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7 Things You Need To Know About A Strong And Independent Woman

7 Things You Need To Know About A Strong And Independent Woman

We are OK with being single

For some reason, men simply can’t realise that some women out there do not need them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we want to be alone forever and that we will push away any kind of love and affection someone shows us.

But we don’t need a man to be happy. How many times do I have to say that there are so many important things in life that we pursue rather than a relationship?

If we do find someone who’s interesting, a someone we could fall in love with, than we will give up our single life. Until then, we are OK with being single.

We are not scary

If being strong and independent intimidates you, then that’s your problem.

Being able to express our thoughts and being able to say what we want in life isn’t something people should be scared of.

I can hear people constantly saying that I shouldn’t be like this because no man will ever date me.

They tell me that men love to be the leaders and women should be followers.

But let me just tell you that I don’t want to change myself to please any standard. If that’s what intimidates you, then fine. Only a real man can be with a strong woman.

We are highly intelligent

Every strong woman is highly intelligent. It’s seen in the way she handles life and the people around her.

We know how to handle unexpected situations, how to plan out our days to get the most out of them and even how to repair things around our houses.

This might also be one of the things that men get intimidated by because for some reason, if we don’t ask anything from you, you automatically get insulted and you get the feeling that you are not wanted.

Just because we don’t need you to perform an oil change doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to be in our lives.

We don’t give value to material things

You should never come to a strong and independent woman telling her that you would like to spoil her with gifts. Don’t spoil her with gifts, spoil her with loyalty.

Some things simply are way more important than material things.

If you don’t know how to treat a woman well and all you do is make her feel worthless and unloved, then we won’t stand for it.

If you really want a strong woman in your life, act like that. You have to treat us well.

We empower other women

We don’t find other women to be a threat but rather an inspiration to us and to other people around them. Every strong woman should be admired and we live by that!

We can learn so much from each other, so why should we compete for something when there’s enough in this world for all of us?

Enough success, enough amazing jobs and enough men.

We don’t need jealousy in our lives and we don’t need you to tell us to compete with other women for whatever reason. We have so much better stuff to do.

We are not ‘cold’

Just because we don’t chase you and we are not clingy doesn’t mean that we’re not interested. We simply don’t find time to chase someone around.

In fact, we are very emotional and vulnerable creatures. When we fall in love with a man, we fall hard and we will do anything to make you happy.

But we don’t have to jump around you to make sure you know that we’re interested.

We also want to be loved, protected and appreciated—we just don’t want to lose ourselves in the process.

We are difficult to love

Because of the fact that we have learned how to solve all our problems on our own, it’s hard for us to actually let someone in.

We can’t remember that it’s fine if we depend on someone sometimes and that’s why even when we’re sick, we don’t accept help from our partners.

It’s like a curse when you want and need someone to love and treat you well, but you simply don’t let them.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up on loving us, but rather that you should realise that we’re difficult and that you need to understand us.