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8 Signs You’re Experiencing A False “Twin Flame” Kind Of Relationship

8 Signs You’re Experiencing A False “Twin Flame” Kind Of Relationship

We all know by now the meaning of twin flame. It’s your soul’s other half, the true reflection of who you really are, your perfect match in every possible way. 

It makes the union of two imperfect people so incredibly perfect because of the love and understanding they share. 

But sometimes we mistake a false twin flame for a real one.

We believe that someone is made for us and that they are the real deal, that one-and-only we’ve been waiting for our whole lives. 

False twin flame and actual twin flame can be so similar that it’s easy to confuse the two. 

Our false twin flame is actually someone we dated before our true love finds us. It’s a bunch of frogs we kiss before meeting the prince. It’s the ultimate lesson on what love should never be. 

The best way in which you can tell the difference is by comparing the two twins in some crucial segments.

So let’s start and see how to save your heart when the false twin flame enters your life: 

A false twin will awaken the butterflies, while a true twin will bring serenity and calm 

With your false twin flame, you’ll feel like you are 15 all over again. You will be so nervous every time you are about to meet.

You will do your best to impress them and show yourself in the best light possible. 

A true twin flame will show you a more mature love – love in which the other person feels like home.

They will be your best friend and your confidant. You will feel so comfortable being yourself, there will be no place for pretending, and they will love you even more for it. 

The attitudes about your past will be different

Past is always an issue, and it’s bound to surface sooner or later. It just has to in order for it to be dealt with. so your insecurities can be solved and the past can lose its impact on your future. 

That’s how your real twin flame will approach your past. They will solve it and leave it behind. 

Your false twin flame, however, will prey on your insecurities, fears, and anxieties to manipulate you later on. They will rub it in your face every time they feel the need to do so.

They will both bring positive change, but at different times

They will both come into your life carrying positive change with them.

A false twin flame is like a boost of confidence and self-awareness at exactly the right moment.  

A true twin flame comes to you when you are already a stable, self-loving, and happy, and will add to that bliss.

They make you reach your full potential – the one you never knew you had. 

When a major bump in the road appears, your false twin flame union will weaken, while the real one will only get stronger

One major and crucial difference is that the false twin flame relationship will reach a point in which everything will be too hard to handle. Your disagreements will be so major that they will separate you. 

With your twin flame, forever means forever, love lasts in spite of bumps in the road and disagreements.

You stick together through the worst of times so you could enjoy the best ones later on. 

You won’t be quite sure where you stand with your false twin, while with your true twin it will all be transparent (even though it won’t always run smoothly) 

A false twin flame doesn’t necessarily mean an almost relationship or undefined relationship status. 

You can be in an exclusive relationship with your false twin, but you will never feel safe and secure with them. They will always be slightly out of reach. 

With your true twin, it will be totally different. You won’t have to guess anything. They won’t play hard to get. They will be honest even when the truth is hard to handle. The love you share will be there, no matter what. 

Breaking up and making up is possible with both, still there is one major difference…

It’s highly possible that your twin flame relationship will have a rough start.

You might part ways only to find each other later in life. But when you do, you will never again lose each other. 

Reunion with your false twin flame is also possible, but the major difference is that it won’t last. No matter how many times you try to give it another go, it never works. 

If you happen to break up at some point, the false twin flame will move on to another relationship, the real twin flame won’t 

If you do part ways with your true twin, they will never again have a connection with someone like they did with you. 

Your false twin, however, will without hesitation jump into someone else’s bed when you part ways.

They won’t have any trouble displaying their love towards another person in private and in public. 

With your false twin flame, your intuition telling you that something is off will be louder  

Even though everything is running smoothly, you won’t be able to shake the feeling that something is off.

You will try to silence your intuition and convince yourself that it’s all in your head, but sooner or later you will see that your intuition was right. 

On the other hand, when the twin flame is true, you will feel at peace.

Sure, you might at times have small uncertainties (usually caused by the damage of previous relationships), but all in all, you will know that there is no other love for you.