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Be Brave Enough To Break Your Own Heart

Be Brave Enough To Break Your Own Heart

When it comes to our emotions, we all have one common goal. We all want to do whatever it takes just to prevent our hearts from getting broken.

And different people use different strategies to protect their hearts.

Some choose to act heartless to everyone around them, so nobody even gets a chance to hurt them.

Some make the decision to never fall in love and never let anyone in, thinking that will help them to protect themselves.

Either way, we all have a goal to stay away from everyone and everything that might break our hearts because we all know how painful this experience is.

It doesn’t matter if you had your heart broken in the past or you saw someone close to you going through this. The point is the same—this is the last thing you wish to happen to yourself.

And without a doubt, healing a broken heart takes a lot of strength and bravery. It never happens overnight, and it is always a challenging process which not all can endure.

But what happens when you are the one who has to break your own heart?

When you know that you have to make a decision which is objectively the right one? But you know that this decision will tear you into pieces?

What happens when you love someone to the bones but you simply know that they are not right for you?

When you love someone, but you know that the two of you are not compatible and that you’ll never get along? When you know that you’ll never have a future with this person?

Or when you love someone who is already taken and forbidden to you, and you know that being with them is more than wrong?

What happens when you love someone who doesn’t love you enough, and you know that you have to stay away from them for your own good?

Or when you are madly in love with someone, but you simply know that you must walk away from them if you want to save yourself?

In these scenarios, you are very well aware that you’ll break your own heart whatever you do.

If you stay with this person, knowing that you shouldn’t and knowing that this is a bad idea, you know you’ll make yourself miserable.

On the other hand, if you leave them, you know you’ll suffer without them and miss them, even though that was the best choice you could ever make.

You know you’ll go through an enormous amount of emotional pain and that you’ll be the one who caused your own misery.

And whatever you do, you’ll know that there will come a time when you’ll probably blame yourself for everything. That you’ll feel guilty for causing yourself this much suffering.

But sometimes, all of this simply has to be done. Sometimes, you have to break your own heart for your own good.

And I won’t lie to you—doing this takes more courage than you might think, and it is everything but easy. In fact, it is probably one of the bravest things you’ll ever do in your life.

But there are times when something like this simply has to be done and when you have no other way out if you want to save yourself.

There are times when you have to hurt yourself now for the sake of your future happiness. When the only path to healing your heart is by breaking it.

And trust me—although in the beginning you might even regret making this decision, eventually, you’ll see that it was the right one.

Eventually, you’ll see that it payed off.

And you’ll thank yourself for doing what needed to be done.

But most of all, you’ll be proud of yourself. Whenever you look back, you’ll be proud of yourself and of your bravery.

You’ll be proud of the fact that you had enough courage to do the thing which you knew would hurt you.

Proud of the fact that you were strong enough to protect your heart and yourself in time, before it got too late.

And you will see that every emotional sacrifice you took was worthwhile.