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7 Tragic Signs That Your Relationship Is Slowly Burning Out

7 Tragic Signs That Your Relationship Is Slowly Burning Out

It’s always important to be honest and upfront with yourself, no matter how hard the reality you’re facing may be.

Sometimes, you stay in a relationship that you know has run its course, simply because it’s familiar and comforting.

It’s nice having someone there, even if the thing that kept you together has started fizzling out…

It’s a hard pill to swallow, admitting to yourself that your relationship is over, because your pride is making you give it another try, even though you know there’s really no point.

Prolonging the inevitable is only making you suffer unnecessarily and neither you nor your partner are happy and fulfilled. So who wins here?

It’s better to just rip off the band aid and face the facts, because that is the only healthy way to cope with a relationship that is no longer thriving.

Staying for the all the wrong reasons is not a reason to stay at all.

If you feel like your relationship is heading towards its demise, it’s likely that your gut is trying to tell you something, so you should pay close attention and listen to it.

Here are 7 signs that point out your relationship is indeed slowly burning out and that there is really no reason to stay any longer.

1. You have no problem picturing yourself with someone else

If the thought of being intimate with another person doesn’t repulse you at all, and actually makes you feel positive and excited, that’s the first sign that you are already halfway out the door.

When you are happy and fulfilled in a relationship, you can’t really imagine being with another person.

The thought of that would be impossible, as your partner is all you could ever wish for.

But when you’re already seeing yourself with another man (regardless of who it is), it’s a true sign that it really is over, at least on your part. You just need to embrace it and accept it.

2. Your goals and dreams are completely different and you can’t find middle ground

When two people love each other, they work their asses off to align their two worlds as best as they can, by any means necessary.

Compromise is key for two partners with different lifestyles who truly want to make it work.

But when you and your man can’t seem to find middle ground on anything, that’s a huge problem.

That is something that is likely going to cause more and more friction in your future and it’s only going to get messier.

When you love a person, you try your best to make it work.

But when you don’t want to give up on any of your ideas and dreams, it signifies that your love is not that strong after all.

3. You wouldn’t trust him with your life

This is the biggest red flag there is. If this person you’re with is not somebody you would trust with your life, then what are you even still doing there?

Your partner is supposed to be the one person who has your complete trust.

But if you find yourself unsure and uneasy about trusting him with serious things, you’re truly done with this relationship.

Whatever it is that caused this lack of trust in your partner has clearly done its damage, and now you just need to find a way to deal with it as best you can, and decide how to proceed.

4. You keep having the same arguments over and over again

This is a big problem. If you can’t put any of your arguments behind you, it’s a sign of a much bigger issue.

Sure, everybody fights sooner or later, and there’s no way around it. But eventually, they also find a way to work it out.

However, when you just can’t find a solution that benefits you both, at least in part, you two really can’t seem to find your way back to how it was, or you simply don’t want to. It’s up to you to recognize which one it is.

People who care about each other ultimately find common ground, because they love each other too much.

If you can’t seem to do that, it’s probably for the best that you end it before it gets too messy.

5. You don’t really care how he feels anymore

You just aren’t as bothered about hurting his feelings as you used to be.

You definitely don’t mean him any harm, it’s just that his pain no longer affects you that much. Not the way it used to, anyway.

This doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means you have probably fallen out of love with him, and you’re no longer part of this relationship in your head.

If you were, his feelings would be much more important to you and his mood would literally affect yours.

6. The smallest things about him annoy the hell out of you

The little quirks about him used to be so cute and endearing to you, but now, you can’t stand them.

It has become so annoying that you want to scream at him to stop doing that thing you used to find so cute, but you somehow collect yourself and stay calm.

This is a clear indication of a relationship that is burning out.

When things you used to find cute about each other are irritating you beyond belief, there is obviously no more romantic love there.

You care about him as a person, sure, but definitely not as a boyfriend. Not anymore.

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7. You spend lots of time away from each other and you are both totally fine with it

Zero need to spend time together is one of the clearest signs that your relationship has truly fizzled out.

You don’t have to be attached at the hip, but you do need to want to spend time with each other.

When that feeling is gone and you’re perfectly fine spending lots of time apart, there is really nothing left to be said there.

Perhaps it’s best you two just have a heart to heart in order to realize when it all started going downhill and simply try to end things on a good note.

Just because you’re no longer crazy in love with each other, doesn’t mean you don’t care about each other as individuals.

Take this as an opportunity to have one of those amicable breakups where you both leave with zero resentment towards each other, and take pride in that because that’s the adult way to break up!

7 Tragic Signs That Your Relationship Is Slowly Burning Out