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8 Signs He Cheated Even Though He Won’t Admit It

8 Signs He Cheated Even Though He Won’t Admit It

We always try to analyze men and their behaviors, but how wouldn’t we? When you have an unexplainable feeling that something isn’t as it used to be, you turn to analyze their behavior.

We have been played so many times by men who cheated and never admitted it, just for us to find it out way too late.

But let me tell you now that there are some subtle signs he cheated on you that you can see very clearly on him.

Use this knowledge to never let a man fool you again.

He’s going out more

He somehow always has something coming up. Whether he’s going out with his friends more than usual or he’s always telling you that he has a ‘family dinner’, chances are he’s cheating on you.

This doesn’t mean that if he goes out two nights in a row looking fabulous that he really is cheating, but if he does it the third night, I would consider talking with him about it.

He cares more about his hygiene

You know that when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’ll get to the point where you know your partner to the core and you know the way he cares about himself.

So, why is he suddenly starting to care about how he looks? Why does he take showers every day? Is he trying to impress you after all this time? The chances are low.

He has mood-swings

There’s no real reason for him to leave, so he has to create one. He gets irritated easily with stupid things and he’s nervous because he’s trying to find new excuses all the time.

It simply exhausts him and this exhaustion shows itself in unnatural mood-swings.

He’s probably going out all the time and when you ask him about it, he’s throw a tantrum just so he avoids your question.

He suddenly needs a lot of privacy

You’ve known him for so long and you two have always talked about everything that’s happening in your lives. But now?

He simply doesn’t want to tell you what he’s up to, always telling you that you’re too curious and that you need to back off.

He gets mad when you’re asking him whom he’s texting and so on.

He keeps his phone away from you

It doesn’t matter if you had free access to his phone before and now he’s keeping it away or if you were never enough intimate to check each other’s phones, but if he suddenly starts to keep it away from you and doesn’t want you near his phone, he’s probably hiding something.

He doesn’t even allow you to look at what he’s so smiling about on his phone, right?

Well, there must be something much more interesting than to keep up a conversation with you.

He puts the blame on you

When you ask him about him cheating, he’s automatically putting the blame on you, accusing you of cheating.

It might just be something simple as blaming you for not making the bed this morning or leaving the dishes from last night in the sink, but he somehow wants to escape to talk about the sin he made by blaming you for something instead.

His appetite for sex changed

The man who had such a high sex drive that you weren’t able to keep up with him is now totally uninterested in sex or has a lower sex drive than ever before.

Now, when you want to have sex, you get all ready – what does he do? He rejects you.

Someone else is making his appetite for sex stay satisfied.

You’re feeling weird

A woman can simply tell when a man stops loving her or if he has gotten involved with another woman.

It’s not insecurity—it’s rather the way his behavior changes that makes you feel weird and the way that you doubt his every move.

Women are known for their gut feeling never being wrong and that’s why you should trust your heart when it says that something is off.

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