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How To Play Hard To Get: The Ultimate Guide You Should Follow

How To Play Hard To Get: The Ultimate Guide You Should Follow

Knowing how to play hard to get is a science. You can’t just learn that overnight because it needs a lot of time and a lot of ‘victims’ to be a master of this discipline.

There are women who are playing hard to get but they do it brutally by disrespecting any man who comes close, and in doing so, they lose them.

On the other hand, there are women who know the right amount of being a bitch and acting distant and flirting with a guy, so they can get what they want.

Some of them only want a one-night-stand while others want a long-term relationship.

But no matter what their desire is, there are some strict rules every woman needs to follow if she wants to get the guy she likes.

So stay tuned because I am about to reveal the real thrill of the chase once you decide to play this game.

How to play hard to get?

Tell him that you are busy but that he can buy you dinner

This is a strategy that always works. You are sending him the message that you won’t be available just when he wants but rather when you decide.

You will look like a girl who is hard to get, yet giving him hope that something might happen between the two of you.

And while he is waiting for you, he will be super-excited and he will want to impress you the best he can.

By playing games like these, you will have his heart and you will be able to do whatever you want with it.

Just make sure that you don’t play with his emotions because you wouldn’t want someone to play with yours either.

Whisper something in his ear but don’t touch him

This is a deadly move, so you better watch how you do it. He will feel that you are close enough to touch but he will still know that he can’t do that without your permission.

While you are whispering something into his ear, be close enough with your lips, so it looks like you will lick him, but don’t do it.

It will drive him crazy and he will fall madly in love with you.

Even if it is your first date , he will be so obsessed with you and he will only think about the thrill of the chase he is experiencing with you.

He won’t be able to believe that he was so lucky to meet a girl like you. And because of that, he will do anything to win you over and it won’t be a problem for him to open up to you or to go the extra mile for you.

Don’t answer his texts right away

If you answer his texts right away, he will think that you are always available to him and that he can reach you at any time.

He will believe that you are sitting at home and staring at an empty screen and that is not how you will get a guy for sure.

Instead, leave him waiting a little bit. By playing hard to get, you will create some tension and he will know that he needs to put in some extra effort if he wants to win you over.

Show him that you are not the type of woman for a one-night stand and that you don’t want a short-term relationship.

After an hour or two, you can text him back, saying that you didn’t see his message and that it was nice of him to reach out.

This is a hot and cold game, so be smart about how you play it.

Show him that you have your own life and that you are not planning to sit next to your phone and wait for his call.

But also, let him know that you simply love everything about romantic relationships and that you would be over the moon if he could make the first move .

Don’t reveal everything about your love life

There is an old saying: ‘A woman without secrets is like a sky without stars’!

That means it won’t be interesting to him if you tell him your life story immediately. Wait until you get to know him better to tell him some important things.

In the beginning, you can just tell him ordinary things that everyone knows, like your hobbies and about your job.

Also, to avoid being boring, you can ask him something about the things he likes to do in his spare time.

If he is your potential partner , he needs to earn his place there, so wait for the right moment to open up to him.

Don’t tell him how you feel but show some interest

Even if you think he is the man of your dreams , don’t tell him that right away. Instead, just smile and flirt with him, so he sees that he has a chance with you.

You need to play hard to get with the guy that you like and this is one of the best strategies.

If you reveal everything about yourself and the way you are attracted to him, he will lose interest.

But if you show just a little bit of interest, he will want to chase you, and in the end, that is what you want, right?

Tell him something about your night out with the girls but don’t reveal everything

He doesn’t need to know how many friends you have or exactly what you did last night. You can be witty and tell him a story that is better than what really happened.

Because of this, he will think that you are a very popular girl and that he is lucky to know you.

Also, he will think that only an amazing guy can have you and he will work hard to satisfy all your wishes.

It won’t be difficult for him to make your dreams come true because he will think that you are worthy enough.

And you know what? You are worthy just the way you are! By playing hard to get, you are just helping him to actually see that.

Mention that you have male friends but explain that they are just friends

Tell him that you have male friends and that you often go out with them. Just make it clear that they are just friends with you and that you don’t want to have friends with benefits.

Give him a chance to see that you are single and that he has a chance with you.

That will boost his ego because he will think that you are still available and he will do anything to be with you.

In fact, if he sees a nice guy around you, even though you are just friends, he may get a little bit upset and start working harder to win you over.

So, be ready for a dozen red roses in front of your door early in the morning and cute love paragraphs on your desk while you are in the office.

Remember that this is not a bad thing . You just know how to play the game and you made him want to kill to be your boyfriend.

Don’t go to bed with him, just give him a kiss

And when I say kiss, I mean a kiss that will turn him on so badly that he will beg for another one.

If you do this, you will take playing hard to a whole new level. If you can’t stand it anymore and you want to sleep with him, one make-out session will probably satisfy you.

The worst thing that you can do is go to bed with him on the first date. If you do that, he will think that you are an easy girl and that any man can have you.

That is a very bad reputation and once you get it, it is very difficult to get rid of.

Instead, keep him on fire and tease him whenever you can. It will make him lose his mind about you and you will be his most important and likely only obsession.

Be smart and postpone sex. Trust me, it will be better for your love life . And no problem, you will thank me later!

Don’t be clingy but appreciate his efforts

There is something all guys hate and that is a clingy girlfriend . If you act all needy and clingy, he will soon tire of you and he will find a strong and independent woman instead.

So, to actually get him, you need to act like a strong woman with a lot of self-esteem.

Show him that you already have a great life without him and that you don’t need a guy to be happy. Show him that you don’t need a man to complete you because you are already whole.

If you play the game well, he will go crazy for you and he will fall so hard for you that he will do anything you wish.

Don’t rush into a relationship right away but give him hope

You should let him know that you feel good in your own skin and that you are not in a hurry to find true love.

He should know that you are happy just the way you are and that he needs to go the extra mile to win you over.

He needs to know that you are looking for someone special to take away your freedom and to settle down with you.

Because if you say ‘yes’ to everything he says and let him decide for you, he will get bored with you sooner than you think.

Show him that you are a high-quality woman and that you need more than a six-pack and a cute face to settle down.

Only then will he do anything that needs to be done for you to have a special man next to you, who will treat you like you deserve.

Show him your confidence

Confident women are so hot. Period. If you want to get a guy, you should know that being confident can really help you in that mission.

If you show him that you have self-worth and that you feel great in your own skin, he will want you even more.

In fact, he may be so intimidated by you since you will come off as a strong and independent woman.

If he wants to make you feel jealous and you remain cold as if nothing happened, he will see that you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Also, you will feel better and he will pursue you even more. He will use all means necessary to win you over and he will make the effort for you.

In the end, that is what counts the most, right?

Show him that you have a fulfilled life without a man in it

If you show a guy who is interested in you that you are not clingy and that you are completely satisfied with your own life , he will want you even more.

By playing hard to get with a guy, you are doing yourself a favor.

The thing is that he needs to see that you can have fun without him and that you really don’t need him to be happy .

By acting satisfied when he is around, you are sending the message that you are great on your own and that he will have to work hard to earn you.

Don’t admit that you like him right away

Playing hard to get can sometimes be troublesome, especially if you really like a guy. But the most important dating advice you will ever get is not to let him know that you like him.

It would be a bad thing to wear your heart on your sleeve because you don’t know if it will be true love .

Instead, be a little bit wicked and play some dating games with him just to see his reaction. In that way, you will see how your potential partner reacts when it comes to playing hard to get.

Let him make the first move

This will probably be the best dating advice you will ever get. If you meet a nice guy who could be your partner, then let him make the first move.

Playing games is fun but you need to let him start this one alone. Also, he captured your attention in the first place .

Now, he should be the one to show you how badly he really wants you.

Show him that you have enough self-esteem to start something with him but that you want to see him trying. If he isn’t doing anything, maybe he is just a shy guy.

You can check his zodiac sign to see what he is like in relationships. Maybe he is not the kind of man who likes dating games.

But maybe he just needs more time to organize his thoughts and to do it right this time.

Look the best you can

Looking good and being the best version of yourself can only help you. Guys like to chase attractive girls so make sure that you are dressed to kill if you are about to see him.

I am not saying clothes are the most important thing but it can help you highlight your beauty. Wear clothes that fit you well but don’t forget to turn your good mood on.

Trust me, no man will fall in love with your appearance if you don’t have anything to say.

Most men will fall in love with your spirit and your sense of humor. That’s why you should highlight those virtues. Your good looks will just be one more plus to the person you are.

Be yourself

Playing some games while trying to get a guy is important but you also need to be faithful to yourself.

Don’t let him fall in love with someone you are not. Find the right balance between being yourself and teasing him.

Next time you see him, show him your good side. Let him get to know the real you.

But also, leave some space for playing with him because that is a good way to spice it all up a bit.

Find the right balance  

When playing like this with a guy, you must find the right balance. You shouldn’t continue doing this to him after you two started dating because it doesn’t really make any sense.

Also, if you give yourself all in right away, it will have the reverse effect.

That’s why you should make the right balance. You need to know when to be genuine in front of him and when to play with him a bit.

If you learn how to do this, your relationship will definitely last.

So, the bottom line in all of this is that you need to know when to say or do a certain thing. If you learn the rules well, you won’t have any problems.

Don’t tell him that you miss him when he is not around

Telling him that you miss him says more than you think. You are actually admitting that you like him more than he thinks.

These words are strong so be careful to whom you are telling them to. Instead, tell him it is great to see him again.

That won’t reveal so much but it will let him know that you like the idea of him being close. When you talk to him, avoid talking about feelings, especially in the first stages of the relationship.

Talk about some fun and interesting things that can relax both of you.

In that way, you two will have high-quality time together but it won’t be too personal. That is surely the best way to start a romantic relationship .

Touch him ‘accidentally’

When you are around the guy you want, try to touch him accidentally. In that way, you will just get his attention and he will start noticing you more.

Also, guys like getting physical so just know that you will be doing him a favor if you do something like that.

When you touch him, he will start thinking about how it would be great to kiss you and hug you.

But he wouldn’t stop at that only. He would daydream about you a lot and you would steal his attention totally.

But this is what you wanted in the first place , right? Now enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

Don’t focus only on him when you are together

When you two are together at a cafe, for example, don’t let him be your main focus. If you see some acquaintances, feel free to go and say ‘hi’ to them.

It is okay to turn your attention to someone else for a minute. In that way, he will learn to cherish you even more.

He will realize that you feel good in your own skin and that you actually don’t need him.

You just want him and that makes you a queen. With this type of mindset, you will be able to make all your dreams come true.

Show him that you are not heartless but keep your distance as well

When you are with your crush, you should show him that you like him being in your company.

But at the same time, don’t totally melt in front of him. Don’t let him see that you are crazy about him. Try to control yourself as much as you can.

I am not saying you should be an ice queen but keeping your distance can help you to make him fall for you harder.

Remember, ignore him to get his attention and you will see how crazy he will be for you.

Take it slow

You definitely don’t want to ruin everything by going to bed with him as soon as you meet him. I know he is hot and good-looking and that you are melting in front of him.

But think about what he would think about you if you decided to sleep with him right away. He wouldn’t even make so much effort because he sees that he can have you whenever he wants.

That’s why you should take it slow and give him yourself bit by bit. First, give him your hand to hold but just a little bit.

After that, you can give him a small kiss on his cheek. Then you can hug him to show him that you like him.

But always know how much is enough since that is extremely important. If you think logically, you will get where you want to be with him.

Be in a good mood but let him know he can’t treat you the way he wants

When you go out on a date with him, be cheerful and fun. But don’t forget to be serious if he starts treating you a way you don’t like.

If he thinks that he can treat you the way he wants at the very beginning, he is so wrong.

And you should let him know about that. Just imagine how he will act later in your relationship if he sees he can.

That’s why you should let him know that you can leave him whenever you wish and that you won’t let him mistreat you.

If you make strong rules at the beginning, it will be easier later. The only thing you will have to do later is just enjoying it all.

Flirt with him

If you want to play hard to get, you need to use some tricks to be successful. One of them is flirting with him to make him even more crazy about you.

Don’t be too aggressive about that but rather be subtle so he doesn’t realize what you are doing to him. Be all sweet and charming but also show him that you are smart and intelligent.

In that way, he will want you even more because you are a high-value woman he will want to chase.

Guys don’t just fall for looks but they would love to have a woman they can talk to normally.

Someone who gets them and who can give them advice. If he finds everything that he was looking for in you, be sure that he will treat you like a real queen!

Turn him on with words

If you want to get a man and you decided to play hard to get, there are a couple of things you need to know.

You can’t just show up and expect him to go crazy about you. You need to make some effort so he could see how amazing you are.

Show him that as well as you looking good, you know how to play with words. You can start talking about some hot things but in a subtle way.

In that way, he won’t know whether you are serious or you are just joking. But on the other hand, he will feel comfortable in your company.

It will feel so cozy and nice that he may even invite you to go somewhere private so you two can be alone.

If he asks you something like this, just know that he wants you badly. He would do everything in his power to have you because you totally swept him off of his feet!

Be mysterious

If you want a guy and you are willing to do anything, just read further. One of the most important things you need to do is be mysterious.

Even if you like to talk a lot and reveal everything about yourself, this time try to keep a couple of things to yourself.

In that way, he will want to get to know you and explore you. If you are mysterious, every guy will want to know what is hiding behind your smile and your mysterious eyes.

That won’t take a lot of effort and it will bring you fantastic results. Trust me, when you make him get to know you, he will do it in ways you didn’t know existed.

Ignore him when he wants you the most  

One of the best ways to get a guy is to ignore him to get his attention. He will see that you are interested in him but once you start ignoring him, he will want to know what happened.

Do it in a smart way. Don’t give up on him completely but rather ignore him in a couple of situations. For example, if you are sitting in the company of other people, talk to them.

Answer their questions instead of his and you will see his reaction. I am sure he will start doing everything he can just to get your attention back.

It will even be a little bit funny how low he can go to have you only for himself. But you know what they say about love and war — all is fair!

Put yourself first

It is quite simple; women who love themselves attract men. Period. That is exactly what you should do.

Show him that you love yourself and that you always put yourself first. If you let him know how much you cherish and respect yourself, he will start doing the same thing.

The bottom line is that you show him how you want him to treat you. If he wants to be with you, he will learn this and he will be so thankful to God to have you in his life.

Okay, so you just read some tips on how to play hard to get. But what about situations that are not on this list?

Do you know how to play hard to get after being clingy? No?

No problem, I will explain this as well.

You see, when you are clingy in one relationship, you will probably follow the same pattern in the next one.

That’s why you need to learn to boost your self-worth and to put yourself first. You probably don’t want a short-term relationship so you will have to try as hard as you can to attract the right man.

You need to let him know that you are okay on your own and that you don’t need a man to complete you. But also, that it would be nice to cuddle with him and call him yours.

A man who sees this kind of behavior will definitely be attracted to you and he will do everything in his power to make you his partner.

Do you know how to play hard to get with an ex?

That is a science, though. But it is not impossible because you just need to make a little more effort. You see, your ex is familiar ground.

You already know what he likes and dislikes.

But he also knows what you like and dislike. And that can be tricky. If he wants you back and you are playing hard to get, he will know what to do to win you back.

In fact, he will do it without a lot of effort. That is where you can shine.

You need to change your mindset and show him that you are a totally new person. Once he sees that you won’t fall for his tricks or jokes, he will realize that he can’t have you as easily as he thought.

Even if he starts playing some mind games with you, you will see them in time and you will do what you think is right. That is called self-control. Way to go!

So, the next time you wish to play hard to get with your crush, just reserve the first place in your life for the most important person — YOU!

After you do that, everything else will fall into place.