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5 Things You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety, Without Even Being Aware

5 Things You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety, Without Even Being Aware

If you are handling anxiety, you know very well it can be a bitch and you know how challenging and hard living with anxiety can be.

You know that anxiety has the power to consume you completely and that it is something you can’t chase away in the blink of an eye.

But what is even worse is when someone isn’t aware of all the things their anxiety makes them do. Sometimes, we ourselves are not aware that some of our actions and thoughts are not controlled by us but by this disorder.

1. Avoiding people

Your anxiety makes you feel tired and exhausted without any particular reason. It takes all your energy away and sometimes, you can’t even make yourself get out of bed, let alone communicate with others in any way.

And consequently, the people around you think that you are avoiding them. Men assume that you are playing hard to get and that you want them to chase you.

But the truth is quite different. Sometimes, you cancel plans with the people you want to see. And you do it simply because you don’t have the strength to face anyone.

You do it because you need some alone time and because you think that you’ll feel better if you just stay in. But this won’t help you—it will only make you lose touch with reality and that is the last thing you need.

So instead of acting this way, do your best to force yourself to interact with others. Trust me—this is the best way to get your mind off your problems.

2. Overthinking

Another thing you might not be aware that you are doing because of your anxiety is overthinking. But I don’t mean here that you just analyze important things regarding your life.

No, you dissect literally everything that has happened to you and you think about what will happen next.

You are never relaxed and never go with the flow and you always tire yourself with some unnecessary thoughts which you cannot avoid, even though you want to.

You think about your previous mistakes and all the things you wish you could have done differently. You think about how some things could have been and you are always in search of closure, even when you can’t get any.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying that there is something wrong with being careful about your choices but that doesn’t mean that you should spend sleepless nights racking your brains about every little decision. There are some things you can’t impact on and it is about time you accept that.

3. Worrying too much

Besides overthinking, your anxiety makes you worry too much as well. You are someone who always looks at things from a negative point of view and someone who will always expect the worst outcome and the darkest possible scenario to happen.

When someone shares their problems with you, you allow them to overwhelm you completely and you start to worry about them, as if they were yours. You simply don’t have the ability to look at things from a brighter perspective, as much as you try to do so.

And that is all because of your anxiety.

4. Comparing yourself to others

One of the worst crimes you can commit to yourself is comparing yourself to others. And that is exactly what you’ve been doing, thanks to your anxiety.

You are always worried that you didn’t accomplish as many things as others have and that you are the only one feeling miserable and the only one who hasn’t been doing so well. Well, let me tell you that this is bullshit.

Stop thinking about others and just focus on improving yourself, without comparing yourself to anyone. You have your own life and that should be your primary concern.

5. Thinking you aren’t enough

Anxious people are always worried that they are not pretty enough, smart enough or capable enough. And that is something you deal with all the time.

Your anxiety constantly makes you question your own worth and makes you doubt yourself, even when there is no apparent reason for something like this. When you get yourself involved in any type of a relationship, you are always concerned that the other person will see nothing other than your insecurities and that they will run away from you because you are not enough for them.

I have to ask you to stop with this crap. Embrace your imperfections and instead of putting all of your focus on them, think about the things that you are good at and which make you special.

Start loving yourself and others will follow, I promise you that.