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A True Friend Won’t Let You Heal From A Heartbreak Alone

A True Friend Won’t Let You Heal From A Heartbreak Alone

Have you ever had a best friend, in the real sense of that word?

A sister, your other half and someone who is there for you through bad and good days, through thick and thin?

Have you ever had someone you can call in the middle of the night, when you’re not feeling well?

A person who isn’t your family by blood but by choice?

If you have, then you know that a true friend never lets you go through anything bad in life alone.

You know that she is someone who sticks by your side through all of your nightmares, including one of the worst things every girl can experience: a heartbreak.

Yes, she probably told you that this guy wasn’t right for you from the very start.

She probably warned you about his numerous flaws which you failed to notice.

This girl saw this man’s true colors before you did. She read right through his sweet words and charming exterior.

She saw that you could do better and that he never deserved you.

She saw that he was an immature boy who couldn’t put up with a strong woman like you.

She knew he wasn’t any good. She knew he would end up hurting you and that he would end up crushing your heart to pieces, exactly the way he did.

However, once everything she was warning you about became reality, you didn’t hear any repetitions of I told you so.

You didn’t hear her nagging that you should have known better or calling you stupid for believing in his lies.

Instead, she was right there holding your hand like every time up till now.

No, she didn’t rush you into anything and she never tried making you do things her way.

She wasn’t telling you that it was time for you to forget and move on, when you were obviously still not ready for that step.

She wasn’t judging you for taking so long to heal and she wasn’t pushing you to your limits.

However, she was there to understand you and to give you the support you desperately needed.

There to come to you, even when you didn’t reach out to her and to know what you needed before you knew it yourself.

This girl didn’t leave your sight for a minute.

She put up with you even when you were impossible to handle and even when she was too busy with her own life.

She was there all along, wiping your tears away and promising you that you would recover.

Reassuring you that better things would come along and begging you to have faith.

She was right there, listening to your endless stories she had heard a million times.

Listening to you retelling every single detail of your relationship, to you saying how much you still love this douchebag and you grieving your past.

She was right there, when you needed someone to stalk your ex or his next girlfriend.

Right there to curse the day he was born, to talk shit about him and everything he did to you.

She was right there to believe in you, even when you didn’t and to encourage you in the moments when you thought that you’d never be able to forget him.

She was right there to save you from him.

To haunt away all of your past demons and to help you take a step into the future.

This girl was next to you through all of your sleepless nights, when you needed someone to talk to you or just someone to sit there in silence.

Someone to count on and someone to bring you back your faith in humanity.

She was there to save you from your own bad judgments.

There to prevent you from sending all of those texts you would eventually regret, from picking up the first guy you liked just to get even with your ex and to stop you from losing your dignity.

She was your guardian angel and your shoulder to cry on.

The light at the end of your tunnel and the silver lining to your cloud.

The good in all of your bad days.

And that is exactly what true friends are for.

Because a true friend will never let you go through a heartache alone.

Instead, she will stand by your side to pick up your broken pieces and to glue you back together. 

And that is something you should always be thankful for.