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8 Different Types Of Love And How They Impact Your Life

8 Different Types Of Love And How They Impact Your Life

Love. The most beautiful feeling in the whole world. But rare are the ones who can find real, pure love.

Somehow, we always suffer in love and then we find what we craved all the time.

But if it is something we wanted the whole time, I guess it pays off. What people often miss seeing is that there are different types of love and that every one of them can make them happy if it is real.

We shouldn’t connect love only to the love that we feel toward our partner but toward other people as well.

And to be able to understand this topic a bit better, I decided to tell you something about each type of love and how they impact your life.

Eros love


This is what is considered to be an erotic kind of love that comes from the Greek god of love.

It is the type of love we feel when we are romantically and sexually attracted to someone. In this phase of falling in love, people lose their mind and they can’t control what they do.

They are willing to do anything for the person they have fallen for and they don’t think about the consequences.

It is love that lights quickly but the one that also burns out in a second.

It is often connected to lovers who craved each other for a long time until their bodies connected.

When you fall in this kind of love, you will feel like never before in your life and everything will finally make sense.

But you should watch out what you do now to prevent regret later because you can easily end up with a broken heart.

Philia love

This is the second type of love, also known as friendship. It is clear and pure love without any interest.

This kind of love is a different type of love than Eros since Eros is founded on physical attraction, while this kind of love is not connected to it at all.

Only real friends can feel this kind of love and will never ask for something in return for doing so.

It is love for humanity but not because you will gain something by doing so but simply because you are a good person.

It is love where you don’t have any problems writing a letter to a best friend to surprise them or to just remind them how special they are.

It means giving 100% of yourself to someone who doesn’t have your blood but you love them like a brother or sister.

You feel some magical and cosmic connection between the two of you and you would die for them.

This kind of love happens rarely but when it does, it is the real deal.

Storge love

This type of love is very similar to philia but the only difference is that this one happens within the family.

It is the kind of love you can feel toward your parents and your children.

It is the pure and clean type of love where you don’t care what you gain from it but you instinctively give it.

Also, you can find this kind of love among kids who develop it while they are growing up.

That’s how many people have friends from childhood that they still love and care about even if they are adults now.

It has nothing to do with passion or desire but it is founded on the purest love that exists.

It is the form of love a mother feels toward her child, regardless of who that child becomes.

It means that she will always follow her motherly instinct and try to protect her child in any way she can.

Ludus love

This kind of love is also called playful love and can be seen between two lovers at the beginning of a romantic relationship.

At this stage, lovers burn in love and they enjoy every second that they spend with each other.

And even if it is pleasant, it can also be quite impulsive and full of different feelings, such as anxiety, anger, obsession, neediness, and depression.

Lovers don’t realize that they are playing with fire and that they can get burned. They don’t think about the consequences and they go all in.

They feel they found their twin flame love but they are wrong because this kind of love is not mature.

It is more about flirting and having fun. It can transform into real love if both partners make some effort but in most cases, it ends up in an ugly way.

Mania love

This kind of love is also known as obsessive love. In most cases, it happens when the partners are young and without any love experience.

They believe the person they fell in love with is the one and that nobody else can love them in the same way.

Some have serious issues and they act clingy and needy, waiting for their partner to make all their dreams come true.

They are addicted to their partner so much that they don’t have any social life outside of the relationship.

A woman who loves a man in this way will probably always ask herself: ‘Does he miss me?’ while the man won’t be able to love her like she wants.

People trapped in this kind of love can’t see that their relationships are harming them more than making them happy.

They just want to love and be loved but they often don’t realize that they have been making an effort for the wrong person the whole time.

Pragma love

If you were lucky enough to have this form of love, then you should thank heaven for it.

This kind of love is the one that is mature and long-term, bringing only harmony and happiness into your life.

You can find it in old couples who have been together for a long time.

In this kind of love, a woman wants her man to love her unconditionally and to be faithful to her, while the man seeks all the qualities of a good woman in his partner.

It is all about things that matter the most—love, affection, support, respect and unity. In this form of love, partners don’t have any problem writing love paragraphs to each other just to express their love.

They don’t mind going the extra mile to make things work and they don’t ask for anything in return.

And even if this kind of love is rare nowadays, it is not impossible if all falls into place.

Philautia love

Philautia or self-love is a type of love people often mistake for narcissism.

When someone mentions self-love, people immediately think that it is something wrong but it doesn’t have to be like that.

This love can be healthy like any other form and I would say that it is essential to first love yourself so you could do that for others.

If you don’t love or respect yourself as a person and if you don’t value your efforts, there is no way you will be able to do that for others.

You need to go through life carrying the baggage of all your failures and not look at them like that but as your lessons.

You need to know that life is all about ups and downs and that in the end, it is not important how many times you fall down but how many times you get up.

Maybe you won’t feel this kind of love in your youth but when you are mature and when you can say that you understand life, you will definitely feel it. And only then will you feel the peace within.

Agape love

Agape is an unconditional and universal kind of love that doesn’t have anything to do with desires or interests.

It is the altruistic type of love where we love, not expecting anything in return.

It is not the type of love that passes and vanishes but the one that always stays in us.

It is something much bigger than our expectations, something almost impossible to feel or get.

It is true empathy toward people and deeply understanding their needs and thoughts.

It is love that doesn’t hold grudges, that forgives and that is always a shelter where you can go after life slaps you or brings you down.

If you are able to give this kind of love, you will be spiritually clean and your mental and physical health will be better.

You won’t have any need to spoil other people’s lives because you will be satisfied with your own life.

And everything good that you do for others will be things that you do because you want to and not because of a higher goal.