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7 Early Signs The Guy You’re Seeing Is Not Who He Says He Is

7 Early Signs The Guy You’re Seeing Is Not Who He Says He Is

Have you recently started seeing a guy who at first glance seems like the perfect male specimen, but when you look at it closely, something definitely smells a little fishy?

Generally, you really like this dude, and you totally want to keep seeing him, but there’s a little voice inside you warning you about all those tiny red flags you’ve been noticing about him but choosing to ignore.

Look, it could totally be just your mind playing games with you, and he really is a cool, stand-up guy who could end up making you really happy.

But also, if your gut keeps telling you there’s something that just feels off, perhaps it’s a smart choice to trust it?

I don’t know about you, but my gut has never failed me so far.

Usually when I sense something’s off, that ends up being the case. I’m never happy about it, but hey, at least it helps me get out of bad shit in time.

I always want to believe the best about people, and for a bit, I, too, choose to ignore that little nagging voice inside me, but when it just won’t shut up, that’s when I take it seriously and get a grip.

Don’t let that voice inside you be left unheard. If you feel there’s more to him than meets the eye, check out these 7 things to see if he really is who he says he is or if you’re dealing with a serial liar!

1. He’s hesitant to give you his social media accounts

That’s a red flag if I’ve ever seen one! If he’s active on social media and he knows you’re aware of it, why wouldn’t he just give you his IG handle?

There’re really no reason not to share his Insta with you, unless he’s hiding something.

If you two are seeing each other, there’s really no excuse to hide his virtual life from you. What could possibly explain that?

I don’t know about you, but I would feel totally weird about it and consider it a warning to get out in time…

2. He’s often flaky but never offers a specific explanation for his behaviour

Usually, the best you’ll hear from him is ‘’Sorry babe, something came up!’’, and you’re just supposed to be okay with that?

He never tells you why he didn’t show up, and if you ask him outright, he’ll just get out of saying it with a bunch of vague excuses and end up totally changing the topic.

Clearly, he doesn’t want to tell you, but the real question is—why?

3. He never wants to Facetime or video-chat with you

Whenever you suggest calling him or vice versa, he’s always got somewhere to be, and it’s seemingly never the right time for him.

You’ve never Facetimed, and slowly, you’re wondering if there could be more to it?

If there’s anything Catfish has taught us, it’s that there’s definitely something fishy going on if the person refuses to be seen on camera.  

That’s just a really suspicious habit which you shouldn’t indulge for much longer.

4. He’s extremely anxious at the prospect of meeting your friends

At the very mention of arranging a small get-together so that he could meet your crew, he instantly becomes anxious and looks for any excuse he can find to get out of it.

He could just be a really introverted person… OR he could be somebody totally different and he’s scared that some of your friends might see through his BS, or worse—know that he’s not who he says he is.

5. He always texts back at the weirdest hours

He either takes hours to reply (he already has someone at home and is waiting to be left alone) or he only texts during the day (when he’s at work and therefore free to text you, as opposed to at night when he’s with the other person).

Watch his texting patterns, and if he never deviates from his texting schedule, maybe it’s time to get suspicious.

That’s a possible sign that he’s got a side chick and is only able to text at certain hours when he’s not with her.

6. He never wants to hang out at his place because he ‘’lives too far’’

7 Early Signs The Guy You're Seeing Is Not Who He Says He Is

Does he often say that it’s just more convenient to hang at your place because it’s just closer or less crowded?

It could be any number of excuses, but the bottom line is—going to his place is off limits.

That could easily mean he’s already living with someone and doesn’t want to get caught OR he may be seeing a few chicks at once, so he doesn’t want to risk going to his place in case they decide to show up announced (and fuck things up for him).

Whichever it is, it doesn’t sound particularly promising, and you should probably dump him.

7. He calls you whenever he wishes, but you always have to check first to get the all-clear

7 Early Signs The Guy You're Seeing Is Not Who He Says He Is

Some people aren’t really into calling much and prefer the good, old text message, and that is a completely possible scenario here.

But, if he calls you whenever he wishes and never lets you do the same, that’s a cause for distress.

It likely means that he’s sleeping next to somebody who has zero clues about you and doesn’t want to risk you two finding out about each other.

You can’t really know for sure, but if he’s adamant you never call without checking first, I would definitely be suspicious, and you should. too.

Trust your judgment, and don’t let him play you for a fool.

You’re way too good for him anyway.