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7 Reasons To Cuddle As Often And As Much As You Can

7 Reasons To Cuddle As Often And As Much As You Can

All human beings crave closeness—it seems like it is innate. Cuddling is a great way to achieve that. It enables people to express love and affection. Without using words, cuddling will tell you all you need to know.

Men need cuddling as much as women do but they are not so eager to admit it. Probably because it’s not very manly. In any case, the point is that they do cuddle when they feel comfortable around their partner.

Without even thinking about it, both men and women on some subconscious level want the warmth of another human being. Even when they are between relationships or recovering from one, they look for a cuddle buddy who will soothe their cravings and help them get through difficult times.

I guess we don’t really need a reason to cuddle. We simply do it because it makes us feel good. Nonetheless, it’s good to know all the benefits of cuddling and to keep in mind all the possible reasons to cuddle as much and as often as you can:

1. It makes you feel safe








While cuddling, you are leaning on another person, literally, and it’s the best feeling ever. A person you cuddle with is someone you trust and feel comfortable around. In a way, that warmth you feel from the inside is telling you that you are there for one another.

2. It has a calming effect

After a busy day at work, after all the stress you went through during the day, you find your shelter in somebody’s arms. An embrace with that special someone makes your whole day better. There is no need to speak. You just feel somebody’s skin attached to yours, you hear them breathing beside you and you are instantly calm and all your troubles seem so far away. It’s even been scientifically proven that cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone which reduces social anxiety and depression, improves your mood in general and makes you feel happy.

3. It has actual physical health benefits

Not only does cuddling improve your mental health but it also improves your physical health. They are in a way intertwined. The release of oxytocin while we hug and cuddle makes us feel good inside and out. To avoid getting too deep into the science of it, I will get straight to the point—basically, cuddling, touches and skin-to-skin contact helps us fight infection, boosts our immune system, lowers the risk of heart disease and we handle pain with more ease. So cuddle away and stay healthy.

4. It builds trust

The sole fact that you are physically so close means you decided to trust each other. And you can’t place your trust in just anybody now can you? Cuddling forms an emotional connection and that’s one of the most important aspects of a meaningful relationship. So if you want to deepen your relationship, just keep on cuddling.

5. It makes you sleep better

There is nothing better than to be cuddled right into sleep. You fall asleep more easily when someone hugs and kisses all your worries away. You also wake up happy, smiling and radiant because you slept all through the night and just woke up next to the person you care about.

6. It reveals true feelings

In a way, cuddling can make us feel vulnerable. Without a word uttered, it shows just how deep your feelings are for that other person. That’s why some men can find it scary and they usually keep cuddling as something they won’t share with just anybody. It’s reserved for someone who is special to them. It helps them to communicate their feelings without having to say the actual words.

7. It betters your sex life

Cuddling doesn’t have to necessarily be related to sex. Sometimes you cuddle just for cuddling without any higher agenda. But when sex is involved, cuddling is more than welcome. It can be foreplay to a very intimate sex act and it increases your desire. Likewise, cuddling after sex is a great tell-tale sign that your partner is not just there for sex. They feel close and connected and that’s why they enjoy every moment they spend cuddling and snuggling with you.