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9 Easy-To- Miss Signs That A Shy Guy Likes You

9 Easy-To- Miss Signs That A Shy Guy Likes You

When it comes to shy guys, nothing is easy but everything is worth it. So what if we have to dig a little deeper and wait a little longer for him to uncover his feelings if we know it will be worth it in the end.

Shy guys are something extraordinary and unique in the sea of players we have moping around us all the time.

They have a hard time displaying their feelings so they prefer to keep them hidden. In a way, it’s easier than getting hurt or rejected.

However, their hidden feelings are bound to surface. There will be signs a shy guy likes you but they might be so low-key that you could easily miss them.

To prevent that from happening, look at the signs listed below and see if you are one of the lucky ones who has captured the heart of a shy guy:

They use social media to get closer to you

They love social media. Being behind the screen gives them more freedom and more confidence to be themself.

So don’t be surprised if you get long, elaborate, funny and witty messages from them while online and you don’t get even a peep in person—that’s just the way things are.

They will overuse the like button when it comes to you

Everything you post on social media has their like or some other reaction of theirs. Comments full of smilies are their thing too.

They feel too self-conscious to tell you they like you in person so they at least have your social media accounts to show even a little bit that they are fond of you.

They can’t handle prolonged eye contact

They can’t lock eyes with you for long periods of time. And it’s all because they like you too much. They want to lock eyes with you but every atom of their being is screaming not to.

So when they look at you, it’s like a series of small glances every now and then.

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Everything they say comes out wrong

They get clumsy with their words around you. They have this immense desire to impress you but everything they say doesn’t sit too well god with you or you just consider it weird.

He might even stutter or get tongue-tied. Don’t hold it against him. He has you on a pedestal and it’s not easy to be relaxed and yourself around someone you admire so much.

It’s all in the details

They remember every little thing about you. Stories you told them about yourself that even you don’t remember, they know by heart.

They know your birthday. They remember your favorite ice cream flavor and how you take your coffee.

They are not doing it intentionally or because they are creepy—you matter so everything about you matters too. That’s one of the biggest signs he has strong feelings for you

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They are always there to help

You probably never asked him for anything but he does his best to be there for you no matter what you need.

If you have deadlines and you have to hand in some papers/proposals/essays and you need someone to pull an all-nighter with, he is your man.

You are moving to your new apartment, he is there to help. You want coffee or something to eat and you are too lazy to move, he will get it for you.

They ask other people about you

They find it easier to talk about you with your friends than by simply having a conversation with you. Your friends are their best tool to getting to your heart.

They will say how much they admire you and how much you mean to them, secretly hoping that their words will get to you.

They might also befriend your friends so they could have more excuses to hang out and spend more time with you.

They will subtly hint that you should hear a particular song or watch a movie

They want to know your likes and dislikes so they will start small. They will recommend that you watch some movie or TV series that they like so they could see if you have the same preferences.

They will recommend a good song they just heard or some old one that means a lot to them. Knowing things like this about you gives them more conversational topics for the future.

They only flirt while drunk

A few drinks here and there will do them no harm but they will take the edge off. They will then be charming and flirty.

They will engage in an open conversation with you and will probably hint that they like you, which they could never do completely sober.