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7 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

7 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

As women, we get to the point where we get ashamed of our body, where we get really insecure and uneasy while being naked for many reasons. Our natural body, without clothes, without anything unnatural to cover it, has been known to be something shameful. I also thought that being/sleeping naked was more of a sin than something that could benefit me, before I actually tried it. Sleeping naked has brought me some amazing overall health benefits that I am going to share with you today, so you can actually find a reason to try it out yourself and see how kind it is to yourself to actually do it.

1. You accept your body

Is there any better way to accept your body than to actually embrace everything it is? By sleeping naked, you are telling your body that it’s OK, you are saying to yourself that you love yourself enough to spend the night completely naked and happy with who you are. That’s why you will wake up empowered in the morning and what happened to me was that I actually felt so much more at peace with how I looked after a while of sleeping completely naked.

2. You sleep better

It has been scientifically proven that women who sleep naked do sleep much better than women who sleep in their pajamas. You feel more free and that is why sleeping naked is a much better option and because it frees your body to regulate your temperature better.

3. Your feminine parts are kept healthier

It is well-known that panties, tight jeans and shorts reduce the air flow to your ‘private parts’, which means that it gets sweaty more easily and the moisture of it can actually make it sick. So, for that same reason, the air flow that you allow your body to feel while sleeping naked is what keeps your feminine parts very healthy. You let it breathe throughout the night so that it actually has a nice little rest from a whole day in super tight jeans. This is also the best way to keep your vagina from smelling ‘funny’ or getting sweaty.

4. It reduces blood pressure

By sleeping naked, your body releases those ‘feel good hormones’ like oxytocin, which make you feel good about yourself. This means that it lowers your stress levels and it makes you feel good from the inside out. By lowering your stress levels, of course, your blood pressure decreases.

5. It strengthens your relationship

If you choose to sleep naked with your partner, just the way your bodies touch while sleeping is what keeps you emotionally stable and secure. As said, sleeping naked releases those ‘feel good’ hormones that help you connect with someone better and at a higher level. If you choose to sleep together naked with your partner, be prepared to feel more connected with them and for it to make your sex life much better.

6. It can help you lose weight

This one I didn’t experience myself, because I really do have a stable weight, but according to my friends who have slept naked while on a diet and according to some articles on the Internet, sleeping naked can actually help you lose weight. Why? Well, if you’re cold and your body tries to keep itself warm, your body is losing more calories than usual. Your body loses fat faster when it’s cold, so sleeping naked with a light blanket can help that dieting process of yours. Of course, don’t go overboard and do this when it’s freezing outside—it will have another effect that has nothing to do with good health.

7. It’s just convenient

You shouldn’t be stressing about pajamas and sometimes those cute ones that we buy to impress our partner are way too expensive for our budget. For that same reason, you will not only save money, time and effort, but you will also do the best thing ever for you and your partner. Your body will be thankful, your health will improve and everything you need to do is be yourself. Isn’t it easier to show and love your body than to hide it away? Embrace that feminine side of yourself and don’t hold back!