, it will eat you alive day by day. If you don’t let yourself cry all those tears out they will come back for you in the future. So let it all out now. Your future self will thank you.