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7 Ways To Handle Sexual Tension Between Friends

7 Ways To Handle Sexual Tension Between Friends

Once you cross the line which separates friends from lovers there is no going back. It’s almost impossible to be friends again after you have seen somebody without their clothes on. That’s one of the main reasons why a lot of people try to handle their sexual tension.

Friendship is too valuable and a lot of people decide to put their romantic feelings aside for the sake of it. And who could blame them as good friends are hard to find and if they know each other well and assume that things won’t work in the long run, why risk it?

However, sexual tension is hard to ignore. It consumes both of you and it doesn’t leave you be. You keep attracting each other like magnets and it’s hard to play it cool. Sometimes it’s even obvious to the people around you and they leave you with random comments to think about.

What to do when you want to handle the sexual tension between friends?

1. Remember why it’s not a good idea

If you were to make a list of things of why you guys wouldn’t make it if you made your fantasies a reality, the con section would be a mile long. Think about that every time you are close to your hot friend. Whatever the reason for holding back might be, you decided it was a bad idea. Remember why that is so and things will get a bit easier.

2. Practice self-control

This is the hardest thing to do but if you made a promise to yourself never to do it then stick to it. Don’t let yourself down. Make a firm decision to ignore all the chemistry you are experiencing with your friend. Look at it as something temporary that will pass. You have the ability to control your mind and the tingling feeling in your body will pass too.

3. Distance yourself for a while

Take a pause. Every time they ask you if you want to hang out, act busy and reschedule. You can’t ignore them for long but sometimes making some space between you is a good idea. Distance will give you perspective and a chance to cool off. If he is constantly on your radar, it will be so much harder to ignore the tension you are experiencing. Take a break from each other for a while.

4. Stop flirting

When the sexual tension is through the roof, flirting becomes the way to communicate. You do it without even being aware, words just come out of you. But flirting can be dangerous, it brings you one step closer to doing all the naughty things you said you wouldn’t. So the next time a flirty remark that’s only building up your sexual tension comes your way, choose to ignore it. Act like you haven’t heard it or just smile and change the topic. Flirting only fires your imagination and you don’t need it if you are determined to keep your sexual tension locked.

5. Spend time among mutual friends rather than together alone

It’s so much easier to control your instincts and not rip each other’s clothes off when other people are around. So that’s exactly where you need to be—among friends. Nevertheless, it won’t be easy but while you are spending time with other people, your attention won’t be solely focused on your attractive friend but instead divided among other people who seek your attention too. It’s not a permanent solution but it’s better than you two spending quality time alone.

6. Avoid close contact

Gently touching each other’s arms while you talk, hugs that last way too long, prolonged eye contact, etc., are things you do on a regular basis and that behavior is common among friends. However, when you are looking at your friend as the object of your desire, by sharing touches or any kind of innocent physical contact it can deepen your desires. Not to mention that you will have this immense desire for those touches to be anything but innocent.

7. Distract yourself

In other words, start going out on dates, start noticing other attractive people around you. Your mind is driven by your tension and it is making you think that there is no one out there worthy of your attention. But what if there is and you are missing out because you are hooked on your forbidden love? Anyway, it’s worth a try.